Windows 10 vs Windows 11. Which is better?

Windows 10 vs Windows 11
Windows 10 vs Windows 11
In this feature guide, we have listed down the features and comparisons of Windows 10 & Windows 11. Read the Article below to know which version of the windows is better:

The release of Windows 11 brought significant changes to the way Windows works. Whether it’s an entirely new version or an old version with a new interface, Windows 11 promises something fresh for almost everybody, while delivering the core features that have made Windows a staple of the technology world for almost 30 years.

The concepts of progression and presence are an initial part of the Windows 11 release. In many ways, a newer version of Windows is similar to the old version, but with many improvements. Windows 11 is familiar, but a lot has changed.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: The New Interface

If there’s one thing that is appreciable and praiseworthy in Windows 11, it’s the visual graphics. Microsoft has moved away from the usual box and outdated wallpapers. These improvements include a new updated version of the Windows logo, a return to the startup sound that has been disabled since Windows 8, and an updated icon collection that enhances the flat design with vivid gradients and adds a bit of depth to 2D images.

One of the major changes that we can notice in windows 11 is that almost everything is round-shaped. Windows, the menu bar, and the notification bar have rounded corners, so everything looks smoother. Other notable visual changes include Dark Mode, which lets you switch between brighter and more colorful looks, and the addition of a darker, more muted color scheme that applies everything from desktop wallpapers to menus and apps.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: The Anchor Layout and Multitasking

 Anchor functionality in Windows 11 has been updated with Anchor Layout with multiple grid-based layout options that allow you to customize your apps the way you want them.

The familiar side pane layout adds a new layout that puts windows in collapsed configurations, quadrants, and even a trilogy that brings three panes together into a central pane with the same pane size or a sidebar perfect for scrolling feed and chat apps.

These different layouts match the size of the screen, the ratio, and the resolution of the display you are using. Multi-monitor screen control also lets you skip window shuffling when docking and undocking your laptop.

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: The Widgets

Windows 11 comes with a new feature called widgets designed to present different types of information. For example, you don’t have to touch your phone to get information like weather, news, sports, promotions, transportation, entertainment, Microsoft To-do tasks, and family safety activities.

This feature is similar to the News and Interests feature already available in Windows 10. However, instead of crashing on the taskbar, the new feature has a different interface and crashes on the left side of the screen.

Microsoft can always add more widgets to Windows 11, you can choose from the following item widgets:

  • Watchlist – Displays information about promotions.
  • Traffic – Displays information about current traffic congestion based on location.
  •  Esports – Information about team sports.
  • Weather – Displays current weather information based on your location, clicking on the widget will open the weather forecast in your browser.
  • To-Do – Displays tasks from the Microsoft To-Do list.
  • Tips – Displays tips for using Windows 11.
  • Sports – Displays scores and matches scheduled
  • Entertainment – Shows popular movies and clicking on each will open the Microsoft Store with different ways to buy the movie.
  • Outlook Calendar – Show upcoming events on your calendar.
  • Photos – Displays a slideshow of images stored in your OneDrive account

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: The Performance

In addition to interface improvements and new features, Microsoft has also boosted performance improvements related to the new operating system. The company claims faster Windows Hello sign-in, faster wake-up, and faster web browsing.

The company claims that Windows updates will be 40% less. Windows 11 should also provide better performance and longer battery life for devices such as laptops and tablets.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Game Updates

 This update should bring DirectX 12 support to deliver improved high frame rate gaming, and Auto HDR should run without the need to manipulate the graphics to simplify High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhancements.

You can adjust it whenever you change card settings or switch between different monitors.


Now from the above article, you will get a clear understanding of windows version 10 and Windows 11 and which version is better in terms of features.

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