How To Play 8 Ball On iMessage [Step by Step Guide]

How To Play 8 Ball On iMessage
How To Play 8 Ball On iMessage
Wishing to play 8 ball on your iPhone. Here’s how to play 8 ball on Imessage.

Everybody loves enjoying 8 ball pool, it’s a fun game requiring you to be correct. And precise beside a bit little bit of strategy to return out previous your opponent. Now, there are heaps of games gift within the iMessage store for you to play. Even so, nothing beats the classics. Here’s how you’ll play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage.

For all the inexperienced, because the name suggests. 8 Ball Pool competes with 8 balls divided into two teams – stripes and solids. Whoever pockets the primary ball needs. To follow that specific group throughout the game. And pocket all the balls before your opponent will.

Furthermore, if you hit your opponent’s ball with the billiard ball it’s thought of as a foul. And your opponent gets to put the ball on the board anyplace they like. the primary player to pocket all their balls wins the sport. So, while not more stir, let’s start.

Download and Install 8 Ball Pool utilizing iMessage Store

To download and install the 8 Ball Pool game. You’ll download the ‘GamePigeon’. An app that incorporates a collection of games together with the 8 Ball Pool.

  • To do so, launch the ‘Messages’ app from the house screen of your iOS device.
  • Then, faucet on any conversation head gift in your ‘Messages’ app.
  • Next, the faucet on the grey-coloured ‘App Store’ icon is present. Within the bottom section of the screen.
  • After that, the faucet on the blue-coloured ‘App Store’ icon gift on the app bar. To open the iMessage app store in an overlay window.
  • Then, from the overlay window, click on the ‘Search’ icon gift within the prime right corner.
  • Now, kind game pigeon within the search box. And hit the ‘Search’ button gift on the very cheap right corner of your keyboard.
  • After that, click on the ‘Get’ button gift on the ‘GamePigeon’ tile. Then, offer credentials for your Apple ID. Utilising your most popular approach of authentication.

Note: If the ‘GamePigeon’ has already been purchased on your account. You’ll see a ‘Cloud with a downward arrow icon. Rather than the ‘Get’ button.

Start a Game of 8 Ball Pool along with your Contacts

Once you have got downloaded the ‘GamePigeon’ app on your iOS device. It’s currently time to start a game with one in all your close to and expensive ones.

Thus, to do so, launch the ‘Messages’ app from the home screen of your iOS device.

  • Then, the faucet on the conversation head of the person you want to play the sport with. Otherwise, click on the ‘Compose’ button gift at the highest right corner of the ‘Messages’ app.
  • Once you’re within the conversation view. Find the app bar gift on the highest of your keyboard. And scroll it sideways. Then, the faucet on the ‘GamePigeon’ icon reveals the list of games.
  • Next, click to decide on the ‘8 Ball’ choice from the grid gift on your screen.
  • Now, choose the sport mode by sound on one in all the choices gift beneath the ‘GAME MODE’ section. The ‘8 Ball’ choice is the regular game mode. Whereas the ‘8 Ball+’ doubles the number of balls in your game so on produce extended playtime.
  • Next, opt for the problem level most well-liked by you. The ‘Normal’ choice can offer you a projected path for the ball you are trying to hit. While the ‘Hard’ problem level won’t have aim help.
  • You can also customise your cue stick by sound on the ‘CUSTOMIZE’ tile next to the ‘GAME MODE’ section. Even so, the majority of the choices will unbar by buying the app via in-app purchases.
  • Then, blood group message if you want to and faucet on the ‘Send’ button to ask your contact for a game of ‘8 Ball Pool’.
  • Since the invite was sent by you, the opposite person gets to must the primary turn.
  • Once your opponent has completed their flip, faucet on the ‘YOUR MOVE’ tile to must your flip.
  • Now, drag your finger sideways across the screen. to align the trail of your billiard ball towards your target ball. After that, the faucet on the ‘cue ball’ image gift on the proper section of the pool board. this may bring the billiard ball picture to overlay on your screen.
  • After that, the faucet on the billiard ball alters the striking position of the cue on the ball that is imported by a red dot. this permits you to have extra management of your billiard ball once you have got hit it. To dismiss, faucet anyplace on the screen.
  • Then, find the ‘cue stick’ icon gift on the left section of the pool board. Next, tap-hold and drag your finger to regulate power for the shot. Release the stick once you’re desired power to must the shot.
  • Once any one of the players pockets a ball. Each player can have a cluster of balls to pocket. Your cluster kind is displayed below your player icon.
  • If you target the opponent’s ball you may see a cross mark signifying it’s not yours to pocket.
  • In case, your opponent commits a foul throughout their flip. By hitting your group of balls or by pocketing the cue ball, you get the ball in hand. That suggests that you’ll be able to opt for wherever you want to position the billiard ball for your next flip.
  • Also, if throughout the sport any player pockets the ‘8’ (black) ball even. They in real-time lose and also the alternative one wins the sport.
  • The quickest player to pocket all their group balls can win the game.

Turn On/Off Sound and Music for 8 Ball Pool

The in-game music and sound are an integral part of any game. Even so, if you’re in a social setting with no earphones handy. The folks around you’ll appreciate you turning down. That sound commencing of your phone.

To do so, from the 8 Ball Pool game screen.

  • First, click on the ‘gear’ icon available on the lowest left corner of the screen.
  • Then, the faucet on the ‘Music’ button to show off the in-game music. Next, faucet on the ‘Sound’ button to show off the in-game sound effects further.
  • You can customise your character’s look like facial expressions, hairstyles, headwear, eyewear. And for a lot of utilizing the customization choices available. Right on top of the ‘Sound’ and ‘Music’ controls.

Some 8 Ball Pool Pro Tips

Everyone must begin somewhere. I’ve run through some tips that any fledgling can appreciate.

  1. You will see an indicator on the screen telling you. Whether you’re stripes or solids. Even so, if the sport has been occurring for a jiffy, you would forget. That one you’re and take away one amongst your own 8 balls. A professional tip would be to form a mental or physical note of it
  2. Although you would not assume it, selecting between stripes. And solids determines your possibilities of winning. Before selecting, raise yourself that aspect has the foremost potable 8 balls. And that aspect provides you with the simplest probability of clearing.
  3. Choose your game mode. Every table comes with different game rules. the sport starts with the London Table, by default. Some are also higher for professionals.
  4. You might assume it is the power in your shots that matters. Even so, this can be not the case. The key to winning isn’t power, even so, finesse. Sometimes, you’ve got to form a mild move to pot a ball.
  5. You should not hit the white ball within the pocket. you’ll be penalised
  6. Like with real pool, the iMessage iOS game needs plenty of observation to master.


You may download  GamePigeon to play pool. It is easy to transfer it from the iMessage app store. And it will not price something.

Understand that you can be able to play 8 Ball Pool. With alternative iOS users. Also, you and also the alternative player ought to run iOS 10. Or a later version on your iPhone

Frequently asked questions about 8 ball game

Q 1. What do stripes mean in 8-ball?

Ans. If you’re shooting “solids,” then attempt to create all the balls numbered 1-7 so you’ll pocket the 8-ball. If you’re shooting “stripes,” then create all the balls numbered 9-15. If you create your opponent’s ball, then your flip ends with a scratch.

Q 2. Is the 8-ball Neutral?

Ans. The 8-ball isn’t neutral. A player is attributable with all balls he pockets. Once a player doesn’t pocket one in all his balls even so pockets an opponent’s ball. He loses his flip. And the opponent gets credit for the pocketed ball.

Q 3. Do you get 2 shots on the 8-ball?

Ans. The 8-ball should be the last ball potted to win the game. Within the event of a foul. The opposing player receives 2 shots and these shots carry. (i.e. if a ball is potted on the primary shot, the player still has 2 shots). Once on the 8-ball, if the player pots it even so additionally fouls, that player loses the sport.

Q 4. Can you shoot up the table in the pool?

Ans. No, it might ne’er be a win. it’s but a foul that the method the sport is vying on depends on wherever you’re and what rules you’re enjoying. The opponent might get the ball in hand. To position the white anyplace behind the balkline. The opponent might get the ball in hand and place the white anyplace on the table. 

Q 5. Can I Chat in 8 Ball Pool?

Ans. Yes and no. you’ll click on the speech bubble higher than the opposite user’s name to talk to them. Even so, you may be able to send planned texts.

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