How To Record Videos on Netflix

How To Record Videos on Netflix

Netflix usually doesn’t enable you to download its video streams. Because it may create its potential. To observe them offline when the subscription ends. On the opposite aspect, this can be why someone may wish to record Netflix streaming video. To observe your favorite series whenever you wish. Here’s  How To Record Videos on Netflix.

Netflix is one of the most effective video streaming services nowadays. With some fantastic video series. Whereas it offers to download it for offline viewing, It’s obtainable for smartphones. We prefer to download movies and series on the pc and watch them later while not on the web. Once you’ve got the video on the PC. You’ll be able to share it with your family. And even forged it on TV, Xbox. And alternative DLNA devices. Here’s How To Record Videos on Netflix.

How to Record Netflix Video on Android

Android phones have an inbuilt screen recorder that may record Netflix. It may capture the audio, which is important once recording a video on android phones. It will capture your phone screen over 1080p 60 FPS looking on your android phone’s processor. On the opposite hand, we’ll list down the steps on the way to record Netflix shows. By utilizing the built-in screen recorder of android phones.

Follow the steps-
  • Go to the Notification drawer of your phone and faucet the “Screen Recorder” icon to launch it.
  • You will notice a floating control panel. Wherever you’ll begin screen recording. While enjoying a Netflix show.
  • Once done, faucet the “Stop” button to finish it. you’ll lock your phone to prevent the recording method.

How to Record Netflix Shows online for Free

When you hunt for a good choice. To screen record Netflix, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. Is one that ranks the best on the list of screen and audio recorders. It’s a web-based free tool that you will use by aiming to the official website. To record Netflix streaming with no distinction. Whether you use Mac or Windows pc. even so, it’s necessary to notice that it runs on Chrome browsers.

You’ll be able to capture your whole screen with it. Or highlight the world of your show. Wherever the Netflix video is vying to meet that with either system sound, or mike, or both. it’s appropriate for Netflix because it will record with no point. To record movies from Netflix utilizing this tool, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1- Open the app and prepare the recording

First, open an internet browser and visit the most web site of the software system. Open the AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. And click on the “Start Recording” button from the most page of the app. Once you’re within the interface, attend to the audio input menu. And place the choice to record the system sound that is needed for the Netflix show to be recorded.

Step 2- Perform the tool’s recording method

Afterward, press the “REC” button to start the particular recording method for the show. Once the Netflix show is over and you’re done. Click on the showing pause button moreover as tick the icon to proceed with successive steps.

Step 3- Preview the recorded file

At the finish of the method, once you have got the recording done. You’ll be able to preview your created video clip. And judge whether you want to stay it and additionally to avoid wasting it as a video file somewhere on your pc. In case you are doing it during this manner, your video, in the end. Are hold on within the specified output folder that you had chosen.

How to Screen Record Netflix on iPhone/iPad

You can record Netflix on iPhone or iPad by exploiting the iOS Screen Recorder. As long as your iOS device runs in iOS 11 or later, your phone can have its pre-built screen recorder. It will embrace the audio from the video. And you’ll additionally use a microphone whereas you’re screen recording. To grasp the method to love, you’ll follow the steps below.

Follow the steps-
  • Go to Netflix and play the video that you wish to record.
  • From your iOS device, swipe up to access its centre.
  • Then, click the “Screen Recorder” icon. And click on that to start recording.
  • Once done, click the “Stop Recording”. To finish the recording method.

The best method to Record Netflix Movies on PC & mac

When it involves the software system to record Netflix. We tend to advocate you to do Screen grabber Premium. It’s an all-in-one screen recorder that will record a video from Netflix for up to sixty FPS. To boot, you’ll be able to additionally schedule a recording.

After you don’t seem to be out there before of the pc. Through the “Task Schedule” operate, wherever the program can begin. To record the show at the predetermined beginning time. Till the desired length of the recording time, thus you do not need to wait. Your Netflix movie after you arrive back at your laptop. Because the scheduler can take care of it at the precise times

Step 1 Install and begin Screen grabber Premium

First, click any of the “Download” buttons higher than to induce a replica of the Netflix recorder. After that, install the wizard to avoid wasting it on your device. Once put in, launch it then click the “Settings” icon to launch the window. Then from the “Output” tab, click the menu then choose “MP4”. From here, you’ll additionally change different settings. Once done, click “OK” to avoid wasting the changes.

Step 2 Start Recording the Netflix movie

Now, access your Netflix utilizing your web browser. Then choose any picture, series, documentaries, or TV episode you would like to record. Then, return to the most interface of Screen grabber Premium to pick out the “Audio Input.” Ensure to pick out toggle the switch into “On” for “System sound” to capture the audio of the video. Next, opt for “Full” to record in full-screen mode or “Custom” to pick out a selected space. Once done, click “Rec” to begin.

Step 3 Save the Netflix Recording

Once the picture or shown over, click the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar. A preview window can seem thus you’ll watch the recording. Click the “Save” button to stay a replica on the output folder. Then, a listing of all the recordings can seem in a new window. Right-click the file name and choose “Play” to observe it.


You can additionally schedule a recording to capture the Netflix video. From its main interface, click “Task Schedule” and choose the “Plus” icon to start. Within the new window, you’ll specify the information required. To schedule the recording for your show. you’ll discover the recording limit, time, and date that you like. Click “OK” to line it up. After this, the desired job is going to be initiated at the given time, that was set. Inspect this article if you’re interested. To be told the most effective Netflix video downloader.

How to Record Netflix on mac with QuickTime

For recording Netflix shows on mac, you’ll use the QuickTime Player to try to do it. It’s an inbuilt transmission player and may act as a screen recorder on any mac computer. This tool will record your screen in full-HD quality like 1080p. It permits users to use hotkeys once captured. To form it easier for them to pause, resume, and stop the recording method. to grasp the way to record Netflix with Quicktime. We tend to are attending to write the steps below.

Step 1- Start recording Netflix with QuickTime

On the QuickTime Player on Mac, visit “File” and choose “New Screen Recording.” you’ll tweak its choices to alter the recording’s output location, hotkeys, and pointers. Then, click the “Record” icon to start recording while taking part in a Netflix video.

Step 2- Preview the recorded Netflix

Once done, click the “Stop” button to finish the recording. The method at intervals the menu bar of QuickTime. A playback window can seem from wherever you’ll watch the recorded video.


As you may see, the introduced programs are all nice choices capable. Of capturing your screen space. That displays your favorite Netflix movie. Thus you’ll with efficiency record streaming video. From Netflix with them, that you’ll watch shortly offline. Even once your subscription is over. Even so, supported your desires.

You ought to opt for the simplest Netflix recorder tool for yourself. We tend to suggest Screen grabber Premium. A sturdy and comprehensive answer which will suit your would like. With its intuitive and easy system and versatile choices. At a similar time, you’ll use AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online.

If you intend to capture videos in a straightforward method. Whenever you would like to record videos from Netflix. Follow this stepwise guide to induce it done. With efficiency and luxuriate in looking at Netflix movies offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is it illegal to screen record Netflix?

Ans. It’s unlawful if you screen record discs on Netflix as a result of you’re breaking the copy protection. And speaking of recording Netflix, you would like to follow the Netflix Terms of Use. And also the country’s copyright law. Within which you live.

Q 2. Can you record from Netflix?

Ans. Yes, even so, you wish to follow the Netflix Terms of Use and also the country’s copyright law in your country.
To capture Netflix on the PC, you’ll attempt EaseUS RecExperts, OBS Studio, etc., to complete the task. If you wish to save lots of it on your smartphone. You’ll download Netflix videos inside the app.

Q 3. Can you watch Netflix without the internet?

Ans. Yes, Netflix allows you to download every episode of a complete series. This can be obtainable for mobile devices. And encompasses a feature referred to as smart download.

Q 4. Is it doable to record movies from Netflix?

Ans. Yes, it is, you will be able to use a screen recording app the Screen grabber Premium. Here, you will be able to record the Netflix show on full screen. Also, the tool ensures that you can keep the initial HD quality of the shows among the recording.

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