How To Fix ‘Windows 11 Start Menu & Taskbar not Working’

How To Fix 'Windows 11 Start Menu & Taskbar not Working'
How To Fix ‘Windows 11 Start Menu & Taskbar not Working’

Windows 11 launch was announced on June 24, 2021. It replaced Windows 10, which was released back in 2015. In Windows 11 update, the start menu’s interface totally changed with the whole new User-friendly Interface which was the most significant change Windows 11 offered.

 The Start menu also contains shortcuts to pinned programs, recommendations, and frequently used folders, as well as a clear central location. If the new start menu completely stops working, then none of that matters. This is the main drawback. In this article, we have listed down some of the measures you can take to fix this troubleshoot issue. So, without further delay let’s get.

Windows Start Menu:

Description: How do I Reset or Restart Start Menu in Windows 11? | Gear up Windows 11 &  10

The start menu is the most integral part of the windows 11 system as all the apps are listed on the start menu and what if the most important feature of windows 11 stops working! Biggest nightmare right? Because all of your work will eventually get pending. Stick till the end and Find out how you can fix the functionality if you get this error.

How to Fix the “Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working” issue? 

1. Restart the Windows Explorer:

 Restarting the windows explorer is the first thing we do whenever we get any technical issue related to windows functionality, as windows explorer involves both the Taskbar and the  Start menu so restarting the web browser would be the easiest and most frequent solution for this problem.

  • First Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons together to get access to the Task Manager menu.
  • Further choose the Windows Explorer from the Processes tab under the task manager.
  • Then Click the Restart button located at the bottom.
  • Restart your windows 11 and move to the Start menu to check whether the restarting the windows explorer worked.

 2. Restart the Start Menu Service

 When you restart the windows, the Start menu itself starts running in the background. If you have problems with background services and processes, you may need to restart the Start Menu service. Here’s how.

  • First Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons together to get access to the Task Manager menu.
  • Click the Details tab under the Task Manager.
  • Select StartMenuExperienceHost.exe from the menu.
  •  Click End Job at the bottom of page and select it.
  • Restart the  computer using  Alt + F4 keys (I can’t use the usual method because the Start menu doesn’t work) and see if the Start menu appears.

 3. Use the Start Menu Troubleshooter app

 Microsoft published a Start Menu Troubleshooter in 2019 to fix a feature update that broke the Start Menu experience.

  • After opening the app, select the “More” menu at the bottom. After enabling automatic patching, click Next.
  • Let Microsoft fix Windows 11 Start menu issues before trying again.

 4. Uninstall Third-Party Start Menu Applications

 Users often install third-party task managers and launch menu apps to aesthetically improve their Windows desktop. It can help change the appearance of the Start menu, but it can break the core functionality of the service. You need to identify these programs and remove them from your PC.

  • Press Windows + I keys to get access to the Windows Settings app.
  • Move to the Apps section of the menu.
  • Apps and features can be selected in the app section list and choose them using the threedot menu next to them.
  • Remove programs from Windows 11 by selecting Uninstall and deleting them.

 5. Rebuild Search Index

 Microsoft Windows stores the user’s search history data and cache so that it could provide a better searching experience. When the search history’s database is corrupted somehow, then the Start menu functionalities always get affected. In this case, you would have to rebuild the search index. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Run menu by pressing Windows + R.
  • Then type Microsoft.Indexing under the run menu, next hit ok.
  • The Indexing Options menu will appear. Select the Modify option under the indexing options menu.
  • On the Troubleshooting menu, click Advanced button, then click Rebuild.
  •  Restart your windows and check if the Start menu is working or not.


In this article, we have listed five common methods you can practice if you get issues regarding starting the start menu on your Windows 11. Hope the steps mentioned above would be helpful in resolving this error.

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