How To Open The Command Prompt

How To Open The Command Prompt
How To Open The Command Prompt

If you have ever done any variety of coding. You are conversant in the command prompt. The command prompt is an app put in. On all Windows computers. That enables you to manage the PC utilizing text commands. The command prompt could be a pretty great tool. It permits you to try. And do some things faster than you’ll do them.

Within the graphic interface and offers some tools. That you can’t notice within the graphic interface the least bit. And in true keyboard-ninja spirit, the command prompt. Supports every kind of clever keyboard shortcut that creates it. Even a lot of power. Whereas it’s simple to only open the prompt from the start menu, that’s not the sole method to do it. So, let’s take a glance at the rest. So here are the ways to How To Open Command Prompt.

But not like different apps, the command prompt is not simple to seek out. Here’s a way to open the command prompt. On your computer. Despite that version of Windows 10 you’ve got.

How to open prompt in Windows 10\11

There are 3 main ways in which to access the command prompts. Utilizing the ability User Menu crosscut. Is that the quickest way? For most individuals.

Start Menu

You can open the command prompt by navigating through the start menu.

  • To open the command prompt through the start menu, click the Windows icon. And so scroll down to notice the Windows System folder. Open the folder and click on or right-click the command prompt to open it.

You can explore for command prompt utilizing Windows’ traditional search feature.

  • Click the start button and enter in the command prompt, and so choose it from the list once it seems.
  • If you right-click the command prompt and choose Run as administrator. Or click it within the results, you may open an elevated command prompt.

Tip: The command prompt is remarked as “cmd prompt”, or “cmd.” once sorting out the command prompt, you’ll be able to hunt for “cmd.”

Power User Menu

The fastest method to open a command prompt window. Is through the ability User Menu, which you’ll access by right-clicking the Windows icon. Within the bottom-left corner of your screen, or with the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + X.

It’ll seem within the menu twice: electronic communication and command prompt (Admin). The second choice can open an “elevated” command prompt. Which provides you administrator privileges, that are needed for a few commands. In all cases, it’s higher to use the elevated command prompt. It will do everything that the conventional command prompt will and a lot of.

Open a command prompt in Admin Mode from Task Manager the key simple method

To open a command prompt with administrative privileges from Task Manager. Open the “File” menu. And so hold the CTRL-key. Whereas clicking “Run New Task.” This may right away open the command prompt. With administrative privileges. No ought to enter something.

Note: In newer versions of Windows, Command Prompt has been replaced with Windows PowerShell.

To switch from PowerShell to prompt

Windows PowerShell could be a newer program that is almost like a command prompt. And in some versions of Windows 10\11, it replaces command prompt within the menus you’d sometimes use to open it.

There’s nothing wrong with PowerShell. It will do about something that the prompt will do. Even so, if you are wont to utilize command prompts, it is easy to change back.

  • First, press the Windows Key + I to open the Settings app. And then choose Personalization.
  • Then, click the Taskbar possibility within the left sidebar.
  • And on the page, that seems. Head right down to the Replace prompt with Windows PowerShell possibility. And click on its slider thus it turns Off.


This is all from our side about various ways to How To Open Command Prompt. For any query feel to use the comment box.

Frequently asked questions about Command Prompt

Q1. What is the cutoff to open Command Prompt?

Ans. The fastest method to open a prompt window is through the ability User Menu. That you’ll access by right-clicking the Windows icon. Within the bottom-left corner of your screen.  Or with the keyboard cutoff. Windows Key + X. It will seem within the menu two times- Command prompt and command prompt (Admin).

Q 2. How do I open the command prompt without logging in?

Ans. Wait till Windows 10 boots up, press a key. Then click the Accessibility choices A command prompt ought to open on the login screen. Now, you have got full access to your Windows 10 installation while not having signed in. You’ll reset the password of any account.

Q 3. How do I force Windows 11 to open?

Ans. The easiest and fastest way to open the Settings for Windows 11 is to press Windows + I. Then the Settings app opens.

Q 4. Why Cannot open the setting in Windows 10?

Ans. Open the Settings application utilizing any of the next methods. Right-click the Start icon and choose Settings from the menu. Press the Windows and I key along at the same time. Press the Windows and R keys along at the same time to open a run box. And enter ms-settings and press the OK button.

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