14 Best YouTube Downloader With Subtitles (2022)

Best YouTube Downloader With Subtitles
Best YouTube Downloader With Subtitles

This reviewed tool lets you choose the best YouTube subtitle downloader as per your needs to download subtitles from YouTube.

Multimedia has made things easy because now you can easily find a visual explanation.  Suppose, if you have any assignment or homework pending, you can go to YouTube and search for the required videos and quickly understand and learn the topic to complete the pending tasks.



Download files in various formats.

This tool is handy because it has a navigable design, making it even easier for users to download subtitles for any of their videos. 

This subtitle downloading proves to be relatively reliable and excellent, as it provides quick and efficient downloads.  This website can allow you to download files in different formats depending on your needs.

  • This website allows you to download subtitles in various formats, like ( Sub Rip Subtitle ) and ( Text Document ).
  •  The website is easily navigable, making it easier for users to find the required section.
  •  This website contains subtitles for almost all videos.

4K download software

Its compatibility with all platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux

The tool has an interactive UI and can be downloaded directly to your system, making it easy for users to use it on their system.   The downloader software allows users to download videos in the highest possible quality of 4K HD.  The company also has various accessories, so that users can edit videos efficiently.


  • Download videos at various quality levels.
  •   Download subtitles in various languages ​​easily
  •   Download subtitles for videos on various platforms.

vidPaw subtitle downloader

Allowing the users to download the entire playlist with subtitles

This is a simple yet valuable tool, as it has a basic UI that users can use efficiently. The tool can work in both browser mode and tool mode.

 In Tool Mode, users can download videos and subtitles in different formats and languages; this is a great tool that makes it easy to download high-quality videos. ​​


  • Download websites in various formats.
  •   Download multiple playlists in an instant.
  •   Provides enhanced speed for downloading videos instantly.
  •  This website provides subtitles in various languages.

Mini Tool

Downloading high-quality videos from YouTube and respective subtitle

Mini Tool is mainly used to download high-quality videos from YouTube and subtitle files for those videos.  This tool supports various formats and quality of videos, making them compatible with many applications. This tool allows you to convert audio into different formats.


  • This tool is free to use with no advertisements. 
  • Download videos and playlists at a faster speed. 
  • Download subtitles and videos in various formats and quality.


Allowing you to share the subtitles too

Savesubs is a browser-based subtitle downloader that allows users to work efficiently without having to download the tool onto the system.  And also, this tool makes sure that the user can download the required subtitles most efficiently so they keep on providing updates almost every month.  This is a free service, so users can always donate any amount to keep this organization active.


  • This website releases the latest updates making it easier to download subtitles.
  •  The users can download videos from multiple websites other than YouTube.
  •   This website also has a sharing feature, making it easier for users to download subtitles.

You Subtitle

Downloading YouTube video subtitles in multiple formats, including SRT

This tool has a simple UI, which makes it easy to use even by a new user.  With a huge subtitle database, it is one of the best subtitle downloader tools available in the market.  By using this tool, users can get the desired file quickly and easily.

 It is a browser-based tool, so it is easy for you to download subtitles easily without having to download the tool on your system. You Subtitles is an easy-to-use platform, Which made it easy to download subtitles directly from the web.


  • The website has a vast database making it easier to look for many videos.
  •  The subtitles provided on this website are well arranged. 
  • This website allows users to download subtitles in SRT format.

DVD VideoSoft

Downloading subtitles for a specific section of a video

Using this tool, users can directly download subtitles for their videos, and all they have to do is paste the video’s link in the text bar and click download. 

The website will search for all possible subtitles of the video and present the result.  It is the best thing about this tool is that it allows you to download subtitles for a specific section of the videos.


  • Download videos from various platforms.
  •   This tool is free to use and provides SRT files for your videos.
  •   This tool provides subtitles with timestamps, making them easier to comprehend.

byClick Downloader

The downloader has providing various features like editing and downloading HD

This tool allows users to easily edit and trim certain sections of videos after downloading them in high-quality formats.  ByClick simplifies the process of downloading videos and subtitles to your system.  In addition, it also allows you to merge videos and subtitles.


  • Crop particular sections of videos easily.
  •   Download videos in various formats like mp4, mp3, etc. 
  • The download subtitles in various formats and languages.


Downloading youtube subtitles and allowing the users to convert audio and video

iTubeGo has been a big name in the market, allowing users to maintain confidence in the services the tool offers.

 The tool downloads videos and audio in the best quality.  Plus, the tool enables you to convert video and audio to multiple formats.


  • This tool is the most trusted tool for downloading.  
  •  This tool allows you to download the entire playlist in one go.

Youtube 4K Downloader

Free and efficient subtitle and video downloader

This browser-based application makes it easy for users to search for videos by simply opening this website.  The tool is best suited for downloading YouTube videos of various qualities, and you can even download videos in 4K. 

The process of downloading videos and subtitles is straightforward, and all users have to do is enter the respective link in the search bar.


  • This tool also comes in extension form, making it easier for the users, can use in their browser. 
  • This tool provides a feature to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format.
  •   This tool supports many websites, making it easier for the users to work efficiently.


As it is free and allows you to download subtitles in SRT format.

This web-based tool allows users to download videos without seeing annoying ads on the website.  The tool has a simple interface, making it even easier to navigate the various features.  Users can easily copy and paste the link into the textbox and click on Download to view the files to be downloaded.


  • This is ad-free of subtitles, which makes it easy to use. 
  • This website allows you can download subtitles in both SRT and TXT formats. 
  • you to download a video and edit it in a free online editor by allowing the tool.


Downloading subtitles and editing for Mac and iOS

This tool is handy for Mac users as this tool can work more efficiently with Mac systems.  The tool has various features that make it easy for users to download and edit videos as per their requirements.  With this tool, the users could trim the video into ready pieces.


  • This tool is compatible with mac. 
  • Download videos of various qualities.
  •   Convert videos to different formats like mp3, mp4, etc.


Its premium service benefits, making it easier for users to work accordingly

The tool is straightforward due to the wide range of icons available on the UI.  And the beautiful texture makes it attractive to the users.  Also, it enables users to edit and download videos in different languages Which is understandable in the video.

  • This tool provides subtitles in various languages ​​based on the native location.
  •  This tool has a great user base, making downloading the required video easier.
  •  Download a video in various qualities and formats.


Downloading videos quickly and efficiently

This valuable tool has allowed users to download videos in various qualities and formats; this has made it easy to work with multiple applications.  Aimsoft tool is straightforward to use and has a user-friendly interface.

  • Provides its high-speed downloads to its users.
  •  Download the entire playlist at once.
  •  Edit and make changes to the video.
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