How To Unblur Course Hero (2022)

How to Unblur Course Hero
How to Unblur Course Hero

Course hero documents can be blurred in a variety of ways. There are two ways to access the Course Hero Documents: using membership and using free access. To get free unlock points, you need to complete some tasks provided by the course hero. You can use this point to view answers and access documents.

This method is completely legal and free. Each task completed in the Course Hero provides 1-5 unlocks. You can get more unlocks and view more answers and documents by uploading documents and introducing friends by performing many functions.

How To Unblur Course Hero Documents for Free

Description: Unblur Course Hero Document, Answers, Images or Text for Free (Updated  September 2021)

 According to the Course Hero team, uploading documents from your account will help you unlock them. Get 5 free unlocks for every 10 uploaded uploads accepted. One thing users should be aware of is that only acceptable uploads are approved and only they get a free unlock.

Another way to pollute the course hero’s answer is to evaluate someone else’s documentation on the platform. You can also decline the answer by recommending a friend. This will give you free access to Course Hero Answers without paying anything.

Methods To Unblur Course Hero Documents

There are some workarounds to unblur course hero documents without the above methods. Let’s check out this one by one:

Unblur Course Hero  using ‘Inspect Element’

Here’s how to remove the blur from Course Hero answers:

It is strongly advised that you use Chrome for this.

Step 1: Right-click the page and click on “Inspect”
Step 2: Click on “Sources”
Step 3: Open “split-0-page-1” in a new tab
Step 4: Remove “-html-bg” from the URL
Step 5: Use “split-0” to unblur the top half of the answers
Step 6: Change “split-0” to “split-1” to unblur the bottom half of the answers
Step 7: Change “page-1” to “page-2” to see the answers for the next page

Unblur Course hero on an iPhone or Android Device

There is a modded app that can help you with unblurring the course hero document. But first, tweak your device’s settings:

Unblur Course hero on iPhone

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and choose the ‘Battery’ option.
Then, ensure that ‘Low Power Mode’ is disabled.
Now navigate to the ‘General’ options.
Select the ‘Background App Refresh option.
In this menu, you’ll find another choice for ‘Background App Refresh;’ tap on it.
Then, ensure that the ‘Wi-Fi & Mobile Data’ option is chosen. If it isn’t already selected, touch on it to do so.

Unblur Course hero on Android Phone

If you’re using an Android smartphone, do the same thing: go to your device settings and make sure the Battery Saver option isn’t under the battery options. Then, if your phone has an ‘Adaptive Battery’ feature, ensure that it is turned off as well. There’s nothing to worry about if it doesn’t have it.

Now that you’ve got the settings in place, it’s time to download the app. Because it is a modified app, it is not available on the App Store or Google Play. Go to the website ‘’ on your phone’s browser.

OJ Apps will be launched in your browser. Navigate to the search bar.
Look for ‘Course Hero++’ and press the ‘Get’ button.

Then, as shown on the screen, tap the rectangular box with the arrow coming out of it at the bottom of the screen.
Finally, press the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button.
Give the app a meaningful name, then press the ‘Add’ button in the upper-right corner.
The app will be added to your Home screen. To finish the download, open it and follow the directions on the screen.

Open the app and follow the instructions given here to download the modified course hero app. Here it will not cost you anything to subscribe to the course hero app. You can unlock the premier version for free by tapping the purchase button.

Note: This is not the legal method of availing of the premium version of the course hero app.

Unblur Course Hero by Rating & Reviewing

Provide your rating and opinion on their documents or answers that have already been published. There are some documents that have already been unlocked in Course Hero. To open the solution or document, you need to review or grade five of the Course Hero’s dissertations.

You need to review or rate 5 documents or questions to get free unlocked content. Free activation will be given for the evaluation of 5 works. This method saves a lot of effort and time and is recommended if you do not want to upload documents to Course Hero or add plugins to your browser. All you have to do is review and rate the content already published on the Course Hero website.

Gain free access to upload documents

You can get free credits by helping other students of the course hero answer. In this way, you can use materials such as learning materials, notes, and presentations to publish documents to convey your knowledge to other students and help them with their questions. Blur Course Hero Documents for Free Upload 10 documents to the Course Hero website for 5 free unlocks.

This is a reward for sharing your knowledge and helping other students. Uploading the documentation gives you free access to Course Hero’s study materials or course collections. Each time you upload a document, you will receive credits that you can use to edit your list of course heroes. The choice of blurring document is entirely up to you.

Introduce your friends and gain access

To earn credits and unlock course heroes, we encourage your friends to sign up for the site. It is enough to recommend a course hero to one of your friends. When your friends sign up, you will receive $ 25 as a Course Hero.

You can use this to ask the instructor a question. When someone with your reference logs in to Course Hero, ask the instructor 8 questions. In addition to this benefit, you will get a 20% discount on purchases of plans you want to purchase on the Course Hero website.

Unblur with StudyBlue extension

Ideally, you need a paid subscription to edit these documents. However, this method allows you to blur these documents without paying anything. StudyBlue is an extension that helps blur all documents. The limitation of this extension is that it can only blur text cards. Others, such as images and PDF files with notes, are still blurry. To blur the course hero’s text card, follow these steps:

You need to download the StudyBlue extension for the Google Chrome browser. The next step is to visit the Course Hero website and open a bad answer. In the final step, tap the extension in the top bar of your browser.

How To Unblur By Uploading Content To Get Credits?   

The most dependable way for recovering course hero papers is to upload content. Course Hero provides access to educational content. You must first create a free CourseHero account.

The free edition includes material in Blur format. To have the papers unblurred, you must purchase a membership.

When you join up for a free CourseHero account, you will have free access to CourseHero papers. Customers gain free credit when they upload any content to Course Hero. Documents must be pertinent to the educational goal.

Documents are checked by AI or humans when they are posted. Your post will be allowed only if it is useful and well-liked by others.

It should be one-of-a-kind and not plagiarised. Once your 10 topics have been accepted, you will earn free credits to unblur course hero papers.

Check to see whether the content you want to upload to CourseHero isn’t already on the site. When more people read and enjoy your work, it will gain popularity quickly.

How To Unblur By Reviewing Other’s Content?

Offering services might potentially result in free admission to Course Hero. It may entail checking their documentation or responding to previously provided inquiries. There are already unlocked papers on Course Hero.

For every five papers you assess or rate, you can unlock one document or one answer. If you don’t want to submit your papers or install any plugins, this is a simple way.

  • Open and rate a paper that has already been posted by the other teachers. That’s the only thing there is to it.
  • You’ll now get your free unlocks as soon as you rate someone.
  • You can obtain free unlocked items for rating 5 papers or questions.
  • You will receive a free unlock after evaluating five documents.
  • It is Course Hero’s way of saying “thank you” for your important input.

How To Unblur By Creating Quiz On Course Hero?

This CourseHero unlock procedure is the same as the other ones. By using this method, you may obtain free credits for your course hero account.

Quizzes are another popular method for obtaining free Coursehero papers. You’ll need to access the free unlocks again before you can create the quiz papers.

You must first unlock three Coursehero papers. After that, you may create a quiz document and upload it to Coursehero.

Check sure the quiz complies with all of the website’s standards and regulations. When your quiz obtains a good response, it is approved, and you will gain further Coursehero unlocks.

How to Unblur Using Specific Plugin?

You’ll come across a post labeled “how to unblur course hero” online. It includes a course hero hack as well as plugins that assure you will be able to unblur the website’s content.

It’s best if you keep your distance from it. These hacks and plugins aren’t the most effective ways to access Coursehero’s material.

The vast majority of these hacks are fraudulent. It has the potential to harm your computer in a variety of ways if downloaded and installed. Furthermore, these hacks are against the law and will be deleted as soon as you visit Coursehero.

The vast majority of these hacks have been deactivated and will no longer function.

You should not download any application from the internet in the name of hacking. They may cause damage to your device and wipe out all of its data. Plugins are interchangeable. Because they’ve all been deactivated, hardly any of them work anymore.

Use Google Search For Answers

Course Hero is an excellent resource for finding study resources. Instead of reading up on how to go around course hero, try searching for it on Google.

Enter your query in the Google search field and press enter. This is evident from the search results. Other platforms may be able to respond to your request. The good news is that you could come across that site in the search results for accessible solutions.

You must visit multiple websites in order to acquire an acceptable response to your inquiry. To get the solution for free, you must spend time on the search results. If you like additional websites, add them to your favorites list for easy access in the future.

How To Unblur Using Google Opinion Reward?

Google pays its customers through a variety of channels. Google Opinion Rewards is an online money-making tool. This software works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Every day, the app will ask you many questions, and if you answer them correctly, Google will award you with money.

In Google Reward, you will be asked particular questions every day. You must offer an answer in order to earn money on the app in USD dollars.

Simply collect the USD $ till you hit PayPal’s payment limit. Your cash will be sent automatically to the PayPal account you specify.

You may use that money to sign up for a Coursehero account for free. If you want to obtain a free response from Coursehero, you may do so by creating an account.

What is a Course Hero?

Course hero is one of the most wonderful instructional websites on the internet. Many students and teachers have utilized it to obtain instructional information for reference or assistance. If you are a student who is unsure about a few questions or who is too sluggish to finish your homework, the course hero can help you. But, of course, Hero is a premium service, and in order to use it, you must purchase a membership. Of course, the membership cost for Hero is $40 a month, which appears to be pretty costly, and not every kid or instructor can afford it.

So, if you’re one of those people who can’t afford the course hero membership but still want to utilize it, don’t worry. Today, we’ll show you how to utilize Course Hero for free. The course hero papers are veiled for free users and hence cannot be viewed. So now I’ll teach you how to get unblur course hero answers, photos, documents, and text for free.

You must follow a few procedures to unblur course hero answers photos, documents, or text for free. There is no ideal technique to acquire the course hero answers pictures document or text for free, but you may attempt numerous methods that will help you get the course hero answers images document or text for free. It is always advisable to buy a subscription.

Course Hero Plan and Price Details

Course Hero is a platform that offers three schemes for asking questions and getting answers from experienced and qualified teachers. The three plans offered by Course Hero are an annual plan, a monthly plan, and a quarterly plan. Each plan comes with different prices and features.

 A Course Hero Premier subscription gives you 30 unlocks every month, along with access to textbook solutions and explanations and the ability to ask up to 40 tutor questions. With these 30 unlocks you get every month, you can unblur 30 Course Hero documents. These unlock refresh every month. And if you have any unused ones, they won’t carry over to the next month.

It also saves you from having to spend time uploading any of your documents. But, hey, if you want to help other students with your notes, you can still go ahead and upload them by all means. It would just mean extra unlocks for you.

You can get a Course Hero subscription for $39.95/month for a month, $19.95/month for a 3-month subscription (one up-front payment of $59.85), or $9.95/month for a yearly subscription (an up-front payment of $119.40).

If you plan on using Course Hero often, a subscription might be the way you want to go. You can also pool some money with your friends and buy a subscription in partnership. But if you plan on using the site scarcely, it might not be the best thing for you.

There are also other official methods to get free unlock for Course Hero, like making a quiz or rating documents.

You can make a quiz and submit it for any document on Course Hero, but this requires you to have an unblurred document initially. So, this method can be thought of as a way of getting additional unlocks as it isn’t particularly useful in the beginning when you don’t have any unlocks to unblur a document. Each quiz can earn you up to 3 unlocks.

You can also rate other documents on the website to earn additional unlocks. You get 1 unlock for every 5 documents you rate on Course Hero.


This method is the easiest, offering many benefits for unlocking and using answers from course heroes. Each user of the Course Hero Platform receives a unique referral link. If you refer a friend, you must sign up or sign up for a course hero using this referral link to receive benefits.

There are other websites similar to CourseHero on the internet. Using whatever works best for you will yield the greatest outcomes. However, if you’re sick of the conventional live-tutoring style that most sites provide, we prefer CourseHero. This website gives you control over your schedule, which is particularly helpful when you’re already cramming for exams. If you are still unable to discover an optimal solution to the free Course Hero unlocks, we propose that you visit its competitor, which has millions of solved Q/A databases for all disciplines. The nice part about is that you will have unrestricted access to the answers, unlike unlocking papers in the course hero.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why Can’t I Unlock Documents On Coursehero?

Documents are rejected if they include a previously approved copy of Course Hero. Furthermore, it contains a wide range of irrelevant stuff. To acquire Unlocks, you must first satisfy the upload conditions.

Q. How Do I Unblock Content On Course Hero?

If the div tag is not immediately visible, use “Ctrl + F” to search for “obscured” or “hidden.” Then, right-click on the tag and choose ‘Edit Attribute’ from the menu that appears. For the new class element, type ‘none’ and press the ‘Enter’ key. The Course Hero paper should be free of any blurring.

Q. How Do You Know If Course Hero Is Unlocked?

Go to the bottom left of your account dashboard’s navigation panel. A breakdown of your Unlock/Question balances will be displayed. It’s possible to see your credit balance if you’ve earned Unlocks. On your My Rewards dashboard, look under “Available Earned Unlocks.”

Q. How Do You Unlock Documents On Course Hero?

Log in to your account and go to the left-hand navigation panel and pick “My Library.” To see the documents you’ve already unlocked, go to the “My Unlocks” tab. By clicking on them, you may view the whole contents of these documents. Your paper may be downloaded by clicking a download icon on its own page.
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