10 Best xMovies8 Alternative 2022

xMovies8 Alternative
xMovies8 Alternative

xmovies8 is one of the most popular movie streaming sites in the world since 2003. However, the website has been experiencing some downtime lately. It is not free to use. To watch and download movies on xmovies8, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

The lack of content is a drawback for xmovies8 users because they can’t binge-watch their favorite shows and movies like they would on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

If you are looking for a similar yet better alternative, then the 15 best xmovies8 alternatives listed below are the best option for you. 

List of 10 Best xmovies8 Alternatives 2022:

These alternatives all offer a similar service and are available worldwide, so you can still enjoy your favorite movie or show without worrying about legal issues.

The following are the 10 best xmovies8 alternatives that you should use if you want to watch your taste in movies and TV shows

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Hulu
  4. F Movies
  5. Yes movies
  6. YouTube
  7. GO Movies
  8. Put locker
  9. Pluto TV
  10. Peacock TV


Netflix falls under the category of the most popular movie streaming website. The platform has a lot of features such as its wide selection of movies and TV shows, personalized recommendations, and social media integration.

It is a popular xmovies8 alternatives movie streaming service that is available in 190 countries. It has over 125 million subscribers worldwide and provides unlimited movies and TV shows for a monthly subscription fee.

Interesting features to explore!

Netflix has many features that make it an attractive option for movie lovers as well as people who just want to watch TV shows. Some of these features are:

  • Instant streaming: Netflix allows its users to watch their favorite movies or TV shows instantly without having to wait or download anything first.
  • Unlimited streaming: Netflix lets you stream unlimited movies and TV shows without having to pay any extra fees.
  • Watch on multiple devices: Netflix lets you watch your favorite content on multiple devices including computers.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime provides a wide range of benefits to its users. It is the best place to watch movies and TV shows on-demand, and the Amazon Prime membership offers exclusive access to content.

It has an extensive library of new releases, classics, and foreign films that can be streamed online or downloaded in HD quality. It also has an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for anyone to find what they’re looking for.

Amazing features-
  • With Amazon Prime, you can watch movies and TV shows for free with no time limit. You can also get discounts on different products from Amazon.
  • Amazon Prime also has exclusive access to content like original series, documentaries, and kids’ programming.
  • With more than 100,000 titles, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
  • These Amazon Prime originals include Emmy-nominated series like Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, as well as original movies such as Manchester by the Sea and The Big Sick.


Hulu offers a wide range of free and paid subscription options that allow users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on demand. Hulu is the best xmovies8 alternative having an extensive library of over 50,000 titles including hit shows like The Office, Seinfeld, Modern Family, South Park, and more.

Why choose Hulu as xmovies8 alternative?

What makes Hulu stand out from other movie websites is that it provides its viewers with access to exclusive content such as original series and movies not available elsewhere.

Hulu is the best movie website Hulu because of its features like:

  • A wide variety of content including TV shows and movies
  • An ad-free experience
  • The ability to watch on mobile devices

F Movies

F Movies is a movie website that offers a wide variety of movies. It has been around for more than 10 years and it has an extensive library of movies.

F Movies offers features like a free trial, HD quality, free movie downloads, and TV series. It also has a huge library of movies and TV shows that you can stream or download.

It has some features that make it stand out from other movie websites like the ability to watch trailers, ratings, and reviews on the same page, and a personalized recommendation system.

Why is F Movies the best xmovies8 alternative?
  • F Movies is the best xmovies8 alternative because it offers more than just streaming videos on your computer or mobile devices. It also provides downloads and TV series so you can watch them offline without any buffering issues!
  • It has an impressive collection of movies and TV shows that are available for free with subtitles.
  • It has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese languages.
  • If you are looking for a movie to watch or download on F Movies then there is no better place you can find it.

Yes movies

YesMovies is one of the best xmovies8 alternatives because it provides an easy way to watch movies online without any hassle. It also offers a lot of features that can help you find your next favorite movie.

YesMovies is a movie website that provides its users with high-quality content at their fingertips. It has a lot of features such as watching trailers, watching videos and finding new movies. YesMovies also provides its users with recommendations when they are looking for something to watch.

What are the features of Yes Movies?

Let’s take a look at some features that make the website stand out from other movie streaming websites:

  • It has an easy-to-navigate interface with a clean layout and lots of content for you to explore.
  • It supports different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and more.
  • It offers curated lists to help you discover new movies and television shows to watch.
  • It has an interactive “what’s on tonight” section so that you can plan your movie night.


YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing website, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. There are so many movies, TV shows, and videos uploaded on YouTube every day that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

This xmovies8 alternative offers users a wide range of videos to watch, ranging from music videos to educational videos. Numerous websites offer free content or charge a subscription fee for their services.

GO Movies – xMovies8 alternative

GO movies is the best xmovies8 alternative movie website that delivers the latest releases and hottest Hollywood blockbusters for free. It has a huge database of movies and it is updated regularly to ensure that users get the latest releases.

GO Movies provides users with an easy way to access their movies by providing a user-friendly interface, search options, and filters. It also allows users to watch trailers and reviews before they decide on watching a movie.

It offers a great selection of movies to watch, TV shows to stream, and more which you can watch for free without any sign-up or registration. GO Movies has a lot of features that make it worth your time. From its user-friendly interface to the wide variety of categories, there is something for everyone.

Put locker- A best xmovies8 alternative

Put Locker is a free online service that lets you store and watch your favorite movies. It offers movies from all genres including comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, and more.

You can watch movies without commercials or any interruptions from advertisements which makes this site perfect for binge-watching your favorite films. It is been growing at a rapid pace. It now hosts more than 1 million movies and its user base is increasing by the day.

What’s unique to select?
  • Put Locker is a secure locker that allows users to store their files, photos, videos, and other data in the cloud.
  • It is one of the best xmovies8 alternatives and it provides a lot of features such as file encryption, private browsing, and remote access.
  • It comes with a free 30GB account and offers unlimited data transfer to several devices.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, and sports. It is one of the best xmovies8 alternatives where you can watch free movies and TV shows. Users can watch content from all over the world.

PlutoTV has dealt with providing a lot of features like its native apps for platforms of Android, iOS, Roku, and more. The app also comes with Chromecast support which makes it easier for people to watch their favorite content on their TVs at home or in public places.

Look out for these astonishing properties!

Pluto TV is a movie streaming service that has over 3,000 movies and shows. It is the best xmovies8 alternative.

Best xmovies8 alternative website features:

1. Unlimited Movies and TV Shows: You can watch any movie or show on Pluto TV without having to worry about running out of content. You can also add your collection to it as well.

2. Watch Anywhere: You can watch your favorite movies and shows on your computer, mobile devices, or even through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and Chromecast!

3. Smart Searching: With a smart search engine, you will be able to find whatever you want in seconds!

Peacock TV- best xmovies8 alternative

Peacock TV is one of the best movie websites that offer a wide range of movies for free. It has an extensive library with high-quality content. The website offers a variety of genres and it’s easy to find your favorite type of film on this website.

Peacock TV will be your best choice for watching high-quality movies on your PC or mobile device without any hassle!

With Peacock TV’s amazing library of the latest releases, there’s no need to watch anything else than what you want. It has all the features one would need for a perfect movie experience, including high-quality HD movies, instant and unlimited access to movies, and more.

Features to explore:

It has a variety of features for its users to enjoy. Some of them are:

  • Unlimited movies and TV shows on-demand
  • A selection of new releases, latest and classic movies
  • No commercials or any other interruptions in between watching your favorite show or movie
  • An extensive library with over 50,000 titles for you to binge on
  • A clean interface with no pop-ups or ads
  • The ability to watch your favorite movies on any device
  • A personalized recommendations system based on your taste
  • A search function


StreamDor is a movie streaming website that offers a lot of features. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. It offers a wide variety of content from different genres, including Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

It is the best xmovies8 alternative, which has been the most popular movie streaming website for its movies and TV shows.

StreamDor is a movie streaming website that has features like:

  • – Movies are available on any device with an internet connection.
  • – Users can watch movies without ads.
  • – Users can watch movies in their own language.
  • – Users can share their favorite movies with friends and family members.


123Movies is a movie streaming website that provides users with a free service. The site has an app that can be downloaded on your phone.

The app allows you to search for new movies, watch your favorite films, and discover new ones. It also lets you know what’s trending in the industry and what people are talking about online right now.

This is the best xmovies8 alternative which is available on mobile and desktop and allows users to stream movies and TV shows for free with ads on top of it. Users can also access their library and watch the movies they own on the app.


There are many other movies streaming websites out there, but we picked PrimeWire as one of our best xmovies8 alternatives because it offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows in both English and Spanish.

It has a lot of features like recommendations, a search engine, personalized recommendations based on your viewing history, etc.

This app is a great way for people to watch movies and TV shows on the go

  • The app has a convenient interface that is easy to navigate
  • The app is free with ads, which is the best experience
  • Users can also access their library and watch the movies they own on the app.


 PrimeWire is a movie streaming website that is available on Android, iOS, and PC. It also has a simple interface with an easy-to-use search engine for finding what you want to watch.

The main reason why VexMovies is the best xmovies8 alternative is that it has a lot more content than xmovies8 does – both in terms of the number of movies and TV series that are available for streaming and also in terms of the variety of genres that are available for streaming from all over the world.


Stream4u is a movie streaming website that has been gaining popularity lately. It is the best xmovies8 alternative, and it is also available on Android and iOS. This app lets you watch movies on your mobile device instead of on your computer or laptop.

It offers more than 800,000 movies and TV shows in its library. It provides its users with the option to watch movies and TV shows on their mobile phones or tablets without connecting to the internet.

The most important feature of the Stream4u app is that it allows users to watch all of the content they want without any restrictions. Users can also choose from different genres, actors and actresses, languages, etc.

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I watch movies online for free?

Here you can see a list of famous websites which you can prefer to watch the movies online for free:
Crackle, Popcorn flix, Pluto TV, Crackle, YouTube, 5Movies, etc.

Is xMovies8 safe to watch?

Not at all. This website is not safe anymore. It is completely full of illegal activity and also there is content piracy. Whenever you are downloading a movie, this act is meant to be an illegal practice.

Which site is best for the series?

You can find here the top listed websites to watch the wide range of Web series such as Hotstar, Tubi, Crackle, Popcorn flix, Prime Originals, and Amazon Prime. 123Movies, etc.
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