How To Remove / Stop Pop-up Ads From Windows 11

How To Remove Ads From Windows 11
How To Remove Ads From Windows 11
In this article, we will show you How To Remove Ads From Windows 11.

The latest iteration of Windows is everything. That technical school enthusiast wished it to be. From higher app compatibility to a stunning user interface. There’s a full heap to drool over. Even so there area unit some options for that. Although they will appear helpful, will become an ugliness in one’s daily use. Here’s How to Remove Ads From Windows 11.

Yup, it’s those annoying pop-ups and ads that throw you off your game and refuse to subside. With some clicks, you’ll be able to stop those pop-ups from ever developing and hard your attention. Here area unit all how you’ll be able to keep your Windows 11 free from pop-ups and ads.

How to Remove Ads From Windows 11.

Turn off Tips and Suggestions

Another supply of annoying pop-ups in Windows tips and suggestions. although quite helpful for early use, these become obsolete. Here’s even so you’ll turn them off:

  • First press Windows Key + I Key. To open Settings. Click on System within the left panel.
  • Then on the right side, click on Notifications.
  • Now scroll right down to the lowest and uncheck the supply suggestions. Even so, I will find out my device. And also the Get tips and suggestions once I use Windows choices.

Turn off notifications from apps completely

In effect, some pop-ups and ads have your browser as their supply. And so there are pop-ups that come back from Windows 11 Let’s take a glance at these first.

  • By default, native apps also as those put in on your laptop have complete authority. To push notifications and nark you each time there’s an occurrence to apprise about. Here’s PC you’ll close up app notifications completely.
  • First, press Win + I to open Settings. Click on System within the left panel.
  • Then. on the right, click on Notifications.
  • And, here, toggle Off notifications.
  • Then, going this may make sure that you don’t get any notifications from apps and alternative senders.

Off application access to your Advertising ID

Every Windows user gets an Advertising ID that Microsoft. Uses to stay informed of your usage and interests so on show ads among apps that are relevant to you. If you’re somebody who doesn’t care abundant about such targeted ads. And would rather have them turned off, here’s a way to do so:

  • First press Windows Key + I key to open Settings. Then click on Privacy & security within the left panel.
  • Then on the right, underneath ‘Windows permissions’, click on General.
  • And now, toggle off the Let apps show me personalized ads. By utilizing my advertising ID.

Turn off sync provider Notifications

Ads and pop-ups don’t seem within the system receptacle. Microsoft pushes its correct supplier ads within File Explorer. Likewise, to urge you to buy its office and OneDrive services.

These suggestions aren’t tedious, they waste precious area. Here’s even so you’ll disable them:

  • First, open File soul.
  • And then click on the deletion button within the toolbar at the highest.
  • After that choose choices.
  • Then click the read tab.
  • And now, scroll down beneath ‘Advanced settings’ and uncheck Show correct supplier notifications.
  • Then click OK.
  • Now, this will keep any ads from being displayed in File Explorer.

Turn off your Manufacturer’s App Notifications

You don’t want to miss out on any vital updates by turning off your notifications from apps. Then, you’ll the smallest of wish to prevent obtaining pop-ups. From apps put in by your laptop manufacturer. Apps by PC makers, like Dell or HP, have access to notifications. That they’ll use to state your ads and alternative unwanted pop-ups. This annoyance, Even so, encompasses a quick fix

  • First, press Win + I to open Settings. Click on System within the left panel.
  • Then, on the correct, click on Notifications.
  • And now, uncheck the apps. That came pre-installed on your OEM PC.

Block Pop-ups and Ads in Google Chrome

The option to dam pop-ups and ads is on the market on Google Chrome besides. Here’s even so you’ll be able to access it and make sure that it’s turned on:

  • First, open Google Chrome and click on the vertical omission within the top right corner.
  • And then click on Settings.
  • Then, under ‘Privacy and security. Click on website settings.
  • And now scroll down and realize Pop-ups. And redirects and click on on that.
  • Now here, click on Don’t enable sites to send pop-ups or use redirects.


Thus, these were some ways How to Remove Ads From Windows 11. Despite whether they generate by your browser or Windows itself. Through this guide, you’re able to scale back distractions. And seize back management of your laptop.

Frequently asked questions about ads remove

Q 1. How do I block ads on Windows?

Ans. To block ads in Windows’ inbuilt browser you got to access its settings and choose that choice. Open Edge, faucet on the 3 dots at the highest right of the window. Then opt for Settings. Scroll down and choose Advanced Settings, then slide off the toggle next to Block Pop-ups.

Q 2. What causes pop-up ads on my computer?

Ans. If your pc is infected with adware or another form of a malicious software system. You will see pop-up advertisements everywhere the place in your browser. Once an adware extension is put in on your pc. Whenever you open a new tab at intervals in the browser, an ad from an advertisement server can pop up.

Q 3. How do I block ads on websites?

Ans. AdBlock for Chrome works mechanically. Click “Add to Chrome,” then visit your favourite site. And see the ads disappear! Like better to continue seeing unobtrusive ads. Whitelist your favourite sites, or block all ads by default.

Q 4. How do I block ads on my PC Chrome?

Ans. Open the Chrome app and, within the higher right corner, go to the Settings kebab menu. Scroll down to website settings. Faucet Pop-ups and redirects. And faucet the toggle to block pop-ups. Once disabled, the toggle ought to be grey.

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