Mathway Alternative: 12 Website like Mathway (2022)

Mathway Alternative
Mathway Alternative

Mathway is a website that allows people to solve math problems. People can use it for free and it can be used on any device. It has become popular among students, teachers, and parents. The app is available on iOS and Android. It is a free online math learning tool that offers a variety of interactive exercises, games, and other fun activities.

Because of the variety of ways to use Mathway, it does not explain math in simple terms. This can be a problem for creative students and those who are special needs. The site is full of difficult mathematical problems that children and teachers may struggle with.

In this article, we will discuss 12 Mathway alternative apps that can be used by users to solve math problems.

These Mathway alternative applications are free of charge and do not require any subscription. They are designed to help people in solving math problems in a quick and easy way.

What is Mathway?

“Mathway is open-source math-proofing software for writing mathematical proofs. It can be used in a variety of ways, from proof checking to formal proof development and theorem proving. The software is written in Python, so it runs on any platform where Python is available.”

It can be used to write mathematical expressions quickly and easily. It is an easy way to learn math concepts, and it is also a great way to practice your math skills.

You can find real solutions, test your math skills and study how to solve math problems. You can also create a top 10 list of Math problem solvers.

Features of Mathway App:

Mathway is a web-based math tutor that can be used in class or for personal use.

  • One of the main features of this application is that it does not require any specific knowledge or background in mathematics. The user only needs to know how to read numbers and how to add numbers together.
  • The app comes with a set of pre-defined equations that are easy for kids and adults alike to use. You can create your own equations, or find ones that you know.
  • The app uses many features of a gaming device to make math fun and exciting. The app also provides other features like live chat, question and answer sharing, timer, and more.

List of 12 Mathway Alternative Apps:

The 12 Mathway alternative apps are useful to improve your workflow and productivity. These applications are designed with a focus on user experience, simplicity, simplicity, and ease of use.

Here a list is given below which highlights the most useful applications that we found in our research for these apps-

  1. Quick Math
  2. Microsoft Math Solver
  3. WebMath
  4. SymbolMath
  5. Tiger Algebra
  6. PhotoMath
  7. Cymath
  8. WolframAlpha
  9. Speed Crunch
  10. SageMath
  11. Metacalculator
  12. MathWorld

QuickMath- Best Mathway alternative

QuickMath app is a math-based computer program that helps students learn math in a more efficient way. It also allows students to work on their math assignments without having to use a calculator.

The app has a built-in mode for solving algebraic equations and inequalities, and it also offers pre-calculated solutions to common math word problems. It is used by students, teachers, and students for homework, exams, projects, and assignments.

Features to Explore!

It is an alternative to the popular Mathway app. It is a simple and easy-to-use math calculator that works on Android and iOS. It has several features, including:

  • Functions Basic math operations, like addition and subtraction. Number properties you can use, like square root or square roots.
  • It is possible to enter what you have entered as a number and it will print the result of the operation.
  • It uses an algorithm that allows the user to solve math problems on the fly, without writing them down or memorizing them.
  • The app also allows students to quickly practice their math skills and learn new concepts on their terms.


Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver app is an interactive calculator that supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It can be used for solving math problems and for learning math concepts.

Microsoft Math Solver is available in a variety of languages. The app can be found in Microsoft Store and the Google Play Store. Its purpose is to assist users in the understanding and use of numerical computations and mathematical formulas.

Introducing the best Mathway alternative-

Microsoft Math Solver app is available on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT. The app was introduced in 2013 with the release of Microsoft Office 2013 (the first version of the Office suite to support a calculator application).

With the Microsoft Math Solver app, you can solve math problems in fractions and decimals. An app is a great tool for students and non-math majors.


  • It is a great solution for students who are struggling with math problems.
  • One of the major advantages of this app is that it can help students with their math homework by providing them with step-by-step solutions to their problems.
  • It helps students learn math in a very natural way, without having to memorize formulas and concepts.

A Mathway Alternative- WebMath

WebMath is a web-based math solving app. It is used by students and teachers all over the world to solve math problems that they encounter in their daily life. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

What topic does it cover?

WebMath was developed by Microsoft to help people do the math on the web. It allows you to perform basic algebra, trigonometry, and geometry at a very quick and easy pace. It also provides a simple way to solve quadratic equations and square roots, which can be very useful when you need to work with numbers quickly.

The program supports almost any kind of data set such as numbers, strings, dates, etc. which can be imported into it from any possible source. The program can be used to explore the relationships between data points (columns) and the variables in a given dataset.

Characteristic Features:

Web Math is an application that allows you to do math in your browser with the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android operating systems. It has many features such as:

  • Data binding (inheritance)
  • Event-driven programming
  • On-screen keyboard input via a touch-first approach


“The SymbolMath app is a tool for creating mathematical expressions in the language of your choice.” It is written in Java and uses the OpenCL graphics library.

SymbolMath is one of the most popular math tools for Excel and PowerPoint. It can be used to perform basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Amazing Features of this Mathway Alternative!

Symbol Math is a free and open-source cross-platform maths software available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It provides the following features:

  • Simple Math
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Number Theory
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Computing (Data Mining)
  • Math Language Programming (MLLP)
  • Real-Time Graphical Graphics (RTG)
  • Scientific Graphics Programming (SGP)

Tiger Algebra: Mathway alternative to solve Algebra

Tiger Algebra is a Mathway alternative, which is a free and open-source application for teachers, students, and anyone to use. It uses an algorithm to solve problems in real-time, making it easy to use even by those who have never used a calculator before.

This app is a great tool for those who are not comfortable with the concept of algebra. It is an easy and effective way to learn the basics of algebra and trigonometry.

It can be used to solve algebraic equations, word problems, and other math problems. It is designed to solve equations, inequalities, inequalities, and inequalities of various types.

Exclusive Features of this Mathway Alternative-

This app has many features like:

  • Tabs for solving equations with step-by-step instructions
  • Can use the images to solve equations
  • One-click solutions for advanced math problems
  • Be able to combine steps of a problem in two or more steps
  • No internet connection required
  • Free download and install of the program

PhotoMath- The new Mathway alternative

The PhotoMath app is a free alternative to the basic Mathway app. It is an easy-to-use app for solving simple math problems, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

It does not require any previous knowledge of math and it will be useful for people who are not good at math. The application uses several different algorithms to solve mathematical problems.


  • The algorithms can be applied to any number, from 0 to infinity.
  • It works on images as well as on text strings and numbers.
  • It is a great way to calculate the area, perimeter, volume, and perimeter of any shape.
  • It allows users to calculate Pi and other mathematical constants in a few clicks.

Introducing Mathway Alternative: Cymath

The Cymath app is a mathematical way to make calculations. Cymath is a free online math tutor that can help you study math at your own pace. It’s a web app that allows you to practice math problems and solve them by yourself.

It can be used for all kinds of platforms and is very easy to use. The main features of the app are Calculations from simple addition and subtraction to complex multiplication and division.

It has a clean user interface, an intuitive interface, and also the application has many features such as:

• Quick calculations

• Save results

• Calculations by an x-axis and y-axis

• Support rectangular, polar, and cubic B-splines graphite tools.

How to use it?

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • Launch the app
  • Set up your math problems
  • Solve problems at your own pace
  • Check your score and share it
  • Start taking lessons!
  • Top students, students with high scores, and medals will be rewarded!

WolframAlpha: an exclusive Mathway alternative

WolframAlpha is a free online math tool that provides an interactive, searchable and intuitive environment for solving problems in mathematics. The Wolfram Alpha platform is based on the Mathematica programming language and can be used by anyone to solve math problems.


If you are looking for a way to learn math, WolframAlpha is the best place to look. This is because it provides an easy-to-use interface for learning and calculating mathematical concepts.

It is a free online database that provides access to the full set of functions in mathematics. It also provides answers to questions about the world around us such as: “What does this mean?” “How do I get this information?” “What’s the most efficient way to do this?” etc.

What’s special about this Mathway alternative app?

The core of the app is its computational power:

  • It has the ability to do calculations based on mathematical formulas and equations, which are not available in any other database
  • This allows it to provide users with a certain level of accuracy. The user can browse through the database and explore different ways of solving problems.
  • The user can also search for answers, which are presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Speed Crunch

Speed crunch is a Mathway alternative app that helps you to solve complex math problems in a fraction of the time it takes. It calculates the answer and then gives you the exact number. It is a tool that helps you to check your speed in math.

The app uses machine learning algorithms which are trained using data from real students’ performance at school. Speed crunch math app is available on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. The speed crunch app is available in both English and Spanish language.

The app uses a neural network to learn the answers and it can be used by all levels of mathematics, from high school students to college students.


Sagemath is a free online math tutor that offers an interactive way to learn math. It has several levels and it allows students to practice their math skills on the go. It is written in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

It is a mathematical way of thinking. It helps you to think about math in a new and different way.

Characteristics of this Mathaway alternative-

  • The idea behind this app is that it would be beneficial for students to learn basic math concepts before they go to college.
  • It would also allow teachers to teach their students the basics of math. This would allow them to avoid the common mistakes that many students make when learning these concepts for the first time.
  • This app allows kids to learn more about numbers and addition by taking a self-guided tour around the house of numbers.
  • The app offers mathematical concepts that can be used in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as some trigonometry facts.

Metacalculator: Best Mathway alternative

MetaCalculator is a unique app that allows users to create math formulas, equations, and other calculations. It is like a calculator but it is also used in many other fields, such as business and economics.

It is a math calculator app for Android. It can be used to solve Math problems and it is also used by students to solve math problems. The app can be used to solve math problems such as Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics among others.

 It also has an online calculator, which can be used by entering mathematical expressions in the field at the bottom of the screen. The online calculator is available for free and requires no installation, but you will need to have an Internet connection to use it.

Creative Features:

It has several features for free calculation, such as:

1) Calculate Pi to 2 decimal places;

2) Calculate square root;

3) Calculate cube root;

4) Add and subtract fractions;

5) Multiply two numbers with one or more exponents;

6) Divide two numbers with one or more exponents.

A Mathway alternative: MathWorld

Mathworld app is an online math textbook. It is a free, interactive math textbook that allows students to learn math from the comfort of their own homes. It provides a plethora of exercises and quizzes for students to practice their skills in math.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s free and has no ads.

The Mathworld app is a fun and interactive way to learn math. It has lots of cool features, such as:

It allows you to have your math quiz. You can enter the questions and get answers from instructor feedback, and then grade yourself on how well you answered the questions.

It is the best source for students and teachers to find the solution to their math problems.


What is Mathway?

Mathway is a platform that lets users create, edit and share math exercises. It is designed to help students learn math concepts and is a leading platform for creating and sharing math content. It has been around since 2012 and has become an essential part of the math community.

What is the Quickmath app?

Quick math is a simple app for students who want to learn math. It allows them to get a quick overview of all the basic concepts in math. The app includes a few different resources, such as the Beginning Algebra section and the Finite Mathematics section, etc.

what is the difference between the tiger algebra app and quick math?

Tiger algebra is a mathematical concept that is similar to the mathway. Tiger algebra app is a tool that provides fast calculation of numbers. It works on the premise that if you have to calculate x+y, then x+y=x*y.
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