How To Fix The Twitch Error 1000?

Twitch Error 1000
Twitch Error 1000

Some users may see a video download Twitch error 1000 while trying to download videos from Twitch or play broadcasts for streaming. Twitch Error 1000 is mainly caused by a browser bug with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. It might be due to damaged cookies or the fact that Chrome’s HTML Playback is turned off.

While broadcasting on Twitch, you may have sporadic troubles where the streaming stops every few minutes with the Error Code 1000. The error message ‘Media Playback Aborted’ and/or ‘The Video Download was canceled’ may be presented on other occasions.

Why does the Twitch error 1000 appear?

  • Cookies are blocking the app- Because they can degrade your Twitch experience, it’s best to turn them off, which we’ll show you how to do later in this article.
  • Using an old browser — Your browser, like any other software component, should be updated regularly to avoid problems. Continue reading to learn how to accomplish it quickly and easily.
  • Hardware acceleration is stopping the app from working properly- If your PC, particularly the GPU, is overheating, you may not want to utilize hardware acceleration. In this situation, we highly advise you to turn off this function.
  • Temporary bugs- Temporary issues are common, but they may be resolved in a matter of seconds by restarting your browser.
  • Browser-related problems – If you encounter the Twitch error 1000, it is probably that your browser got into trouble. To always avoid any potential issues, you should try a dedicated option that works smoothly while streaming on your favorite app.

How can I fix the Twitch error 1000?

Solution 1: Use a different browser

If you’re looking for a more simple and quick solution to the Twitch issue, we have a solution for you.

The best option is to use another efficient browser, such as Opera GX, which is the gamer’s pick for quick downloads and streaming speeds.

This browser is quite simple to use, and its user interface is very user-friendly. The nicest part of Opera GX is that it was created with broadcasting and conversation applications like Twitch and Discord in mind.

Many individuals have commented that it is the most efficient alternative to try when streaming.

Because of its integration and strong compatibility with Twitch, you may eliminate video streaming troubles by using this trustworthy browser.

Solution 2: Deleting Corrupted cookies

A cookie problem has been linked to the Twitch 1000 error on a few occasions. As a result, a browser’s faulty cookie might result in persistent streaming troubles.

To resolve this issue, either go to the Twitch cookies folder and delete them individually or erase the whole cookie folder from the browser.

On the other hand, complete cookie cleaning is a faster option. Clearing the particular Twitch cookies is more time-consuming, but it’s a more targeted solution.

To delete cookies from the Google Chrome browser, follow these steps:
  • From the upper right corner of the screen, choose the three-dot icon.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Settings.”
  • To access further settings, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu and choose the “Advanced” button.
  • Click the “Clear browsing data” option on the “Privacy and Security” tab after scrolling down.
  • Using the drop-down menu, change the “Time range” option to “All Time,” then select the Erase Data option to clear the cookies.
  • After deleting cookies, restart the browser to see whether the problem has been resolved.
To delete cookies from the Mozilla Firefox
  • To launch the Clear Recent History window in Firefox, press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keyboard shortcut.
  • To clear the drop-down selection, select Everything on the Time range.
  • After selecting the Cookies checkbox, click the OK button.
To delete cookies from the opera
  • Use the Windows + S keyboard shortcut to get started.
  • Type Opera into the search box, then click the first result.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Delete should be pressed at the same time.
  • To delete Opera’s cookies, select the Cookies and other site data option, then hit the Clear data button.

Solution 3: Update Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Linux, Windows, macOS)

As it turns out, an outdated Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox version is one of the most prevalent explanations for the appearance of this error code. Many afflicted customers have reported that the problem has been addressed after forcing their browser to update to the most recent release.

Note that the identical issue may be seen in any Chromium-based browser.

This workaround has been proven to work on Windows, macOS, and Linux, so if you’re just getting started troubleshooting the Twitch 1000 error code, start with one of the sub instructions below (the one that applies to your operating system).

Update Google Chrome

Windows / MacOS

  • To begin, open Google Chrome and choose the action button (three-dot icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Help > About Google Chrome once you’re inside the newly appeared context menu.
  • Once you’re in the About Google Chrome tab, the utility should start scanning to see if a new version is available automatically. You’ll be prompted to install it as soon as the download is finished if this happens.
  • Your browser should restart automatically after the updated browser version has been installed (if not, close it manually before opening it again).
  • To test if the issue code has been fixed, go back to Twitch and stream normally.


  • Start by opening a Terminal window on your Linux system, then type or paste the following command and press Enter to initiate the browser update:

sudo apt update

  • When asked to confirm the command, press Y, then wait for the operation to complete.
  • Once the latest Google repository is loaded, run the following command and press Enter to install the latest version of Google Chrome:

sudo apt-get –only-upgrade install google-chrome-stable

  • Once the installation is complete, launch Google Chrome once again and see if you are still seeing the same error code in Twitch.

Update Mozilla Firefox

Windows / MacOS

  • To display Mozilla Firefox’s main menu, open Firefox and click the action button (top-right corner). 
  • Then, from the available options, select Help, and then, from the context menu, select About Firefox.
  • Click the Restart and update the Firefox button (if a new version is available) from the About Mozilla Firefox menu, then wait for the procedure to finish.
  • After that, your browser should restart on its own. Return to Twitch and see if the problem has been addressed.


Start by opening a terminal on your Ubuntu or Debian Linux distribution, then type the following command to update Firefox to the latest build available:

$ Sudo apt-get update

$ Sudo apt-get install firefox

Note: In case you’re using Fedor, Redhat, or CentOS, you’ll need to use the Yum tool or the GUI tool to run these commands instead:

# yum update

# yum update firefox

Open Twitch after updating Firefox to the current version and verify if the problem has been addressed.

If the problem persists, move on to the next possible solution listed below.

Solution 4: Resetting your browser (Google Chrome)

If none of the solutions above have worked for you, you should explore the possibility that a Chrome option is to blame for the appearance of the Twitch 1000 error code.

Several afflicted customers have indicated that restoring their Chrome settings to their original settings fixed the problem for them. The majority of the time, this issue is caused by HTML5 playback.

If this scenario applies to you and you haven’t tried it yet, follow the steps below to restore all Google Chrome settings to their default values.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish it:

  • Open Google Chrome and choose Settings from the newly emerged context menu by clicking the action button (top-right area of the screen) in the top-right corner.
  • Once you’re in the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Advanced from the drop-down menu to see the advanced menu.
  • Scroll down through the freshly disclosed settings and pick Restore Settings under Reset and Cleanup once the Advanced menu is available.
  • Restart your browser when the transaction is finished, then open Twitch after the next startup is complete.

Reset Microsoft Edge

  1. Click on the three horizontal dots from the top-right corner of the window and select Settings.
  2. Go to Reset settings.
  3. Click Reset settings to their default values > Reset.

Reset Mozilla Firefox

Follow the steps below to reset Firefox.

  • Select the three horizontal lines by clicking on them.
  • More troubleshooting information may be found by going to Help > More troubleshooting information.
  • Click the Refresh Firefox button.

This will take care of everything for you.

Solution 5: Check your Internet Connection

We can’t rule out the potential of a sluggish Internet connection because this is a network issue. To be sure, use a free Internet Speed Tester to determine your bandwidth. Carry out this procedure on all systems linked to your network. Contact your ISP if all of them are experiencing limited bandwidth. If yours is the only computer with a sluggish Internet connection.

Solution 6: Restart your Router

Some network issues that cause error 1000 on Twitch can be resolved by restarting the router. To properly restart the router, follow the procedures below.

  • Turn the router off.
  • Wait a minute after disconnecting the network equipment from the power supply.
  • Reconnect the router and power it up.

Finally, reconnect your router, and the problem should be addressed.

Solution 7: Lock the Bitrate

Users tend to set the Bitrate too high, which creates network troubles. Setting the Bitrate to 6000kbps with the aid of your encounter is all that is required. Restart Twitch and attempt to play the video again. Hopefully, it will be beneficial to you.


Twitch errors are mainly caused by network issues. So, first and foremost, restart your network devices and see if anything is interfering with your connection. You may also upgrade your PC, which will also update your network drivers. Also, consider upgrading your browser; occasionally the problem is caused by a bug, and the only way to fix it is to upgrade.

Do you like this article about how to fix Twitch Error 1000 do let us know in the comment box if you are aware of any other method to fix this problem.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Why do I get an error 1000 Twitch?

One of the most typical causes of Twitch error number 1000 is a problem with your broadcasting settings. If you broadcast at a rate higher than 6,000kbps, you’ll most likely encounter this message since you’re over Twitch’s bandwidth limits. The answer is to lower your bandwidth to under 6,000kbps.

Q2. What is an error 1000?

When erroneous entries are added to the Domain’s DNS zone, Cloudflare error 1000 occurs. We have assisted online service providers in resolving various similar Cloudflare problems as part of our Server Management Services. Let’s look at possible solutions for the “error 1000 DNS points to banned IP” today.

Q3. How do I fix third-party errors on Twitch?

How to Fix Twitch’s Network Error 3,000
Clear the cache on your computer.
Allow third-party cookies to be used.
Hardware acceleration should be turned off.
Attempt to use a different web browser.
Without using a web browser, you may download the Twitch app and use it directly.

Q4. How do I change my bitrate on Twitch?

How to Choose the Best Twitch Streaming Bitrate Open Twitch Studio.
In the lower-right corner, select Settings.
Then select Stream.
Select Re-Optimize Settings from the drop-down menu.
Allow time for the test to finish.
To select the best settings for your machine, click Apply Settings.

Q5. What is error code 1000 on an Android phone?

Your device’s location is not in “High Accuracy Mode.” In Location Settings, you have unchecked “Improve Location Accuracy.” You haven’t given Google’s Location Services permission. You must consent to this conversation.
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