What is Monitor of Computer? | Types of Monitors

What is Monitor
What is Monitor

A monitor computer is a device used to display images generated by a computer there are only two main types of computer monitor  LCD [liquid crystal display ] computer monitors and CRT [cathode ray tube ] monitors. monitor display device like a TV screen, that interprets and displays the graphical output single from your computer’s graphics card and display it on the screen.

The computer of monitor definition

Computer monitors work as an output device that device helps to provide output in the form of graphically and text as well many people are also known as another name VDT[ video display terminal] and VDU [ video display unit].

History of computer monitor

  year  Development
1964The Unicode 300 machine had a built-in CRT display. What was not a true computer monitor it was the forerunner of CRT monitor technology?
1965Touch screen technology war invented by E.A. Johnson in 1965
19731 march 1973 the Xerox alto computer was released which was the first computer monitor this monitor used CRT technology.
1975The first resistive touch screen display was developed in 1975 by George Samuel Hurst. It was not produced and used until1982.
1976The apple I I and sol-20 was the first computers to have a built-in video output port allowing for the connection of a computer monitor or videos screen.
1977LED display technology was developed by JAMES P. Michel 1n 1977 but LED monitors were not available to the consumer until almost 30 years later. Color on apple II CRT monitor released in June 1977
1987The first VGA monitor IBM 8513was released by IBM in 1987.
1989The SVGA standard for computer display was officially defined by VESA in 1989. Apple IBM and view sonic have developed color LCD monitors that offer better quality and resolution than CRT monitors.
1998 The apple studio display was one LCD monitor for desktop computers manufactured by apple in 1998.
2003The use of CRT monitors ceased with the advent of LCD monitors in 2003 by 2007 LCD monitors continued to outsource to CRT monitors becoming the most popular type of computer monitor.
2006The first interface- free touch-based computer monitor was introduced by TED Jeff Hahn in 2006.  
2009NEC was one of the first companies to produced LED monitors for desktop computers. Their first LED monitor the multisync  EA222Wme was released in late 2009.
2010AMD and Intel announced along with computer monitor manufacturers that they were eliminating VGA monitors starting in December 2010
2017 Monitor Touch screen LCD monitors began to become more affordable for the average consumer in 2017.


CRT Monitors

It is the type of monitor that required a lot of power and electronics to operate. The analog circuitry was cumbersome and took up a lot of space. the use of CRT monitors is almost negligible in earlier times, the big and trick monitors that came with the computer were CRT Monitors. The CRT itself requires a certain distance between the monitor screen area the electron guns located at the end of the neck. The obvious fact is that it could not be used for a laptop.

LCD Monitor

LCD monitor replaced the CRT. they had performance issues to do with response times but certainly, those problems were solved.LCD is placed between two electrodes .there is an amount of light that can pass the LCD is determined by the amount of electrical charge applied to the electrodes.

The CFLs were replaced with LEDs. This made LCD monitors way more reliable.

Common types of an active-matrix LCD panel

  • IPS panels
  • TN panels

LED Monitors

This monitor is essential.[ LCD screens and LED backlighting.] to illuminate the LCD image. The technology is on its way. Television manufactures are putting their interest are micro LEDs are microscopic LEDs are placed in an array from the pixel itself.

QLED Monitors

Quantum dot displays are used to convert the backlight to full basic colors.

It is semiconductor nanocrystals are placed in a Quantum Dot layer to help RGB colors filtered by reducing light losses and color.

Plasma display Panel

PDP has a flat panel display the mostly is implemented in a television display. The gas in the cell is electrically converted into plasma.

TFT Monitor

The full form is a thin film transistor, and this technology is used the LCD enhancing the picture of other past technologies. such as CTR.

DLP Monitors

Digital light processing [DLP] monitors have capabilities for providing high definition on the screen. These types of the monitor help to provide grayscale 1024 type screen display and these display screens are used full playing the videogame, video editing software as well.

Touch Screen Monitor

TSM monitor work as the pointing input device of the computer because with using those touch screen monitors users can send input instruction by hands finger another vice it is the stylus device.

Monitor function

There are so many types of functions of a monitor and we will spread the light on various monitor functions in the computer with uses.

  • Pixel
  • RAM
  • Best resolution
  • Frame structure
  • Signal synchronizing
  • Video Bandwidth
  • Display image screen
  • Non-display screen

Feature of the monitor

  • The computer monitors use for output devices.
  • The computer monitor has to contain various components as power supply circuit board casing and display terminals.
  • The old monitor ware used CRT.
  • The computer monitor display information in a graphic form that is more useful for understanding.
  • The LCD monitors are energy efficient because they consume very low energy compare to CRT Monitors.
  • The  LCD monitor is a great feature is to have the sharpness to every image.
  • Now-a-day many monitors are cost-effective as well as more affordable.


Through the article, an attempt has been made to give you much information related to what is the computer monitor is and how many types are there we hope that this information will prove to very useful for you.

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