What Does TBH Mean On Snapchat? How Do You Use It?

What Does TBH Mean
What Does TBH Mean

We often see the people saying the phrase “TBH” but did you actually know what does it mean for? It can be described as an acronym which we find on various social media platforms, sites or applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter, etc.

It can be used as an exclamation when something is revealed that wasn’t expected. It can also be used as a question, when someone wants to know what others think about a topic or idea. It has been popping up in text messages and group chats more often recently.

With the increased accessibility of upcoming technology, the teenagers are getting more and more involved in the online world. Their way of communicating with each other is totally a different thing to understand. Their chats of online texting look like a scope of different language.

The internet slangs arise from the culture of the Social Networking sites, through the chat forums and the texting or messages. The term TBH was introduced in the Urban Dictionary in early 2000s and is became popular and trendy by the year of 2011 quickly with the adaptability of people. The word is being used as a replacement for the phrase of “to tell you the truth” or “to be frank”.

Introducing: TBH

The term ‘TBH’ can be expanded as “To be Honest”. It is used to express honesty or sincerity in a conversation. This is used by the sender of the message which refers to that they are being honest about what they are conveying. It means that the person who is sending this phrase is speaking the truth and expressing their real feeling while talking to them.

Nowadays, this word was been adopted and used by the teenagers and it is taken on various different meanings. Sometimes the word is used to tell something Good about your friends and sometimes as a high – class comment. As a receiver you can reply to it just by simply saying ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank you’ while other people answer with an Emoji or GIF. It allows people to share their thoughts and feelings without any kind of fear of judgement.

The acronym TBH is typically written in all capital letters with no spaces between the letters, and it can be used both as a noun and an adjective. For example:

It can be used in a sentence like this: “TBH, I think you’re the best.”

It can also be used as an adjective: “TBH, the pizza was delicious.”

TBH – To Be Heard

We can sometimes use the word TBH for “To Be Heard”. This phrase is often used when someone wants to express their opinion or thoughts on a topic, but they are not sure if it will get noticed. Now the term is no longer used for insulting someone but just to give good compliments.

This can also be used for the people who want to get heard. This could be somehow a personal issue of someone who uses the word To Be Heard in their posts which indicates that they want to get heard. But this can confuse the users for what meaning you are using this term because for them the term is generally for ‘To be Honest’.

It is usually used when someone asks you how you are doing and you don’t want to sound too negative. You can say “TBH I’m good” instead of “I’m good.”

How to use the trendy acronyms?

As you can see on the Instagram posts or stories the word is still meant ‘To be Honest’, taking example as most people say ‘Like for a TBH’, ‘I will give you a TBH’, ‘Share my Post & I will do TBH for u’ and much more. So, what does it actually mean on these social media platforms?

Hence, giving a TBH can be expressed as a matter of giving opinion on the personality, nature or appearance and looks of Someone. However, the term is for initialization and gradually gets used while starting of the sentence like saying “To be Honest….” And start your conversation.

The acronym is typically used at the end of a sentence to mean that the person being honest with you is telling you their true feelings about something.

For example:

– Tbh I don’t like this song

– Tbh I don’t either

– Tbh They made a huge mistake

– Tbh I agree with you

– Follow me and get Tbh

Understand the teens language!

Scrolling down the feed of social media is an easy task to perform. But what if you are reading and understanding those posts? It is just similar to crack a high-level code or the legendary memes.

To make it simple, first of all you need to make sure to learn all the stuff of trendy words, acronyms, slang words, short forms which are being used across the internet.

The meaning of TBH depends on the context, but it usually means honesty or truthfulness. It can also mean empathy and understanding when someone says it to another person who shares their opinion in order to show support or understanding.

Bookmark the Online dictionaries available

Choosing the option of Online dictionary is best when you are interested to decode the internet terms or slangs. For this purpose, you can bookmark some of the great tools and famous websites such as Urban Thesaurus, Urban Dictionary, Wiktionary, etc. These sites will also provide you phrases more than just that of the words.

Talk & Connect with your Online Community

Stay connected with your people through online platforms. They can be your relatives, cousins, siblings, friends, teachers, etc. who you are comfortable with using these Terms. The community can also introduce you to new upcoming words.

Set the alerts in Google

People can also set the alerts in Google for getting notified about the new applications, trending terms, hashtags, phrases, sites, and others. This will better help you to keep updated with current information and the latest trends.

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