Best Web Browser For Apple TV (2022)

Best Web Browser For Apple TV

No doubt, Apple TV is an impressive media player developed by Apple company, with a decent number of features. In addition, you can use other web browsers to access this media player. In this article we have describes some of the best web browsers for Apple TV, So read till the end and decide which browser is best for you.

However, Apple is famous for not being able to use a web browser on TVs, including the famous Safari browser. But does that mean it’s impossible for you to browse the internet without a decent web browser?

No, there is actually a way to access the internet on your Apple TV. The only reason Apple has not developed a web browser for its operating system is that very few people like to browse with remote control.

 The best web browsers for Apple TV include Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, Mozilla, Opera, Duckduckgo, Puffin TV, and Internet Explorer. However, you can’t access these browsers directly from your Apple TV controller. If you are using an iPad, iPhone, or AirPlay, you can use AirBrowser. In addition, you can sideload your tv or browser to jailbreak your TV’s operating system.

Some of the best web browsers for Apple TV are:


Description: Safari Browser for Apple Tv - appdb
  • Apple devices are usually associated with the Safari web browser. Safari is known to be the best web browser for iPhone devices and it’s considered safe and secure as it properly encrypts the websites privacy details and gives other security protocols to protect it’s user data.
  • Unfortunately,  the only drawback is that this web browser does not come pre installed in your Apple TV and therefore will have to be intalled. Safari`s is quite easy to use. Safari can add an extra touch of attractiveness to your Apple TV due to its appealing User Interface.
  • It is also equipped with a Nitro Engine Feature which greatly benefits the webpage application systems. This feature increases data processing speeds thus allowing you to browse through webpages quicker.
  • The main drawback of this browser is the inability to restore web pages. In the event of a power outage, you will need to start browsing again.


  • Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. If you use Chrome frequently, this web browser may be a good choice.
  • Synchronize all data including passwords and browsing history. You can resume from where you left off.
  • All you have to do is sign in to your Google account.
  •  In addition, Chrome has a user-friendly interface. Switching websites is very easy compared to other web browsers.
  • However, when it comes to privacy, Chrome can be very disappointing. As long as someone has a little access to your Chrome account, you can easily access everything else.


  • If you’re looking for speed and personalization, the Vivaldi web browser is best option for you.
  •  It is one of the few modern web browsers that has complete control over the internet industry.
  •  This web browser is easy to use because it can be fully customized for the user’s reference.
  • Data processing is also very fast.


  • This web browser has been around for quite some time and has seen significant improvements since its inception.
  •  There are many advantages to using this web browser, including Easy adjustment.
  •  In Mozilla, compatibility between devices is not an issue. You can connect to almost anything. Mozilla also has an extensive add-on library.
  • Choose from over 6000 extensions and up to 500 different themes. These add-ons make your browser more user-friendly.
  • However, Mozilla has a much longer load time than its competitors. Be careful when using this browser on your Apple TV.


  • Opera is now available in the Apple Store. If you downloaded the virus from a third-party source, you don’t have to worry about it.
  •  If you’re looking for privacy, this web browser definitely offers it. Opera Browser not only has the right security protocol, but it’s not as popular as Chrome or Mozilla, so you’re not exposed to security threats.
  •  Therefore, hackers spend less time damaging their browsers. In addition, the browser occupies less space on the TV, but due to its low popularity, developers rarely upgrade their browser significantly.

 Duck Duck Go

  • This is another productive web browser that you can use on your Apple TV. If you’re tired of advertising, this is the way to go.
  • This browser does not receive ads related to your search history. However, compared to other web browsers.
  • One of the major drawback is that the Duck duck go web browser is less personalized.
  • The best thing is that the Search history is not remembered but This is also a limitation because you can’t resume where you left off.
  •  It is also beneficial in its own way as it gives you more privacy. Others cannot see what you have searched for on the internet.

 Internet Explorer

  • Finally, Internet Explorer is commonly used by many people on  Apple TV. It has a stable user interface system that has been developed over the years and enables a reliable tab management system.
  • However, the browser was unable to keep up with current internet speeds. It’s a bit outdated and will disappoint you if you want to browse fast.

Puffin TV

  • Best Browser For Apple TV, Puffin TV Browser is one of the best browsers to work with different types of Smart TVs.
  • You can use your Android phone or tablet as a remote control, or access all installed apps directly from the big screen.
  • This is a cross-platform browser that works on many devices such as Google TV, Roku, Android mini PCs, set-top boxes and more.
  • It has a great HTML rendering engine that allows you to easily connect to your device via WiFi and display all open web pages in high quality. The Puffin TV browser also supports Flash Player, so you can use this app to watch videos online or play your own games.
  • The only reason you shouldn’t use it on a big screen is if your device doesn’t support Flash Player or the HTML rendering engine, which means you’re missing out on a lot of exciting things.
  •  You can also use the PuffinTV Browser to access all installed apps directly from the big screen. This means you don’t have to hunt around for apps that run smoothly on your system and try to perform specific tasks easily.
  •  Get everything at once through this single interface and ease the life of users like us who are limited to busy schedules.
  • The main features of the Puffin are: Cloud Push Notifications: Get notified immediately when there are new messages or updates from the chat app installed on your phone.
  • This app allows you to stream multimedia content such as videos and audio files stored on your device via WiFi or Bluetooth. With this app you can transfer files to and from your PC or phone / tablet.
  •  You can access content on your mobile phone or tablet on a large screen via Wi-Fi, and it also supports Chrome cast. This completely free app is unique and works just like an expensive smart TV app.
  • You can also use this app to play games on your smart TV. The best thing about Puffin Browser is that it works on low-end devices as well.


 Apple TV doesn’t come with a web browser, and Apple doesn’t seem to have a web browser installed right away. If you want to surf the web on your TV, side loading your browser is usually the best option. For the best TV browsing experience, you can choose one of the seven web browsers listed.

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