How to Reset Your Windows 11 Computer

How to Reset Your Windows 11
In this post, you will learn how to easily factory reset your Windows 11 laptop or desktop computer. How to Factory Reset Windows 11 PC Formatting or restoring your PC’s previous state can help you get rid of annoying background programs and clean up unnecessary files on your hard drive. Here’s how.

Windows 11 is generally more stable than previous versions, but sometimes problems arise. If your Windows 11 system is not working properly, it may be time to set it up. If your computer is not working properly or you are getting a surprising error message, you can reset it to factory settings.

If you have a laptop, make sure it is connected.

Restore PC to Factory Settings

  • Using Settings Open the Settings app (Win + I) on your Windows 11 computer by clicking on the Start menu and selecting Settings.
  • From here, select the “System” section and go to the “Recovery” section. In “Recovery Options”, find and select the “Reset this PC” option.

 Windows now offer two options.

  1. You can keep your personal files and reset or delete everything. Select Keep my files to remove all apps and programs from Windows, but keep all your personal files.
  2. The second is Delete All, which will delete your computer (including personal data). This option can be useful if you are handing over your computer to someone else.

Windows offers two more options. You can choose to reinstall using a local recovery image or download from the cloud. The cloud boot option downloads a system image (about 4 GB in size) from a Microsoft server and then uses it for installation. The local reinstall option will take the current system image and continue working. If you want to completely erase the drive, Windows has a solution.

If you click the Change Settings button in the Summary section, you will be prompted to clear the data, and if selected, the data will be overwritten with blanks. Make your selections and click “OK”. After reviewing the list of options, click “Reset” to start the process. Reset Windows 11 using the command line If you want to use the terminal through the graphical user interface, here’s how to factory reset your laptop using the command line or a Windows Powershell window.

Using  Windows ISO If you lose access to BSODs or corrupted files and want to reset Windows 11 on boot, you will need a Windows 11 ISO to reset your computer. You need to create a bootable USB drive using the media creation tool, then prioritize the USB drive instead of the regular SSD and boot it. Then you can go to Troubleshooting > Advanced Recovery > Reset PC Settings. The same wizard starts.

How do I factory reset Windows 11 without installation media?

You can use the built-in factory reset tool that comes with Windows to reset your computer to factory settings without installation media. Users can reset using a local recovery image or using cloud boot.

How do I reset Windows 11 to factory default without password?

In this case, simply reset your Microsoft account password or use the ISO as your installation media. Using the latter method may result in data loss. How do I restart my computer to restart it? You can use Windows’ built-in reset tool and choose the “Delete All” option instead of “Keep My Files”. Windows 11 PC could not be reset.

Why can’t I reset my PC?

If so, try booting into safe mode and then performing a reset. If that doesn’t work, try using the Windows troubleshooter in Settings. After the reset is complete, you will be taken to an initial setup mode where Windows will ask you to sign in with your Microsoft account, make recommendations, and switch services. However, after a factory reset, you will notice a significant speedup and a lot fewer hiccups. If the problem persists, you can check the hardware component.


Hope from the above article you have got a clear idea about how to reset your Windows 11 computer. We have also mentioned the solution to the problems that arise during the factory reset of windows 11.

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