8 Best Vimeo Competitors and Alternatives 2022

Best Vimeo Competitors and Alternatives

Vimeo is a video platform that allows you to produce, distribute, host, manage, and store all of your movies in one place. While is Vimeo really convenient because everything is stored in the cloud, it does have some drawbacks.

Since its inception in 2004, Vimeo’s OTT and on-demand platform has served a wide range of clients in the creative industry. Vimeo takes care of everything content owners need to develop their own streaming empire, from hosting videos to the distribution process!!

In this article we will talk about the 8 best Vimeo Competitors and their alternatives and what are its pros and cons.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is an online video platform that provides both consumer and professional streaming options. In terms of what Vimeo is utilized for, that has evolved over time. The site formerly solely supported VOD hosting, but after Vimeo purchased Livestream in 2017, live streaming capabilities were introduced.

Vimeo now supports everything from basic video on demand to complex live streaming. Vimeo plans and Livestream plans are separated; however, everything is owned and controlled by Vimeo.

8 Best Vimeo Competitors and Alternatives

  1. UScreen
  2. IBM cloud video
  3. Dacast
  4. Kaltura
  5. Brightcove
  6. JW player
  7. Vidyard
  8. Adilo


When you enjoy what Vimeo has to offer but want a video platform that can handle more traffic, UScreen is one of the best Vimeo alternative options because it better matches corporations and businesses, and hence it’s considered a great Vimeo Competitor.

You can use UScreen to host live but on-demand videos and store them in the cloud. UScreen, on the other hand, can be used to distribute video content for educational or even online training reasons.

Furthermore, UScreen includes communication facilities that are not available on Vimeo. UScreen also features more effective marketing options, whereas Vimeo primarily relies on analytics and brand tweaks to promote your movies.

UScreen offers promotional marketing options, fee-based video monetization, and, of course, a high level of privacy and security, so you’ll never have to worry about your movies being seen unlawfully.

As a result, UScreen blends simplicity with more extra capabilities that set it different from Vimeo while remaining very simple to use in terms of providing and monetizing movies.

  • Marketing Tools for OTT Streaming
  • Video analytics that is effective
  • Characteristics that foster community
  • Video monetization on a fee basis
  • Privacy and security at the highest level
  • Simple but comprehensive platform
  • Reliable platform
  • Time-saving tools
  • Powerful video management
  • There have been a few issues with the user interface.
  • Customer service is slow.

IBM cloud video

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video platform similar to Vimeo but with a focus on live video streaming, IBM Cloud Video is the platform for you. It’s one of the best Vimeo alternatives.

Professional streaming features and a system that is far easier to use than Vimeo’s are provided by IBM Cloud Video. It’s also a lot more effective.

It also includes a far more mobile-friendly player than Vimeo, as well as a live Q&A chat when streaming, which is really useful.

In addition to excellent live video streaming, IBM Cloud Video also provides on-demand video hosting, allowing you to save and manage all of your films in the cloud.

The greatest part is that you can join up for a free trial of IBM Cloud Video, but bear in mind that your films will be ad-supported unless you change your subscription plan.

For the most up-to-date IBM Cloud Video pricing plans, go to their official pricing website.


  • Streaming with a resolution of up to 720p
  • HTML5 video player for all devices
  • Streaming under a private label
  • Personalization of the brand
  • Access to the API for further customization
  • Internal CDN video monetization OTT video streaming
  • The platform that is easy to use
  • Customer service that is dependable
  • Professional features are included.
  • Video delivery from Hong Kong
  •   A plan update is required for HD streaming.
  • Closed captioning is only supported to a limited extent.


Drooling down the list of Viemo Competitors is Dacast which is a web-based video platform that offers live and on-demand streaming on all plans. This platform makes use of an HTML5 video player and works with top-tier content delivery networks to ensure that material is delivered reliably to any device.

Dacast also has a significant advantage over Vimeo in terms of customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you’re streaming on a huge scale, this is critical. Dacast’s price plans and bandwidth expenses are also quite clear. When purchasing this type of program, it is critical that you select one that you can rely on.


  • Content distribution around the world
  • All plans include white-label streaming.
  • With all options, you get reliable video hosting and tech assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Features of video surveillance (password protection, encryption, and more)
  • RTMP Encoders are compatible with RTMP Ingest.
  • Access to the HLS streaming player API and the Video API
  • Zoom integration with live broadcasting
  • The video portal with exhibition galleries Adaptive bitrate streaming Cloud-based transcoding tools
  • Video analytics that is effective
  • Streaming without advertisements
  • On all pricing options, live streaming and VOD streaming packages are available.
  • There are no limits to the number of concurrent viewers or live channels.
  • Customization of the white label and branding.
  • SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD monetization options in an embeddable HTML5 video player
  • Support for mobile devices
  • At first, the feature selection can be overwhelming.


Looking for a Vimeo alternative that allows you to completely customize the video player and broadcasting experience? Kaltura might be a good fit for you. It is one of the great Vimeo alternatives and competitors.

Kaltura is an open-source internet video platform that offers live and on-demand video hosting and delivery via the cloud. This is a fantastic solution for companies with advanced broadcasting requirements.

Educational institutions, businesses, media corporations, and over-the-top video services are all served by Kaltura.


  • Hosting of live streaming and video on demand
  • Content distribution around the world
  • Support for cloud transcoding
  • Tools for live production
  • Marketing instruments
  • Experience that is completely customizable
  • Adaptive streaming and multi-bitrate streaming
  • Support for monetization
  • Customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Integrations provide a plethora of streaming functionalities.
  • There are a variety of video monetization options available.
  • Video surveillance that is effective
  • Customer service is said to be slow.
  • With all of the integrations, it may become quite complicated.
  • For beginners, this is not a good option.
  • There will be no video delivery from China.


Brightcove could be a good option if you’re searching for a high-end streaming solution to replace Vimeo and become a Vimeo alternative.

Brightcove is a premium white-label streaming platform for sophisticated broadcasting. This platform’s streaming product offers are divided into numerous categories. Video Player, OTT Flow, Video Marketing Suite, and others are among them.

Brightcove purchased Ooyala, a streaming platform, a few years ago, and the company has subsequently announced the platform’s end-of-life plans. The Ooyala technology adds to the video hosting capabilities.


  •       VOD hosting for live streaming
  •      Streaming under a private label
  •       HTML5 video player with a lot of power
  •       Access to a RESTful API and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  •       Insertion of ads on the server
  •       Transcoding in the cloud
  •       CRM integrations with ABR streaming
  • Customer service that is dependable
  • Streaming across all devices
  • Video sharing made simple
  • Advertising-based monetization
  • There is no video delivery support for China.
  • Expensive in comparison

JW player

JW Player was the initial video player used by YouTube when it was launched. It is still one of the best video players available and it’s one of the best Vimeo alternatives to be used, with a robust HTML5 video player that includes adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming capabilities.

The major benefit JW Player has over Vimeo is its light and fluid video player, which allows users to minimize it or enjoy a flawless viewing experience on any device, regardless of screen size or compatibility.


  •       Hosting of live streaming and video on demand
  •      “Watch Next” is a useful tool.
  •       Analytical video
  •     Adaptive streaming and multi-bitrate streaming
  •       Content delivery that is effective
  •       Customizing API access
  •       video surveillance
  •       Monetization via advertisements
  • Powerful video player with API customization
  • The platform that is simple to utilize
  • Advertising techniques that are dependable
  • Only enterprise plans have live streaming.
  • Only ad-based monetization is possible.
  • There will be no delivery to China.


Another wonderful Vimeo alternative and competitor is Vidyard, which offers numerous similar streaming bundles. This white-label video streaming platform is created with particular support for marketing and lead creation to assist broadcasts with marketing, sales, and corporate communications.

Vidyard’s top products help organizations connect with qualified leads by increasing audience reach and viewer engagement.

Vidyard, like Vimeo, offers individual and business price tiers, which makes it a better alternative to Vimeo.


  • HTML5 video player with a white label
  • Tools for specialized marketing
  • Video analytics that is effective
  • Engagement tools that are interactive
  • CMS for video
  • Assurance of safety
  • Suitable for transmitting on a professional level
  • Professional characteristics in abundance
  • Technical assistance that is dependable
  • For support, you’ll have access to a big user community.
  • Positive user feedback that isn’t consistent
  • Tools for advanced editing
  • There will be no video delivery from China.


Assume you need a video hosting platform with capabilities comparable to Vimeo, but one that is solely focused on on-demand video. In such a situation, Adilo is a fantastic alternative to Vimeo.

Adilo offers a variety of tools and features that are solely focused on on-demand video production, as well as assisting customers in providing a robust streaming experience in this format.


  •         Hosting of video-on-demand
  •         Streaming video in 4K
  •         Screen capture
  •         DRM-protected streaming
  •         Analytical video
  •         Watermarking is used to prevent piracy.
  •         Cloud encoding with multiple uploads
  •         Video player with a small footprint
  • The platform that is simple to utilize
  • Platform with a lot of features
  • Video player with plenty of power
  • Streaming that is safe
  • Streaming video of excellent quality
  • There is no support for live streaming.
  • There were several issues with deleting the Adilo logo, and playback rates were limited.

Stats and facts about Vimeo

  • Vimeo provides both B2C and B2B streaming services.
  • Vimeo allows broadcasters to host live and on-demand stress.
  • Vimeo is used by around 175 million viewers and 60 million broadcasters.
  • Vimeo has over 150 nations represented in its user base.
  • Plan prices range from free to more than $500 per month for tailored plans.
  • Livestream was acquired by Vimeo a few years ago.

Features of Vimeo

  • Vimeo provides High-quality video delivered using a world-class video HTML5-based player and CDNs.
  • Using a powerful content management system, you can upload, organize, and encode your movies.
  • To have a powered monetization option, use branded in-app development tools like subscriptions.
  • Stream live content to viewers on any device, including real-time events and VOD.
  • While the content and database are being moved, there will be no downtime.
  • Vimeo may also offer branded and customized OTT applications for your clients while keeping things simple.

Vimeo pricing plans

Vimeo has a variety of streaming pricing plans to suit different budgets and streaming requirements. Before we get into Vimeo pricing, it’s worth noting that not all features are available at all price points.

Let’s take a look at Vimeo’s various pricing tiers, shall we?

Vimeo Premium Pricing:

  • $75/month for a premium price
  • Total storage capacity: 7 TB
  • There are ten people on the team.
  • Both live streaming and VOD are available with the Premium plan.
Vimeo enterprise pricing
  • Pricing for businesses: Please contact Vimeo for more information on custom pricing.
  • White-label service, monetization, and video API access are all included in the Enterprise subscription. Branding management and enhanced security measures are also included.
Vimeo OTT pricing
  • Starter Pricing: $1 per month per subscription
  • Starting at $500/month, growth pricing is available.
  • The Vimeo.com partnership comes with this OTT-specific pricing package. These options provide everything you’ll need to get started with a web-based OTT channel and build your OTT business online.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vimeo:

Q. YouTube better than Vimeo?

For most firms, YouTube will be the best option. It’s free, often outperforms Vimeo in search, provides strong data for corporations trying to evaluate ROI, and has a large user base. Vimeo may be a better option if you have special branding requirements or require expert support.

Q. Does anyone still use Vimeo?

With about 170 million active users, Vimeo has a much smaller user base. While the Vimeo platform has a far smaller user base than YouTube, 90 percent of the site’s customers are paying for one of the four subscription options.

Q. What are the disadvantages of Vimeo?

It has a smaller readership, fewer views, and a poorer search ranking on Google. You are unable to accept advertisements as sponsors for your videos. The overall quantity of storage you can use on Vimeo is limited.
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