What is Illegal to Watch on the Internet in India? (2022)


The internet is a huge part of our everyday lives, so the same rules apply online as they do offline — be nice and abide by the law. 

To make sure you don’t get yourself into a sticky situation, we’ll go over some of the illegal things you do on the internet that are quite common but may lead to unwanted consequences. In addition to that, we’ll cover the best ways to protect yourself online.

We live at a time when access to the internet has been declared a basic right. A Kerala tribunal call conjoint elevates it to the position of basic human rights. Through one in every one of the founders of the internet, Vinton G Cerf opposes this idea. Within the last few years, the Republic of India was one of everyone in the country. So, to know what is illegal to watch on the internet in India, peep through the article a little more.

That visaged one of the best variety of internet conclusion within the country. Which is citing national security problems. At constant times, adding to the abuse of web facilities on these grounds. Several different restrictions. Which have conjointly acquired the performance to control the internet house.

The Data Technology Act 2000, was the primary step towards achieving this goal. The 2008 modification to the data Technology Act. And also the 2011 IT rules strengthened the government’s power. This article discusses what is illegal to search and watch on the Internet in India.

What is illegal to watch on the internet in India?

India is the third-highest client of creative activity in the world, this can despite the creative activity already in situ in the Republic of India. The Department of the medium in 2015 had ordered internet service suppliers The order was to bring down 857 websites to regulate crimes. The question here is the observance of these creative activity sites is illegal to watch on the internet in India.


The Indian Penal Code, 1860 is the main criminal law code in India. because it was framed at a time when the internet was nonexistent, there’s nothing on it. Even so, it will mention in section 354A. That makes showing pornography forcibly associated with an offense. Because it could outrage the modesty of a lady.

The major act governing porno is the IT Act 2000, which was amended once in 2008. In section sixty-seven of the aforementioned act. 

Business enterprise or transmission of obscene material in electronic type. This is taken into account as an associate offense, and 67 A mentions the punishments concerning this.

Section 67B of the IT Act makes a stronger purpose. It does not solely say that the transmission. And the publication of pornography portrays kids as punishable. Even so conjoint goes on to form making even texts, collecting. Downloading, or browsing kid pornography material from any internet network must punishable.



It is a sexual crime to watch content in which people under the age of 17 participate in sexually explicit behaviors. Even merely looking for child pornography, even if you don’t intend to see it, may get you jailed. The terms that you search for are saved in your browser’s history or cache. This may be enough for the cops to believe you were seeing child pornography on purpose. Officials may therefore decide that you have child pornography on your person.

If you download a film showing someone under the age of 17 engaged in sexual acts (even mistakenly), you should expect a phone call or a police visit. Because law enforcement agents keep track of specific terms used in all internet searches, they can locate the IP address of your computer if they choose to make an arrest. Be sure to avoid searching for anything related to child pornography. That way, it’s a visit you won’t have to worry about.

Using Unofficial Streaming Services


Many people raise, “What is illegal to observe on the internet?” Well, unofficial streaming services are unit illegal to watch on the internet in India. Thus it’s against the law to observe movies. TV shows, music videos, or premium sports content online without charge. they will dangerous, too. If they’ve purloined film content from production firms. What would stop them from stealing your personal information as well?

In case you were inquisitive,

“Is streaming movies online illegal is illegal in India?” 

The answer is simple: streaming movies take into account a copyright violation. You’ll sue. It is completely illegal to watch on the internet in India.

Sharing Passwords, Addresses, or Photos of Others

Sharing Passwords, Addresses, or Photos of Others Person on the internet is illegal

Are you speculative not it’s illegal to post someone’s address on the Internet in India? 

Affirmative, it is, if it happens on a public forum while not their data and/or intending to damage them. It is illegal in India.

Is it illegal to need an image of somebody and post it on the internet in India? affirmative, if you are in material possession that isn’t yours. As for public places, you don’t want consent for taking an image and posting it online in such a setting. Even so, it’s a lot polite to evoke consent anyway.

Using Torrent Services is Illegal to Watch on the Internet in India

Using Torrent Services

Torrent services are one more approach for users to induce pirated copies of films and music. Through torrents, proprietary material will be accessed while not paying for it, which is unfair to its creators and conjointly smuggled. Most music and films are subject to copyrights in hand by those that created them.

Internet Piracy is Illegal to Watch on the Internet in India

Internet Piracy

‘Udta Punjab,’ ‘Nerkonda Parvati,’ and ‘Paanch’ are just a few of the films that have leaked online before their official premiere in theatres. Media piracy is defined as the act of acquiring, reproducing, copying, and ultimately distributing media without a license. Piracy has severely harmed the film business.

Online Bullying and Trolling is Illegal to Watch on the Internet in India

Online Bullying and Trolling

Cyberbullying and trolling are each widespread phenomena currently that a bigger range of individuals have access to smartphones and also the internet. However, apps currently have the authority to require action against such people. There is a unit many laws concerning cyberbullying, typically, it’s treated as a civil matter, even so, will generally turn out to be illegal in India. And counts as a criminal offense and results in jail time.

Using Copyrighted Images, Video and Content

Despite popular opinion, unless it’s in the public domain, any image or photo on the internet has an owner — photographers, corporations, and other creators. This means you can’t use these images for personal or commercial purposes without due permission, payment, or attribution.

Faking Your Identity on the Internet in India

Identity fraud by using someone else’s information without their knowledge is a crime when the aim is to deceive people or defraud the person themselves. Using an inaccurate age for social media sites. Goes against the “terms of use,”. And while not against the law. It is still dangerous. And can potentially expose minors to decreased privacy.

Collecting data of folks Younger Than thirteen

Gathering and utilizing information on youngsters under 13 (through surveys, etc.). Violates the Children’s Online Protection Act and while not verifiable consent from parents/guardians, it’s 100% illegal.

On a constant note, is it illegal to lie around your age online? If your pork pie. Of your age to induce onto an internet site meant for adults. You’re presumably blocked. If somebody reports you. Some websites requiring personal information might not want it in reality. Youngsters could also be exposed. To some illicit content. If they pork pie of their age.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls make use of internet-based technology to offer voice communication. It is prohibited to secretly film, record, or photograph any person or item using such technology. As a result, you must seek approval before recording.

Questionable Explosive Terms

With terrorism being a persistent threat to the world, cybersecurity investigators are keeping a tight check on anything connected to terrorism or the fabrication of bombs. Officials are keeping such a tight check that harmless searches for backpacks and pressure cookers (or naively clicking on “how bombs are constructed” out of curiosity) might land you on a terrorist watch list.

Not only will your internet searches be more closely monitored, but you may also be approached by law enforcement personnel about your intentions.

Extracting Audio From YouTube

According to YouTube’s terms of service. The proprietary content can’t be downloaded or ripped. While not specific permission from the content owner. In the United States, copyright laws for extracting audio for private use are illegal.

Hiring an Assassin

Although the “dark web” is a mystery to some, it does exist and is the criminal underworld of the internet. Not only can you find child pornography for sale, but you can also hire an assassin. Obviously, hiring an assassin to kill someone is illegal. This is precisely why you must express caution when performing such searches. Stay away from the dark web so that your innocent search for a crime novel or video game will keep you off a watchlist.

Although it seems stressful to put in additional thought as to what you’re searching for, it could save you some time explaining to the police or FBI the innocent intention behind your search items. Best not to search anything related to the items listed above at all, in the end.

Illegal Searches on the internet

Few individuals apprehend. That some Google searches are also illegal. To watch on the internet in India. Here are some FAQs you ought to get at home to remain safe when surfing online:

Can a Google search be illegal in India?

Affirmative, some terms are illegal to Google. And your activity when these searches are monitored by the authorities.

What is illegal to watch on the internet in India? What’s illegal to sort into Google? Some search terms. That may land you in jail embrace porno. Hiring a criminal. And alternative questionable terms (e.g., bomb-making).

Does Google report illegal searches? 

No, even so, it’s algorithms in situ. To forestall you from watching the results of illegal web searches.

How to Keep Yourself Out of hassle

Good luck. There are ways in which to form positive. You’re coated. As in case you step into one thing illegal online. The next safety measures will ease keep you secure.

Limit the data you share

Avoid oversharing on social media. Is that the ideal thanks to shielding your data from cybercriminals? Exploitation is your real name. And age is ok. However golf stroke up personal footage. Or give out your address. Or the other contact info will be dangerous. This might doubtless cause criminals. To steal your identity. And to commit cybercrimes on your behalf.

Create sturdy passwords

Weak passwords are simple to guess and even easier to hack. One among the threats. Is that an offender might get remote over your device. Or creating it as a part of the internet. And therefore, involving you in illicit activities. While not you even know it.  

Following these password tips to make sturdy passwords is your best bet against obtaining hacked:

  • Create long passwords.
  • Use numbers and symbols.
  • Mix capital and tiny letters.

Browse in incognito or concealed mode

Incognito mode doesn’t save your browsing history or cookies, Thus it’s reasonably safe. And personal thanks to browsing the internet. However, the authorities will still track your internet activity. Whereas browsing private browsing mode, particularly if it watched to illegal.  

Another option is exploiting the Tor browser. To surf the internet anonymously. Although it should offer some restricted opportunities online. 

Use a Virtual Private Internetwork (VPN)

A VPN uses encoding to make secure personal internetwork. From a public affiliation, supplying you with complete online obscurity.  

By employing a VPN, you’ll defend yourself from one thing illicit or contentious. Imagine accidentally staring at illegal material on the internet. Even so, realizing it too late. It’s traditional to not have a transparent plan. What Google searches are illegal. In any case, a VPN is going to be able to hide your:  

  • Location and IP address
  • Browsing data history
  • Internet activity
  • Devices
  • Location for data streaming

If you prefer the concept of staying safe and anonymous online. You’ll transfer the Clario VPN to present you with bigger privacy and security. There’s a 7-day free trial. Which will assist you to decide. If it’s one thing you wish to use frequently.

You can also check our article about various types of VPNs for android and how it works.



In light of this, we can conclude that viewing any content on the internet is not usually considered a crime in India, unless it is of a particularly serious nature, such as child pornography, which is even protected by international treaties such as the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography. It has been rather lenient in this regard, focusing more on banning website hosts than on limiting people. Additionally, safeguards have been put in place to prevent the transfer of unlicensed or sexually offensive material.

The usage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around the limitation is a loophole here. While using a VPN for personal use is lawful, utilizing it to engage in illicit conduct may be. It’s also unclear if using a VPN to access a government-blocked website is prohibited. It will require more improvement in the future.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What is illegal to watch on the Internet in India?

It is illegal to watch, make, or share any type of child pornography. Sharing links to pornographic movies on any social media platform, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, even in private messages, is unlawful. Watching pornography in a group or in a public location is prohibited.

Q2. What is illegal on the internet?

Footage of real or simulated violence, accidents, or criminal conduct from movies, video clips, or games is considered illegal content. Images that are sexually graphic, particularly those depicting child sexual abuse. Content that promotes extremist political viewpoints and has the potential to radicalize vulnerable people.

Q3. Is the dark web illegal?

Simply put, no it is not illegal to access the dark web. In fact, some uses are perfectly legal and support the value of the “dark web.” On the dark web, users can seek out three clear benefits from its use: User anonymity. Virtually untraceable services and sites.

Q4. What Google searches are illegal?

Here are some of the internet search terms and topics that can be considered illegal and land you in jail:
·         Child Pornography. Viewing content where persons under the age of 17 engage in sexually explicit activities is considered a sex crime. …
·         Torrenting. …
·         Questionable Explosive Terms. …
·         Hiring an Assassin.
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