How To Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook

How To Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook
How To Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook

Losing Facebook messages can be really annoying, especially if those messages are very important for you. But no need to panic, as many users are already looking for a way to recover Facebook Messenger messages on Android every day.

However, there may be a few important chats that you may never want to lose. But don’t worry. In this article, we will provide you with some easy methods that will help you recover those deleted messages from Facebook.

Method 1: Archive the Important Facebook messages

Recovering Archived Messages in Facebook Messenger Message archiving is the best way to avoid future accidents. Archiving (Hiding) the Facebook messenger messages from the main dashboard is not a very difficult task. You can imply this method both from the Facebook website or messenger.

  • Move to the Facebook Messenger and Go to the list of recent conversations.
  • In addition, you can scroll and long press the contacts you want to archive. The following window will be displayed.
  • Archive the entire message, Then select Archive to go to the archive. You can unarchive the archive later if you no longer need it.
  •  Archiving messages is very simple and easy, but keep in mind that when you reach a contact, you’ll see a conversation history
How can I recover a permanently deleted messenger message?

Then see below how to get deleted messages one by one with Facebook Messenger and see which messages will help you to recover deleted chat messenger.

Method 2: How to recover messages archived in Facebook Messenger

Description: How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages in 2022 | Unique Strategies

Now you will learn how to recover those archives messages, So let’s look at the steps:

  • Just sign in to your Facebook account from Facebook website and move to the message box locatef on the left side. Then you will see the contact page you talked about in the past.
  •  Then move to the upper right corner and click Find Archive Message option. In the next step mention the name of the person you want to unarchive the chat or message.
  • Now switch to the action menu that shows all the actions you need. Below that, there is an unarchive option. Click it to unarchive the message. The message will then reappear on Facebook Messenger.

Note-Deleted messages can be completely restored, but be careful not to delete cached files from your Android phone. Once the cache file is cleared, the only way to check the conversation is to download the archive from the Facebook website.

Method 3: How to recover deleted Facebook messages on your PC

Description: 2 Methods] How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on iPhone

Anyone can delete messenger messages on Facebook, but I hope they can be recovered through Facebook. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • First, log in to your Facebook account and go on the Settings option. In general account settings, click Facebook Info located in the left panel and tap the Download Info option.
  • Then a page will be displayed where you can download the information for any month or date. All information is available here since the account was created. Check only the data that you want to download. Then tap the Create File option.
  • Tap Create File and then you’ll see a small pop-up message telling you what to do with the file. When you’re done, then click the Download option to continue.
  • You will see a message there “For security reasons, you must enter your password here”.
  • You will now receive a download link in the email set up with this Facebook account.
  • Just tap “Download Archive” and everything will be downloaded to your device Then unzip the folder, look for the “Index” file that contains Facebook in all your data, select “Messages” and all the missing messages will be displayed here.

Method 4: How to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages on Android using PC

Another convenient way to get deleted Facebook messages is to check your phone on your PC. Yes, you can get the deleted messages from Facebook here. See the suggested steps below.

  • First, connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable
  • Then go to your SD card or internal storage, tap Android> Data and look for the facebook.orca folder.
  •  This will restore all deleted Facebook Messenger messages from computer.


 So these were some easy and convenient methods to retrieve accidentally deleted important messages from Facebook messenger. I Hope one of the methods may have been useful for you.

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