20 Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map (2022)

Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map
Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map

Do you also want to track your mobile number and know who’s calling you from unknown numbers when it’s misplaced? Or want to know about any other person’s location with the help of the phone location? You have landed up in the right place.

In this article, we have listed some of the Best mobile number trackers with Google Maps and other location-tracking tools. Sometimes you really want to know who is calling, from where he is calling, and what his identification is, but you don’t have the resources to tell you the source and destination, as well as the face behind the call.

These are the best mobile number trackers if you want to follow the exact location of a phone number. Make sure you’re not misusing these phone trackers.

What is a mobile number tracker?

A software program known as a “mobile number tracker” is able to follow the position of your mobile device in real-time across any Internet connection, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and VoLTE.

Additionally, Mobile Number Tracker is accessible via a web-based internet platform that supports both Android and iPhone (IOS) operating systems. This mobile phone tracker is offered by Google and Apple mobile devices as part of their respective operating systems. Manufacturers of mobile devices including Samsung, Vivo, Mi, and Oppo have started pre-installing this capability in recent years.

How does the mobile phone tracking app work?

Over the course, these apps received advanced features such as GPS tracking, Google Maps integration, text monitoring, photo/video extraction, and social media notifications to make tracking accurate in real-time. Fortunately, there is an advanced mobile location tracker.

20 Best Mobile Number Tracker in 2022

In this article, we have listed the best mobile number tracker with Google Maps.

Number TrackerPlatformWebsite
mSpyWeb, Appwww.mspy.com
Mobile Number TrackerWebhttps://mobilenumbertracker.com/
Phone Tracker By NumberApp
Find and TraceWebhttps://www.findandtrace.com/trace-mobile-number-location
One LocatorApphttps://onelocator.com/


mSpy – The Mobile Location Tracker

The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

MSpy Mobile Location Tracker is one of the leading choices of many people because of its finest spying abilities in terms of mobile number tracking apps. A highly effective phone monitoring tool called MSpy (opens in a new tab) can track practically all of your child’s online activity (and one or two of the offline ones, too.)

Need to keep track of calls, for example? No issue. Want to look at your text messages? That is also included (you can even view deleted texts.) Additionally, the Android version of mSpy’s software can record conversations on all popular messaging services, including Skype, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.

You have access to your child’s bookmarks, browsing history, and the Wi-Fi networks they’ve used to access the internet. The Android app lets you ban websites by category, and setting up keyword alerts makes it easier to spot when someone is viewing questionable websites.

Premium Subscription for mSpy

We advise purchasing the mSpy Premium bundle if you require more information on your child’s online activity:

  • One Month at $49.99/mo
  • $37.99/month for 3 months
  • $11.66/month for 12 months




A famous location tracking app that is compatible with any kind of smartphone or device is Localize.mobi. Either by using the app or logging into the website, you can get the exact location of a cell phone by its number. Localize.mobi works like a charm if you want to find your lost phone or want to keep an eye on your kids.


One Locator – Phone Tracker by Number:

Mobile phone tracking for FREE
One Locator-Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map

This application is incredibly precise in monitoring mobile numbers since it displays the actual location of the number we input.

It is one of the most highly rated smartphone monitoring apps on the Google Play market. It is intended to track the whereabouts of children using their mobile phone numbers in a quick and precise manner.

It is free mobile tracker software that is highly handy for tracking the exact position of children. It optimizes the precise position and battery use by using both cell tracking and GPS monitoring.

This program works with all cell providers worldwide and makes it simple to locate a lost or stolen phone.

It is very easy to use and pinpoints the exact location of kids and also provides navigational help on maps so that you can route your kids’ location.


Mobile Number Tracker

Phone Caller Location With Google Map
Mobile Number Tracker-Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map
MyTechRemedy-Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map

One of the greatest mobile number tracker applications available on the Google Play Store is Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location. You may enter the phone number and then press the search button. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to check where the phone number is registered. Users should keep in mind that this tool is merely a mobile number tracker and not a cell phone tracker.

Aside from its simplicity, it is a complete program that also displays the phone number’s location. One of the finest aspects of the Mobile Number Locator app is that it is completely free to use.


Mobile Number Locator – Find Phone Number Location:

Mobile Number Locator-mobile number tracker with google map

This app allows you to search for and locate the location of any mobile phone number on real-time GPS maps.

It includes attractive caller screen themes, and every time someone calls you, you will receive a Call Flash Alert.

It displays caller id even if you don’t have an Internet connection, but to display a live location on Google Maps, you must have an Internet connection.

Tracking cellphone numbers on Google Maps is a simple process. You may also use this software to look for the SIM owner’s name by cellphone number since it has accurate information about the user.


Find and Trace – Best Mobile Number Tracker

Trace Mobile Number Location, Caller Name, and address 
Find and Trace-Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map

This website can help its users to track their mobile numbers and landline numbers as well. In addition to this, the website also lets you view the name of and the number of the mobile phone’s owner who is being tracked. It’s very simple to use, you just have to enter some details which are asked in order to track the phone number.


Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number is a reliable GPS tracker that allows you to find mobile phones and even children. It is designed to let you discover your children’s whereabouts using their mobile phone numbers in a rapid, accurate, and easy manner. This software is useful if you have children and want to keep an eye on them when they are outside with their friends, neighbors, or even at school.

Phone Tracker By Number also allows parents and their children to track each other’s GPS whereabouts in a safe and private network. Parents can quickly see all of the places their children have been by reviewing the app’s history on their smartphones. You may connect an infinite number of your children’s mobile phones to your network and begin using the app.


Find My Device – Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map

 Find My Device is another free phone tracker app from technology giant Google. This tool helps you track the location of your phone for free. If you lose your Android smartphone, tablet, or Wear OS watch, you can track and find it with this free mobile tracker.

The Phone Location Tracking Tool allows users to easily pair and track devices on their private network. The above mobile tracker app is equipped with an advanced GPS tracking system. When activated, the GPS on this phone will pinpoint the exact location of the target device.



 Phone tracking and searching services. 

This is India’s well-known and commonly used mobile location tracking application. This allows its users to track the number using their location, along with the person’s name and the number. This app can be used to track online numbers also. Isn’t it amazing? As this feature is not provided in other apps I would recommend you to use this app for tracking the location of any individual.

The app/website is fully compatible with many other smartphones like Android, iPhone, Nokia, etc. It is easily accessible, completely free, and can be downloaded for free. You will like its clear and easy-to-use user interface.


Free Phone Tracer

Reverse Phone Lookup

Like the other apps in the list of current locations, Freephonetracer.com provides searchers with accurate number-tracking capabilities. This platform helps users track their target phone numbers and locate their mobile numbers using their mobile or desktop computers.

For security reasons, the platform uses the well-known malware software Macfee. The platform has a clean user interface and is free to use. To get the number details, you must first register.


GPS Cell Phone Locator

This app/website is absolutely free to access and use. It is not necessary that you would need to download an app to use this service you can easily access it online. The app/website is designed with utmost simplicity with an attractive user interface.

This Phone Number Tracker tool has such location tracking ability that can easily be accessed from anywhere and also supports many mobile devices such as Apple or any Android device. The only drawback of using this tool is that they don’t work in browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Symbian.


Online GPS Phone Number Tracker

This tracker is mostly used to track the location of mobile numbers. Although This website always provides the exact location of the targeted phone number. You can use this tracker to track mobile numbers across communication providers. This website actually uses GPS to track the location of mobile and landline numbers even if it is at a far distance.

This is an online platform that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The only limitation or drawback of this service is that is not able to track any switched-off mobile phones.


Highster Phone Number Tracker

Highster Mobile Pro Edition is the most acclaimed mobile phone tracker app. These Trackers help you monitor your target mobile from a distance. It is currently the most popular GPS-enabled phone tracker app. This app is supported by geofence, GPS phone tracker, keylogger, live call recording function, and many more features.


Auto Forward Mobile Tracker

Auto Forward Mobile tracker has the most powerful location tracking capabilities. This app is easy to use to track and monitor other mobile phones. This spy software is suitable for business owners as it can track and monitor employee behavior using this smart cell tracking app.



 Spyzie can meet all your phone location tracking needs with its ultimate espionage feature. The biggest feature of Spyzie that I personally like is the ability to remotely track and monitor the mobile phones used by children.

 This tool allows involved parents to monitor their child’s online activity on social media or the Internet. It’s a useful tool for parents as it helps protect their children from cyberbullying and other types of online threats. The only limitation of using this software is that it is not free like other apps on the market.


Number Locator with Google Maps

For iOS users, this free location-based online mobile tracker will help you track your location easily. All you have to do is enter a number in the given field and press the search button. The app works fine in both online and offline modes and has a responsive interface with all area codes stored.

 Thank you so much for the user-friendly and attractive interface and the integration of Google Maps. This app can provide accurate results with or without the internet. This tool works well on iPods, iPhones, and iPads.


Cell Phone Number Tracker Pro

A free mobile number tracker with Google Maps on the list. The app is very efficient in providing owner details. The app boasts a database of over 200 countries. This helps the app display accurate mobile location results.

The app provides a sophisticated interface and will send you a notification when you find the number you are looking for. This tool can track numbers around the world. In addition to location tracking, you can also use this location tracking app to make phone calls and send text messages. You can also customize the color of the app theme based on your interests.



 This list follows FlexiSPY Phone Monitoring and Cell Phone Number Tracking Software. Works well on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This tool allows you to remotely spy on your computer or mobile phone. It’s very easy to install and use.

This tool provides parental control software for parents to monitor their children. The app can run in stealth mode and you can easily uninstall or disable the software from a remote location. Other key features of this location tracking software include dashboard alerts, secure key access, and remote commands from the web.



 iKeyMonitor is widely used as a parental control app for monitoring children’s activities. The tracker app records keystrokes, calls, SMS, and chats to track your activity and whereabouts. The tracker is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

 With the help of this app, you can take screenshots of photos, videos, chat apps, and websites visited by your loved ones. You can also block apps and games on iOS and Android devices that you consider to be harmful in some way.


Clevguard with Google Map

 Clevguard is the next phone monitoring and tracking app that makes it easier to track your children`s activity remotely. Its inbuilt GPS lets you access your child`s phone from any place 24×7.

 The app is feature-loaded and comprises every functionality you need in a tracker app. This app allows you to track GPS and WiFi locations with real-time data synchronization. You can record a call or take a screenshot remotely.


Mobile Number Locator by SriApps

Mobile Number Locator by SriApps is one of the top Android mobile number tracker applications for quickly determining the location of any phone number as well as the state operator and service provider to which it belongs. This software also displays the caller location of every incoming and outgoing call on the phone’s screen.

One of Mobile Number Locator’s distinguishing characteristics is that it is the only Android software that displays the location of the caller/s and all callers through a bespoke Call Log Screen.

Trace mobile number current location through satellite

Every smartphone comes with an integrated GPS application for simple navigation. If necessary, it is also utilized to locate the mobile number’s present location via satellite.

Trace Mobile Number India 2022

The ability to trace a mobile number for Indians on our website is certain to be available in 2022. Google Maps and GPS tracking will be used to provide this service, and credit or debit cards will not be needed to utilize it. Additionally, registration is not needed. Visit the website, and then choose the Trace Mobile Number India option.

India’s best mobile number tracker with a map

If your mobile device is Android-based, you must launch Google Chrome on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, sign in with your Gmail account, type “locate my device” into the Google search bar, and then press the Enter key. As soon as you press the enter key, Google will immediately provide the phone’s location.

iPhone users can log in and utilize the find my iPhone feature to locate their device in real time after entering the icloud.com website in the Google Chrome or Safari browser.

Online mobile number tracker with real-time location

The capability to trace a mobile number’s current position online using maps is mostly offered by three businesses worldwide. With an 87 percent market share in this series, Google Map leads the pack and offers all of its services for free on both its Android operating system and Google Chrome. Apple Mobile, which has a 13 percent market share and solely offers Apple Maps to iPhone customers, is in second place. Microsoft is the third business, and it offers its Bing Map service without charge to everyone.

How Do I Find the Current Location and Address of a Mobile Number?

Google Maps is your best bet for finding a mobile number’s current location with an address because it groups search results by the searcher’s geographic location. As soon as you enter a name or mobile number, Google Maps provides the name, mobile number, and location information that is available in its global database.


We have mentioned some of the best mobile tracking applications with google Maps, You can try these apps based on the mobile devices that you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trace mobile number exact location on map? Is there any location tracker?

If you lose your Android phone, you can track its position using your Google account and the ‘find my device’ option; however, there is no method to track the whereabouts of another person’s phone number.

How can I trace mobile number current location with address?

It is not feasible to track a mobile phone number’s current position using an address. The only thing you can locate is the location, not the address.

How can I trace mobile number current location through satellite?

A satellite cannot be used to track the present position of a mobile phone number. If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can only track it down using Google’s find my device tool.

How to trace another mobile number in Google map?

Apart from your number, it is not possible to track any other mobile number on Google Maps. You are unable to trace the cellphone number of another individual.

Can we track the location of a mobile number from which a missed call has been received?

No, you cannot locate a cellphone number from which you got a missed call. If you have the truecaller app, you may find out the caller’s identity, network, and state.

How can I get the exact location of a mobile number when my phone is lost?

With Google’s ‘find my device’ program, you can track down the position of your misplaced phone. Please keep in mind that the app must be installed on your phone, as well as location services turned on.
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