YouTube Comments Not Loading

YouTube Comments Not Loading

YouTube is our go-to place for learning new skills, keeping up with the news, and watching cat videos, with over two billion users. The failure of Chrome to load YouTube comments, on the other hand, may detract from the entire experience, especially since YouTube has eliminated the dislike count.

You can immediately determine whether the video is worth your time or hunt for further information about the topic by visiting the comments area. We’ll look at how to address this problem here so you don’t waste time watching ineffective how-to videos or reading outdated material.

Viewers and artists alike benefit from comments on YouTube videos. I occasionally skim through the comments section of a video to gather more information or assess whether the topic is worth my time. However, comments on videos might often fail to load, especially when using Chrome. If this reflects your present situation, use the troubleshooting steps in this tutorial to resolve the problem.


The buildup of browser data (cache pictures and files, cookies, browsing history, and so on) on your PC’s local storage might cause permanent irregularities while surfing the internet. Clearing Chrome’s browser data can assist with loading difficulties with YouTube comments.

Step 1: Select Settings from the three-dotted menu symbol in the top-right corner of the browser (next to the address bar).

Step 2: Select “Clear browsing data” from the “Privacy and security” section.

Step 3: Select a time period from the Time range drop-down menu to erase the browser’s data for the previous 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, or All Time.

Step 4: Review all of your browsing data settings before pressing the Clear data button.

Reload the YouTube video and check if the comments are loading up.


By resetting Chrome, you’re restoring the browser’s settings to its factory default. This is an efficient troubleshooting approach for a variety of issues impacting browser functionality and website speed. If you still can’t see YouTube comments after deleting your browsing history, try resettingYouTube Comments Not Loading Google Chrome settings.

Note: Clearing Chrome’s data will remove all extensions and delete the browser’s temporary data. Other information (saved passwords, bookmarks, history, and so forth) will remain intact.

Step 1: Tap the Advanced drop-down button at the bottom of the settings menu.

Step 2: After that, select ‘Restore settings to their default values.’

Step 3: To continue, tap Reset settings on the screen.

Extensions that are misbehaving should be disabled.

If the issue of YouTube comments not loading appeared after you installed an extension, that extension is most likely the source of the problem on your device.

Open the video page you’re experiencing difficulties with in Incognito Browsing mode to see if the app is the source of the YouTube not loading comments issue. In a Chrome browser, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N to launch an incognito browsing window.

Try loading the YouTube page in the private mode now. Because extensions are disabled by default in this mode, you can determine if the YouTube comments, and not loading problem is caused by a faulty extension on your browser, which does not occur in Incognito mode.

Start by activating each extension one at a time and see whether you can access the comments without them.

Change Your YouTube Layout

If none of the above works, try switching your YouTube layout back to the original design. Many people have reported that this approach has helped them restore their YouTube comments. To do so:

Step 1: From the YouTube homepage, pick YouTube Studio from the pop-up window by clicking your profile image in the upper right corner.

Step 2: From the lower left menu, choose Creator Studio Classic.

Step 3: Select Home from the three-line menu in the upper left corner. This should return you to the original YouTube interface. You’ll be able to see the video comments if this works for you.

Clear Your Browsing History

Many programs and websites save data locally on your device in order to load them faster the next time you visit them. Mismatched cache data or missing data, on the other hand, can create a variety of issues, including YouTube comments not loading.

Clear all of your Google Chrome data, including cookies, cached images, and files, to resolve this issue.

To delete Google Chrome data, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on your keyboard to launch a new tab with the Clear browsing data dialog box. Select how much data you wish to erase from the Time range drop-down menu. Then press the Clear data button.

Wait for the Official Fix 

While the YouTube development team is always striving to improve the user experience on YouTube, there have been complaints that the YouTube comments not loading on Chrome bug is caused by a test of some new features.

If this is the major reason for YouTube not loading comments, there is little you can do but wait a few days, after which the changes should be returned to their former state.

However, if YouTube comments are still not loading after many days, there might be another problem.

Test hides comments

YouTube is now exploring a design tweak that would make comments invisible by default.

On YouTube’s mobile app, comments have lost their prominence. The YouTube video will show at the top of the screen on both iOS and Android devices, followed by interaction options for sharing, liking, disliking, downloading, and storing the video.

The YouTube algorithm’s recommendations appear underneath the video. You’ll have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the YouTube comments.

The comments area has been completely deleted from the bottom of the page in a YouTube test. Instead, it has been moved to a new area that viewers may access only after clicking the new Comments button, which is positioned below the video, between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons.

It’s yet unknown if this move will enhance or decrease user involvement with YouTube comments, or if it will stay the same – something YouTube wants to know as well.


Comments on YouTube are frequently a treasure of fun and information. Surprisingly, this oddity might also be caused by your internet connection. As a result, you must ensure that your network connection is robust and within range. We should also mention that the issue might be caused by YouTube. They may block comments momentarily to address issues or push out new upgrades or features to the site. Because this is frequently restored quickly, you may have to wait for comments to be reactivated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What was the first comment on YouTube?

Marco Cassé from Italy submitted the first documented user remark on YouTube on June 14, 2005. On zubazpants’ “Good Times!!!” video, he remarked “LOL!!!!!!!”

Q. What happened to comments on YouTube?

All videos containing minors will now have comments disabled. All films with young kids, as well as videos with older minors that “may be at risk of inviting predatory conduct,” will have comments restricted, according to YouTube.

Q. What is the best way to see YouTube comments?

From the left, click “History” at the top of the action panel. Then, under History Type, choose Comments. You will see all of your comments right away.

Q. How can you enable YouTube comments?

Users of Creator Studio Classic should follow these instructions:

On a computer, go to YouTube and sign in.
Go to Video Manager in Creator Studio.
Select any of the videos you wish to control by checking the box next to them.
Click the Actions button at the top of the screen.
Additional actions > Comments > All comments are welcome.
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