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Mouse is the controlling of the computer. Computer mouse is also the pointing device which perform 2D motion on the surface. This motion is transfer into the motion of the pointer in the desktop, which is allowed a smooth control of What is the computer Mouse the graphic user interface of a computer.Types of the Mouse

The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968. Mice generally used to separate wheels to track movement across a surface, one in the x dimension and y later, the standard design shifted to utilize a ball rolling on a surface to detect motion. Most modern mouse are used as optional sensor that have no moving part. Though originally all mice are cordless which are connected with computer by Bluetooth., repying on short- range radio communication with the connected system.

In addition to moving a cursor, computer mouse have one or more buttons to allow operations such as selection of a menu item on a display. Mouse often also feature other elements such as touch surfaces and scroll wheels, which enables addition control and dimension input.

Operating on opto- mechanical mouse

Moving the mouse turns the ball.

Optional encoding disks include light holes.

X and Y rollers grip the ball and transfer movement.

Infrared LEDS What is the computer Mouse shine through the disks.

Sensors gather light pulses to convert X and Y vectors.

What are the different types of computer mouse models?

Wired mouse

A wired mouse connects directly to your desktop or laptop, usually through a USB port, and transmits information via the cord…

Bluetooth Mouse

A mouse that connects to the computer without using a cord. Bluetooth mice are commonly used with tablets, and large display mobile phone because most tablets have Bluetooth built in. They can also be used with a computer that has Bluetooth from the factory or via an adapter. … See optical mouse, wireless dongle and ISM band.

Track ball Mouse

a ball on a computer mouse or keyboard that you roll with your finger in order to move the cursor on the screen: A mouse or trackball allows you to move the pointer that is on the screen and to select items by clicking on them.What is the computer Mouse

Optional Mouse

A mouse that uses light to detect movement. Introduced in the late 1990s, optical mice superseded mechanical mice because .What is the computer Mouse their sealed bottom surfaces do not absorb dust and dirt. They work by emitting light from an LED or laser, and a CMOS sensor detects the light reflections as the mouse is moved.

Laser Mouse

A laser mouse is a type of optical mouse that uses laser light to detect mouse movement. Like all optical mice, it has no moving parts inside. The laser mouse is more accurate than the standard LED optical mouse, although the latter has gotten much closer over the years

Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse is a multi-touch mouse that is manufactured and sold by Apple. … Taking after the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and multi-touch trackpads, the Magic Mouse allows the use of gestures such as swiping and scrolling across the top surface of the mouse to interact with desktop computers.

USB Mouse

A USB mouse is the most used in desktop as well as laptop computer systems. Well, USB mice use the most basic yet very useful USB port on your computer. As with other USB devices, they not only do not require their own system resources, but they also can be a part of a long daisy chain of devices attached to the port.

Vertical mouse

For ergonomic purposes, vertical mice What is the computer Mouse.have the buttons and the scroll wheel rotated 90-degrees clockwise (or counter-clockwise for left-handed users). … This requires the user to operate the mouse with their palm facing to the side, rather than facing downward

What is the use of a mouse

Move the mouse curser . the Primary function is to move the mouse pointer on the screen.

Point- Once the mouse is moved, You can point come thing out for another user or point a digital object

From where do we fix the tail of a mouse

Open the control panel. In control panel double click the mouse icon.

Where to kept mouse ?

Typically use position the mouse at the right of the keyboard.

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