How to Stop Automatic Download in Telegram

How to Stop Automatic Download in Telegram
How to Stop Automatic Download in Telegram

Telegram’s automatic download feature is very useful, but you’ll find that your device fills up memory much faster than you think, especially if you don’t want to manually save all your Telegram media files. Fortunately, Telegram has an option to stop automatic downloads. This is considered one of many small tricks that make your messaging app more enjoyable to use.

Where are the telegram downloads stored?

In contrast to other instant messengers, Telegram stores your photos on a cloud server. When you send an image, it is encrypted, arrives at the server, and is delivered to your destination. In such a system, you can keep your photos available even if the sender deletes them. However, if the application server is blocked, access to all submitted images will be lost.

 Photos or videos are stored in the gallery app on your device or in a folder called Telegram. To do a more detailed search, you need to open File Explorer on your computer, find and select the Internal Storage option. Then select the Telegram folder and press the available selection (Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images, or Telegram Video).

 On iPhone or iPad, it is difficult to open the folder that stores the files and documents downloaded by the instant messaging application. For security reasons, Apple doesn’t support access to these areas, so all files are kept safe. Users need to open Telegram and search for these items directly in the app.

 When you download a multimedia file via Telegram Desktop, the file is automatically saved in the Downloads folder. To open it, you need to go to the file explorer on your computer, look for the Download option, double-click it and enter the item to see the item from the app.

How can I stop the automatic download of photos and files?

Description: How to Disable Auto Media Download on Telegram

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 Auto-download media is one of several features Telegram offers, including personal cloud storage, self-destructive media, secret chat, video and voice calls, personal channels, and groups. Telegram content can be automatically downloaded via mobile data or WiFi.

 However, autosave uses more data and occupies the device’s internal memory. Here are some simple steps to completely prevent automatic downloads of the official Telegram app and Telegram desktop app on Telegram. However, keep in mind that this service will stop automatic photos, voice messages, and GIFs from private chats, groups, and channels.

How do I disable automatic downloads on iPhone and Android? 

  • Open Telegram App;
  • Log in to your account;
  •  Tap the three hamburger icons in the upper left corner.
  •  In the menu, tap the configuration option. If you are using IOS, there is a telegram setting in the lower right corner.
  • Select the Data and Storage option. Here you can manage Telegram’s default storage location, usage, call data, and more.
  •  Turn off automatic media downloads via cellular data, WiFi, and roaming. You can save a lot of mobile data by disabling automatic downloads in Telegram.

How do I disable the automatic download of Telegram on my PC? 

If you don’t have access to your mobile device, you can use the Telegram desktop app on your laptop. Like the official mobile app, the desktop version of Telegram has all the features.

 You can stop the automatic download of photos and files on your Telegram desktop by following the steps below.

  • Open the Telegram app and click on the left side menu.
  • Select Settings from the side menu.
  • Click Details.
  • Scroll a little until you find the automatic media download.
  • Shows groups, channels, and personal chats. Select one to enable or disable the download.
  • To turn off automatic downloads, just turn off all switches.
  • After making the necessary changes, click Save.

What are the benefits of disabling auto-download media in Telegram?

There are many benefits to turning off media that automatically downloads with Telegram. Let’s take a closer look at it.

  • You can store a lot of mobile data. This makes the Telegram app even faster and smoother.
  • You can display content much faster and smoother than before.
  • The device’s memory has more storage space.
  •  Internet connection will be improved.
  • There is little telegram cache.


 If you think you are getting a large number of media files, you can stop the automatic download on Telegram. You can also select selected media in Telegram to prevent automatic downloads. Also, if you have a lot of videos to download, don’t forget to turn on the automatic download option.

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