Secret Ways To Trace A Call Location By Phone Number

How to Trace a call location

With the growing network of calls, Smartphones and AI comes the increasing number of spam calls and fraud calls. A heart-trenching survey in 2018 shows around 85 billion people fall prey to spam and fraud calls. By 2023, it will rise by 325%. Spam calls and fraud calls can lessen if you can trace a call location at the earliest. 

Why Should You Trace Caller Location on Child’s Phone?

Many legitimate reasons to trace the caller location of your child’s phone are-

  • To protect them and know their location all the time. It keeps them safe from predators’ calls.
  • To find the location of the prank caller and reveal their identity.
  • In an emergency, it is easy to track the location and rescue the child in danger. 

4 Ways to Trace a Call Location 

1. Find a Facebook account using the phone number

Trace caller location using Facebook account

When you get the phone number of the spam caller, you can get to know about the person through your Facebook account. Facebook has the feature of tracking users and non-users off-site too. You know the name through Facebook and the whereabouts; it is easy to trace the person. Other information you will find on this platform. The only problem is that the information about the person may not be accurate as it does not verify with actual documents. With a Facebook user ID name, you can trace a call location.

2. Check Phone Caller Id and Area Number

You can alternately trace an incoming call location map through the Caller ID feature that guides you to trace fraud callers. It provides you with the name, phone number with area number. The Smartphones have a built-in caller ID. The area number lets you understand the city, from which state the caller’s phone number was registered. The caller ID lets you know by blinking on the screen as ‘spam calls’, or ‘fraudulent calls’ makes you aware about picking up the call. Phone calls with ‘out of area’, ‘unknown’ or ‘unavailable’ messages state the incoming call is via an instrument that does not support Caller ID. They are calls from call centers and operator-assisted calls.

3. Reverse Phone Lookup 

Reverse phone lookup using whitepages

A Reverse Phone Lookup is like an online phone directory. You can get information from sites like Whitepages and CocoLookup. When you have a phone number, you have to type the phone number in the ‘Search’ space. The search shows the owner’s first and last name, and the location with the current city and the state. It is quick to locate results on reverse phone lookup. You may have to double-check the address as many a time, the user due to a recent change of place may not have updated the address and hence do not reflect immediately.

4. Parental Control App with Call location Feature

One of the best ways to track a cell location for your child and caller location is to have a parental control app with a call location feature. It allows you to keep an eye on where the child is and where the calls are coming in. It records the call’s time, date, and duration and may record the conversation. You get to know with whom your child is talking and for how long. The apps provide with detailed call profile and location of the caller. It enables a faster decision for a parent to make. 

Feature To Check Before Choosing Parental Control App

1. Easy to Use

When it comes to choosing a parental control app, the foremost thing to see is the simplicity of the app. It must be a user interface. The experience should be seamless monitoring of the children’s devices is feasible.

2. Call recording data

Incoming call location map and record call data

The feature of call recording data is significant as it assists the parents to know about the talks their child had. It prevents any unforeseen circumstances. You can train your children to refrain from such discussions. Select a parental app that provides you with call recording data.

3. Detail Call Profile & Location

The purpose of the parental app is to understand where the call is coming from and know the caller’s profile. Check the features while downloading a parental app if it offers details of the call profile such as name, age, sex, address, and current location. It will help you trace and track your child efficiently. 

4. Call Time Duration and Types of Call

child and mobile call

The usual problem with children these days is they spend too many hours on their phones. The calls are many, some friendly calls, game-related calls, assignment calls and numerous spam and fraud calls. Whether the child is talking to someone safe is imperative to know. To understand if the child is not falling prey to blackmailing calls or illicit calls, call time duration and types of calls help you know that. 

Summing Up On Call Tracking for Kids

Kids get fraudulent calls from unknown callers, by tracing the call location, you can prevent your child from being a victim. A parental app is a life saviour. Look for easy operation and all the essential features. TiSPY is a parent app with simple and detailed features to operate. The question of how to trace a call location is no more a question mark as you now have the answers to it.

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