Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac
Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac
In this article, we have explained the best free video editing software for Mac.

Mac is a great platform to edit videos if you get to know the best video editing software. Most of the video editing software for Mac is very pricy, but there is some free video editing software as well.

These video editors are compatible with macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey, and even the earlier versions. You will be able to get good-quality video editing using this software.

If you are looking for video editing software to produce high-quality videos, you’re at the right place. In this article, we have listed video editing software for Mac that can help you make attractive videos. This round-up includes the best video editing software for novice, intermediate, and even professionals. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one such video editing programming that every video editor fantasizes about. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the best video editing software in the business. It accompanies incredible quantities of highlights, beginning from the rudiments to the much-progressed ones. Despite the fact that it is quite possibly the most costly one, it actually merits paying for.

Adobe Premiere Pro-Free Video Editing Software for Mac
Adobe PremierePro-Free Video Editing Software for Mac

As per Adobe, “The video manager is truly outstanding in the business, and ‘Adobe’ worked really hard in it.” They say, “the UI is straightforward and simple to utilize”. Additionally, it offers countless highlights, which is adored by millions all throughout the planet

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is an incredible software to make interesting edits in case you are not looking for one from Adobe. This is optimal video editing for proficient use and is truly outstanding for Mac clients. The editorial manager gives all the first-class altering highlights and further consolidates media association and video altering.

Generally, content makers who utilize the Apple biological system depend on Final Cut Pro for their video altering needs. It was delivered back in 2009 by Apple and from that point forward, it is the go-to programming for video altering if you own a Mac.


Avidemux is an open-source, simple-to-utilize video editor and management software for Mac. The product is ideal for performing fundamental assignments like cutting, editing, separating, and so on. Its high similarity with different video designs is its most featured component. In addition, it is a free editing platform that offers different editing tools for sound, video, and pictures.


OpenShot is an extremely straightforward video supervisor, especially for novices. It has a clean, perfect, and basic interface that can be easily adapted to by amateurs. This software has very useful tools particularly useful for fundamental video editing software. OpenShot is extremely useful software if you want to edit your videos occasionally.

You can play out all the essential altering required like, trim, movement, keyframes, Audio envelope, Time Lapse, 3D, and then some. It is a simple to use free video editing tool for YouTube with functionalities that are sufficient enough to edit an ideal YouTube Video.

Apple iMovie

Apple Movie is an in-built video editing software that is present in every Mac. This video editing platform is completely free to use and has many interesting tools to edit your videos perfectly. This native video editing platform offers to edit 4K video editing and is available for both iPhone and iPad also.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a very powerful video editing software that has earned a place on this list because of its simple-to-use and very fancy features. The interface is very clean, making it possible to be used by even a first-time user. The drag-and-drop feature makes it one of the most efficient video editors for Mac. Moreover, Filmora some of the most offers cool-looking transition effects too.

The App helps you create some stunning videos using clips and images. For those who are familiar with editing tools, it is a brainer how popular the software is for PC. You can create layers of media and impart effects.


Blender is one of the oldest video editing software for Mac. This 3D realistic video editing manager allows you to make and plan the best 2D and 3D realistic movements. It has a lot of superior editing tools like brushes and a few other editing devices. Blender upholds CPU and GPU delivering too.

In the event that you are hoping to deliver a genuinely proficient video free of charge, Blender is a strong choice. On the video-altering side, there is a huge load of highlights, including changes, mosaics, speed control, channels, change layers, Audio Mixing and Dubbing, Keyframes and that’s just the beginning.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one such video editing software that is essentially a blend of modern, quality, and simple-to-use interfaces. It has an exceptionally easy-to-use interface and has premium video editing tools. The Studio version of the DaVinci video editing software is the paid version but you can also use the free version of this video editor without any fees.

DaVinci Resolve-Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac
DaVinci Resolve-Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

It is apparently one of the most exceptional video editors you will find for your Mac. Numerous Professionals, Youtubers, and middle producers utilize this uncommon piece of workmanship. Its usability, power, convenience, and unwavering quality accumulates in its appeal, and furthermore, the exceptionally vigorous help for every one of the stages (Mac, Windows, Linux) goes about as a little something extra.


If you’re already bored with video editors like iMovie or Filmora, Kdenlive is one such video editor that you should definitely try. It is a full-fledged video editor with exceptional video editing tools. Kdenlive supports most of the video formats.

The video editor accompanies huge loads of great altering highlights and supports all well-known media types. Moreover, it even backings making intermediary documents for altering bigger records effortlessly.


HyperEngine-AV is an incredible choice if you are willing to make astonishing slideshows. It even permits you to screen record your work area screen and alter recordings likewise. In spite of the fact that it does exclude inordinate undeniable level elements, it is as yet a decent pick that comes for nothing.

ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 is a user-friendly video editor for Mac. It permits you to edit and save images, recordings, and different sound documents effortlessly. It has an assortment of in excess of 120 diverse cool video transitions. ZS4 Video Editor is also available for Windows and Linux also.


Just like OpenShot, ShortCut is a platform that offers most of the basic video editing tools. The interface is relatively a lot less complex, and it incorporates two or three different elements, making it a superior option in contrast to OpenShot for Mac clients.

You get the help for countless configurations so there is no compelling reason to import the substance and start local altering right away. With regards to Audio, you get plenty of highlights and capacities with channels, controls, blending, range examinations, envelope, voice controls, and then some.

ShotCut-Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac
ShotCut-Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

On the Video front likewise gets various elements to make content engaging. You can manage, add layers, impacts, pictures, sounds, impacts, and that’s just the beginning. Shotcut is the best programming in the event that you are searching for making some expert YouTube Videos. However the utilization is perplexing and interesting, the mammoth highlights will make you need it.


So those were our top picks for the free video editing software compatible with macOS. The list comprises some video editors that are dedicated only to Mac while some of these are cross-platform. If you are a novice, iMovie or OpenShot will be a good choice for your Mac. Do you know some other video editing software for Mac? Let us know in the comments.

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