How To Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS5


Paramount Plus is an application that helps you to manage your music collection, set up a playlist, create new playlists, share your music with friends by using social media, etc.

Playlists can be defined by a name or a URL, an artist name, or a song title. The application also supports the RSS feeds and podcasts. You can also find out the list of the albums in your music library. You can add, edit and delete albums to your music library.

What Is a Paramount Plus?

Paramount plus is a video-on-demand service You can use it to watch videos for a full month without having to pay a subscription fee.

It is simple to use and offers 2,000 movies. Select “Paramount Plus” from the list under “Watch” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The following are the premium subscription costs: After their first season, many TV shows were canceled.

You can watch high-quality videos on the video-on-demand streaming service platform known as Paramount Plus. A free version with limited features is also available. Any video can be viewed in its entirety for free. It provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows for free. or at low prices and also offers a wide variety of video sources and devices.


Features of Paramount Plus:

The best option to watch videos on your mobile device is through the video-on-demand service Paramount Plus. Now, you can view films on your phone or tablet both at home and at work. Additionally, it’s a perfect way to stay current on new trends and learn something new.

Both iPhones and iPads may use the iOS app. Without a computer or Internet connection, it enables users to watch videos on their portable devices.

More than 40,000 movies and TV shows are available on the video service from more than 30 different sources. Both tablets and smartphones can download the free Android app. This makes it possible for a phone or tablet to stream videos on demand.

How To install Paramount Plus on PS5?

  • Install Paramount Plus on PS5 by using PS Remote Play.
  • Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS5 by using the Screen Mirroring app.

Watch Paramount Plus on PS5 by using PS Remote Play-

There are Steps to get Paramount Plus on PS5 by using the PS Remote Play –  

  1. Firstly, set up a valid source of internet connection to your smartphone and PS5.
  2. After doing this, you’ve to search for Paramount Plus and install it on your phone through google play or any app store.
  3. Along with that, you’ve to go through the settings tab of PS5 and enter into the Remote Play.
  4. Now, Enable the Remote Play Feature and set your PS5 on Rest mode through the settings.
  • After all, head to system settings to turn on the rest mode through the feature tab on the power saving button.
  • Now, tick on the checkboxes which stay connected to the internet and enable turning on PS5 from the network.
  • Initiate to install the PS Remote Play app on your phone and open it.
  • Enter the credentials of PS5 on your PS Remote play app and combine your phone and PS5.
  • Now, your phone screen will start to display on your PS5 screen then you start to watch Paramount Plus on PS5.

Install Paramount Plus on PS5 by using the Screen Mirroring app –

There are Steps to watch Paramount Plus on PS5 by using the Screen Mirroring app –   

  1. Install the paramount plus app and the screen mirroring app on your smartphone.
  2. Then log in to the Paramount plus app on your smartphone.
  3. Launch the same Wi-Fi on your PlayStation 5 and Smartphone.
  4. Set up the speaker with your PlayStation 5.
  5. Press the PlayStation button on your PS5 controller.
  • Now option for game base and go for options on your PlayStation 5.
  • Now option for go-to game base and choose a friend on your PlayStation 5.
  • Now click on the link that you’ve sent your friend on PlayStation 5.
  • Then browse on your PlayStation 5. Now you see a QR code appears on your PlayStation 5.
  1. Now launch the Screen mirroring app on your smartphone and scan the QR code appearing on your PS5 screen.
  1. The option for the Screen Mirroring button and click start broadcast in the Screen Mirroring app on your smartphone.

After following these steps now you can see your smartphone screen on your PlayStation 5 connected TV.

  1.  Now launch the Paramount Plus on your smartphone and watch paramount plus on ps5 and its content on your PlayStation 5.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q. What is the difference between paramount plus and other video streaming apps?

I have tried paramount plus on my ps4 and it is really good. It works great for watching movies. I can also watch videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other video sites. You can even use Plex to watch those videos. It has saved me lots of money putting in monthly subscriptions for video and music services.

Q. What is a paramount plus?

This video stream app is now available on PS5. It is a very popular video streaming app in India and it allows users to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other sources at their convenience through an easy-to-use interface. It also supports support for subtitles and can be downloaded from the Play Store or from Amazon.
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