How To Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working
Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working
Using Spotify web player but having issues? Here’s How to fix the Spotify web player not working

The Spotify web player ought to be one of the most-loved websites in the world. Because it helps you to access the Spotify musical universe. Through your application program. It’s quite sensible even so very blemished, with many of us news that it’s not operating. Or the least bit on varied browsers. Here are the fixes for the Spotify net player not operating problems. Here’s How to fix the Spotify web player not working

Spotify Works in safari once more as of 2022

Since 2017, raincoat users were hampered. By the very fact, the Spotify web player stopped acting on safari. The widely-used default browser on macOS (because of security issues). even so in mid-2020, the Spotify net player came back to safari once a protracted hiatus.

Check that you update your Safari browser to the most recent version.

Spotify web Player Not operating in Windows 11, Windows 10 “N” Version

“N” versions of Windows 10-run a lot of a similar approach as alternative Windows 11, and Windows 10 versions. Apart from the very fact that they’re missing a lot of the media practicality. And apps that come back preloaded in inject Windows 11, and Windows 10 releases. (Apps like Skype, Video, Music, and Voice Recorder are missing.)

“N” versions of Windows 11, and Windows 10 don’t go together. With the media-playing practicality needed. For the Spotify Web player to figure within the Edge browser. It’s not hard to put in the Media Feature Pack, which ought to get the Spotify net player working in Microsoft’s browser.

Download and install the Media Feature Pack. For “N” versions of Windows 11, and Windows 10, restart Edge. And also the Spotify web player ought to work next time around. Note that you won’t be ready to install this media feature put on non-N “N” versions of Windows 11, and Windows 10.

Enable Protected Content

Are you facing a miscalculation that claims ‘Playback of protected content isn’t enabled? Or is one thing similar? That’s a simple fix.

Step 1: Open browser settings. I’m utilizing Google Chrome as an example. attend Settings > website settings > extra settings > Protected content.

The toggle ‘Enable sites to play protected content option’ here. You’ll be able to paste this into the browser to save lots of time.


Log Out All Over

You can sign off of Spotify from all the devices wherever you use an equal account to stream music. the choice is found below the Account summary tab below the profile on the net.

Check Browser and Extensions

We will check if there’s some issue along with your browser or one in all the extensions you put in. bound media extensions may interfere with the Spotify internet player.

Open concealed mode and examine if you’ll be able to run Spotify. If yes, one in all the extensions is guilty. Disable all extensions then re-enable them one at a time to see that one is inflicting conflict.

If not, then it’s a browser issue. One fast method to confirm is by employing a distinct browser. There are several like Brave and Firefox, to call a couple.

If you’re exploiting any Adblocker, then you’ll add Spotify’s URL to the whitelist. Or the trustworthy website list.

Fast Refresh

Quick refresh is even so one Spotify user found a weird method. To fix Spotify not working in browser error. You’ll be able to click on the album cover of the track you’re attempting to stream a few times. And also the play button ought to seem. once it will, hit the F5 or refresh button. you’ll be able to repeat this answer a few times if the play button doesn’t seem forthwith.


Which version of Windows you have got on your system? Microsoft notes that N versions don’t associate with media functionalities. And apps right of the box. You’ll get to download the Media Feature Pack before you’ll be able to use Spotify. Even within the application. After all, the browser is additionally an app that’s been put in on Windows, right? It will use some ease.


Did you use Spotify after you were traveling? is also Spotify’s internet player hasn’t updated your device location. A user observed that the ever-changing location in the profile helps.

Step 1: Open the below universal resource locator, and replace ‘us’. Within the URL along with your country code – U.S.A., de, fr, etc.

Step 2: Open your profile settings page, which ought to be settled here.

Step 3: Choose your country from the menu. And after that, you’ll be able to save the changes.

Reload the Spotify internet player and check once more if it’s operating.


This is a follow-up to the higher-than-purpose. Cookies and cached information will break internet apps leading to errors. Like the one you face wherever the Spotify internet player isn’t operating.

We have talked before about the way to clear cache and cookies on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The steps square measure a lot of or less similar for alternative browsers too. Open settings and search a touch or look below the privacy menu.


A user observed that utilizing Spotify on many devices will confuse the net app. this may even have one thing to try to do with Spotify Connect. are you utilizing an equal Spotify account to concentrate on music on a unique device? One in all your family members? Check it out.

One way to mend this can be by the gap in the app and choosing the internet Player at the bottom of the screen.

Try changing between distinct devices like Chromecast to stream Spotify. then switch back to the web player. The temporary switch may assist you to jumpstart Spotify’s web player.

Open the online Player during a personal Window

Before moving on to the majority of the ideas on this list, you’ll be able to do a fast check. To envision if there’s an extension or feature in your browser that’s interfering with the online player.

How does one do this? attempt opening the online player during a personal window. By default, this launches a browser window. While not extensions, cached information, and so on. Which might generally interfere with Spotify’s practicality.

  • To open a non-public window in Chrome, click the three-dot menu icon at the highest right. Then “New concealed window.”
  • To open a private window in Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot menu icon at the highest right. Then “New InPrivate window.”
  • If the online player works fine during a personal window, you ought to clear your browser cache. And attempt disabling extensions one by one to envision. That one was inflicting the matter.

Clear Cache and Flush DNS

If your internet player is launching and looks to figure fine aside. From the very fact, it’s not taking part in music, you ought to strive to flush the DNS cache on your system. this can refresh your PC’s DNS cache, which ought to certify the ensuing time you log in this its name gets registered.

To do this in Windows Linux, hit Win + R, then enter ipconfig /flushdns.

If you’re a mac or UNIX system user, don’t worry. we’ve got guides for the way to flush your DNS on mac and the way to flush your DNS on the UNIX system, too.

Enable Protected Content

If you are trying to open the Spotify internet player. Even so, get a message that “Playback of protected content isn’t enabled”. Then you would like to create positive change-protected content in your browser.

  • If you’re utilizing Chrome, visit chrome://settings/content. Then scroll right down to “Protected content”. And change “Allow website to play protected content.”
  • If you’re utilizing Firefox, visit the Spotify web player website. Click the defend icon to the left of the address bar, then click “Turn off obstruction for this website.”
  • You may get a message that you have to be compelled to install Widevine so on play protected content. If so, you want to install this before the Spotify internet player can play something. This usually happens on more privacy-centric browsers.


The Spotify internet player might not be excellent, because of what the top of the guide shows. Even so with many tweaks and many creases ironed out, it will a smart job as a relief for the full-fledged app. It’s planned earlier. Within the year has created it jibes the Spotify app far more, too. That could be a welcome amendment.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re employing a public laptop or your employer’s. Or the school’s network, Spotify could also be blocked. If this is often the case, the Spotify website shouldn’t load in the slightest degree.


Q 1. How do I reset my Spotify internet player?

Ans. Clear browser cookies and cache

Set the time varies to 24 hours from the dropdown menu and untick browsing history if you do not wish to delete it. Click Clear information and restart Chrome. Your Spotify internet player ought to be back to usual.

Q 2. How do I clear the Spotify cache?

Ans. So, for android users, you’ll delete your Spotify cache by planning to Settings. Then, below Storage, choose Delete cache. A pop-up can seem for you to substantiate your call before continuing.

Q 3. How do I unblock the Spotify web player?

Ans. Use a secure and secure VPN to unblock Spotify in your faculty. download the VPN and originated your account. confirm the next time you play Spotify while connected to the varsity wi-fi. you’ve got an active VPN.

Q 4. Why is Spotify 10GB?

Ans. That’s the cache location for Spotify. the placement is about Spotify’s preferences. though they do not seem to be music files, they’re cached audio encrypted. You’ll regulate what quantity of space Spotify is allowed to use. For its cache within the preferences.

Q 5. Why is Spotify blocked on my PC?

Ans. A firewall is also obstructing Spotify. Please update your firewall to permit Spotify. To boot you’ll attempt ever-changing the used proxy settings (Error code: 17). Also, you are lost once seeing such an error message appear on your computer.

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