4 Video Editing Tips For Better Social Media Content

Video Editing Tips For Better Social Media Content
Video Editing Tips For Better Social Media Content

Do you want to take social media by storm with highly engaging video content? 

Nowadays, the internet is brimming with billions of videos belonging to various genres like technology, fashion, gardening, etc. Easy access to high-speed internet has played a pivotal role in boosting video consumption on social media platforms. Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, has been known to generate up to 8 billion views daily.

Such data clearly indicates that social media marketers have a great opportunity to leverage this form of media. At a time when everyone is tapping into the potential of videos, getting your social media content noticed can be somewhat tough. Making quality videos should be your top priority if you want to outperform competitors with your content. This is where a video maker online can work miracles by adding simplicity to the video making process.

We will now list out the four best video editing tips that will help you make engaging social media content quickly.

Enrich your content with a web-based video maker.

You should start your video making journey by using a video maker online that comes loaded with features. What’s great about web-based video makers is that they don’t make you go through the hassle of downloading large-sized files on your device. With an online video maker, you can choose from over 5000+ social media video templates. From tweaking video borders to adding interesting animations, video makers can serve a wide range of purposes. 

The best part is that you don’t need to be skilled in video making to reap the benefits of online video making tools. The user-friendly interface of video making tools is an absolute boon for video creators who don’t have much experience. You can use web-based video makers to add fun elements to your videos like cool effects, stylish texts, transitions, etc.

Most online video makers feature a large media library that you can access without spending a penny. You can browse through the library to pep your social media content with royalty-free images, videos, background tracks, etc. Using a video maker online can lend a creative touch to your videos and give you an edge over other creators.

Make square-oriented videos for social media.

A few years ago, laptops and computers were people’s preferred choices for watching video content online. But since the invention of smartphones, people can consume content on the go. With most people watching videos on their mobiles, square videos can increase viewer engagement. Square videos have higher chances of being shared on social media platforms, given their widespread appeal.

Well-crafted square videos can go a long way in boosting your video marketing efforts on social media platforms. Videos with square dimensions are ideal for social media feeds because they are likely to receive many more views online. Square videos are also much easier to edit than landscape videos. You should consider creating both square and vertically-oriented videos to engage smartphone users like never before.

Focus on enhancing visual appeal.

People often watch videos without music, and their entire focus is automatically on the video’s visual appeal. Video content that isn’t visually appealing can cause viewers to click away faster than expected. Therefore, you must infuse uniqueness and creativity into every video frame to ensure high engagement levels. Instead of focusing on voiceovers and sound effects, you should experiment with different filters until you find the one that matches the mood of your video.

You can also produce cool slideshows and text-based visuals to stand out from the crowd. The improvements in the video’s visual appeal will boost the likelihood of your content doing well online or even going viral.

Optimise the length of your videos.

Many marketers mistakenly believe that lengthy videos can bring about an improvement in audience engagement levels. However, this is untrue as we live in a fast-paced era where no one has the time and energy to consume ultra lengthy videos online. This is why optimising video length is a matter of paramount importance in today’s age. Short and crisp social media videos tend to garner more views and reactions than their lengthier counterparts.

It is important to remember that different social media platforms have varying guidelines for video length. Therefore, the video length will be determined based on where you plan to upload your content. For a platform like YouTube, you can keep your videos longer than two minutes, as most YouTube users are fond of long videos. Instagram, which is mainly a photo-sharing platform, boasts a length limit of 10 minutes for video posts. However, Instagram videos perform best when their length is kept under 30 to 60 seconds.

Brevity matters when it comes to social media platforms like Twitter, where the video length should not go beyond 45 seconds. For Facebook, you should consider making 1-minute long videos packed with interesting content. If you want to hook viewers right from the start, you must make the first five seconds of your videos catchy and engaging. 


Video content is soaring in popularity among youngsters and adults alike. Videos allow creators to engage fans with beautifully captured moments. A whopping 93% of marketers claim to have boosted brand awareness with the help of video. Surprising as it may seem, you don’t need to hire a professional videographer to create amazing content for social media.

Likewise, you will not have to shell out a huge sum for any high-priced equipment to get started with video production. You can make splendid social media videos on your laptop simply by leveraging an online video making tool. Besides relying on the best tech stack, you must unleash your creative juices to overpower the tough competition.

So, ensure you adhere to all the video editing tips elaborated above to rule the social media world with unique content.

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