What is Bitcoin Mining? | How To Make Money From Mining

What is bitcoin mining
What is bitcoin mining


 Bitcoin is a currency that no one can see, it is found in virtual form. Save it in the electronic form its circulation is increasing a lot in the present context; you can buy it like any other currency like the dollar, rupee, and krona dinar, etc.

It is a digital currency that operators are free of any central control or the oversight of banks or government. It relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography.

  • Node  

This machine takes part in the global network by running the bitcoin mining software.

  • Blockchain

The databases of financial transaction which constantly grows as new transaction or blocks are added to it forming a continuous and public chain of data.

  • Cryptocurrency

The science of coding and decoding messages and data to them is secure. example [encryption].

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process that maintains the bitcoin network and how a new coin is brought into existence. The bitcoin mining all transactions are publicly broadcast on the network and miners bundle a large collection of transactions together into blocks by completing a cryptographic cancellation that’s extremely hard to generate but very easy to verify.

The process of updating the public ledger of bitcoin is called bitcoin mining. Just like when you go to the bank to get the details of all transactions printed your passbook similarly the transactions of bitcoin are also updated in its online ledger and this process is called mining. Just like your passbook contains the details of old transactions and after that, you keep updating new details in the same way it happens to bitcoin too. You can see all the transactions of a Bitcoin online. 

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work

Transaction in bitcoin requires the consumer to send a payment message through a digital medium connected to a private key, which is verified through a decentralized network spread across the world. Payment through debit or credit cards. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is used only for online tractions the huge fluctuation in the value of bitcoin often raises the question of whether it is capable of functioning as a currency.

The Purpose of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining was created as a way for people to send money over to the internet bitcoin is the digital currency that is intended to provide an alternative payment system that would operate free of central control but otherwise is used like traditional currencies.

Are Bitcoin Mining Safe?

The cryptocurrency behind bitcoin is based on the SHA-256 algorithm designed by the US national security agency. Cracking this is all intense and purpose, impossible as there are more possible private keys that would have to be tested [22]56  than there are atoms in the universe [ somewhere between 10/78 to 10/82bitcoin mining have been several high profile cases of bitcoin exchange being hacked and funds being stolen but these services invariably stored the digital currency to behalf of customers.

Bitcoin Mining Profit

Make Money From Mining

Bitcoin mining is profitable is not cut and dry. Though as a thumb rule, you must know cryptocurrency mining is generally profitable .who can invest in power full hardware.

The profitability will depend on 4 primary factors

  • Mining pool fees
  • Price of the cryptocurrency
  • Electricity cost
  • Hash rate
Mining pool fees

The mining pool is a collection of miners who pool their hardware resources to increase the number of cancellations. The synergy created by pooled hardware will be much powerful than a single device.

Price of the cryptocurrency

It is the most important factor when it comes to mining .crypto currency cost is highly volatile and over the last year, the price has fluctuated dramatically.

Electricity cost

The mining rig consumes a lot of power as it has several other components besides the core computational hardware like a cooling mechanism etc. ASIC itself will consume about 1500 watts or 1.5 hw of electricity per hour. Electricity rates in India tend to be about rupees 7 per hw.

Hash rate

This refers to the number of complex calculations bitcoin mining hardware can do. For instance, the ASIC referred to above has a hash rate.

Bitcoin mining of legality depends entirely on your geographic location. The concept of bitcoin can threaten the dominance of fiat currencies and government control over the financial market so which causes, bitcoin to be completely illegal in certain places. Bitcoin mining ownership is legal in more countries than not some examples of places where it was illegal according to a report were Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, and Pakistan. These countries are bitcoin use and mining remain legal across much of the globe.

Bitcoin Mining is Illegal in India

Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency is not completely legal in India so mining is a difficult task. Its machine has been imported from abroad and this will be possible only when the government will declare mining legal and accordingly machines will be imported from abroad.

ASIC machines are used for bitcoin mining. These machines require a lot of electricity. There is a shortage of electricity in India, still, there is not enough electricity available for all the people. Because of this, mining of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is business is not being declared legal in its entirety. The ASIC machines have to be connected to an integrated circuit that can be used for mining only and has no other use.

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