10 Best QuillBot Alternatives and Competitors 2022

QuillBot Alternatives

QuillBot is a popular paraphrasing tool that helps you use Al to rewrite your content.  There are many reasons to rewrite your content. Maybe you want to write a better version of the content, using more synonyms to up your content and make it more specific. Similar words throughout your article.

  QuillBot will automatically replace some of the words in them and help you rewrite some sentences.

QuillBot actually has three tools:

  •   Refresher: This tool redefines your sentences and can give you synonyms and refreshing suggestions.
  •  Summary: This tool comes with some refreshing and Also Summarizes Your Content. Essentially, it’s able to help you weed out fluff stuff that doesn’t necessarily make sense to what you want to convey. 
  •  Grammar Checker: These tools enable you to make corrections by checking your content for grammar mistakes.
  • Jasper AI

Jasper AL, or Jarvis, has proven to be Quillbot’s best alternative to generating unique, natural-beautiful content. You can paste what you type into the tool, and it can rewrite it for you with excellent results.  However, the jasper goes beyond that.  While QuillBot requires you to write an article or only then you’ll be able to spin it, jasper can also generate all-based content from scratch based on keywords or topics you enter.


If you need to write large articles, you can opt for a better free alternative to the spinbot Quillbot. It allows you to rewrite up to 10,000 characters on the free plan, which In fact, the premium QuillBot plan has the same character limit as the free Spinbot plan.  You don’t need to sign up for a Spinbot account to use it. When you use QuillBot without signing up, on the other hand, you’re limited to 400 characters, which is the only part of what Spinbot allows. 

Rewriter tools

Rewriter Tools is a great free alternative to QuillBot because it doesn’t have the same character restrictions as QuillBot.  Even though it’s free and doesn’t require you to create an account, if you don’t create an account on QuillBot, you’ll be limited to 400 characters when rewriting articles.  Rewriter Tools actually comes with a suite of five different tools.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool QuillBot is another excellent free alternative to choose from.  Unlike QuillBot, it can allow you to retype up to 10,000 characters even without signing up for an account.  It is completely free to use. 

The paraphrasing tool also allows you to check a box if you want to retype capitalized words as well.  By default, the tool assumes that capitalized words are specific nouns that you need to keep the same throughout your text as can the names of places or people.


Another great free alternative to QuillBot is Paraphraser.io.  Allows you to rewrite up to 1,000 words without creating an account.  Which are over 400 words, QuillBot may limit you when you’re not signed in. 

You can select the style of content you want to create under three modes: Flow • Standard • Creative

Project Topics

Project Topics includes both a paraphrasing tool and a spin bot tool.  Not only is this Project Topics Paraphrase Tool completely free to use, but it looks like Quillbot doesn’t impose the same character restrictions for you when you don’t sign up for an account.  Plus, Project Topics can support over 100 different languages, so you’re able to rewrite in almost any language.


Grammarly isn’t exactly a spinning tool, but it is capable of allowing you to rewrite sentences and words.  At its core, it’s a grammar checker, and the grammar checker part is better than QuillBot’s grammar checker, especially if you happen to have the premium version.

Article Rewriter Tool

The article rewriter tool proves to be a great alternative to QuillBot. Unlike QuillBot, it is able to allow you to exclude specific words from being rewritten when you use it.  Completely free, and you’ll need to create an account to use it.  It doesn’t have the same character count restrictions that QuillBot has for those who use it for free without an account.


Spin Rewriter is an alternative to QuillBot that can support both bulk upload and bulk export unlike QuillBot. In other words, you can not only rewrite multiple articles in bulk.  You can also instantly generate up to 1,000 variations of each article you upload and export them all.  Spin Rewriter integrates with Copyscape, so you can be sure that all the variations the tool offers you is able to pass on to Copyscape.

Spinner Chief

While Quillbot is an online paraphrase tool, Spinner Chief has both a downloadable, desktop version and an online version.  Many spinners do not have both variations.  (Most only have an online version), which makes Spinner Chief a good option for those who don’t like working in the cloud.  Also, QuillBot has a team plan. However, Spinner Chief has a team plan that’s best for teams working on projects together; it also includes features like Team Thesaurus.

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