8 Best MangaPanda Alternatives 2022


There is a lot of great manga out there, and sometimes it can be tough to find good quality manga to read. That’s where Mangapanda comes in. Mangapanda is a great website that has a huge selection of manga for you to choose from.

However, there are also a lot of other great manga websites out there. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the best Mangapanda alternatives. These websites have a wide variety of manga for you to read, and they’re all worth checking out.

Best MangaPanda Alternatives

  1. Mangafreak
  2. Manga here
  3. Manza Rock
  4. Kissmanga
  5. Managed
  6. Crunchy Roll
  7. ComiXology
  8. Mangareader

Manga Freak

mangafreak- best alternative of Mangapanda

Mangafreak is a website like MangaPanda that provides access to free manga, anime, and light novels. It also offers a recommendation engine.

Mangafreak is one of the best alternatives to MangaPanda. It provides a similar experience and it’s easy to use. Mangafreak is also more affordable because you don’t have to spend money on manga each month or pay the subscription fee.

Mangafreak offers users the ability to search for specific topics and see what other websites have published about them. Users can also see which websites are trending and which are not, based on the number of visits they receive in a given time period.


MangaHere to Read Manga Online

MangaHere is a website similar to MangaPanda that allows you to read and download manga and manga panda alternatives.

MangaHere is an online platform that has been around since 2008. It was created in Japan to provide an alternative to MangaPanda, a manga reader app. MangaHere offers free manga downloads and they also have paid options for those who want access to more content.

MangaHere is a great site for those who enjoy reading Japanese manga or who are looking for a MangaPanda alternative.

Manga Town

Manga Town

Manga Town is a great alternative to Mangapanda. It offers a wide selection of manga titles, both classic and new, and its user interface is clean and easy to use. Plus, it’s free to use, so you can save some money if you’re a manga fan.

Manga Town is an online library of manga comics that offers over 10,000 manga titles to choose from, Manga Town has one of the largest collections of manga comics available online. Plus, with new manga titles added every day, you’re sure to find something new to read.

Manga Town also offers a variety of ways to read manga comics, including online, offline, and mobile. And with a wide range of prices, you can find manga comics to fit any budget.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Mangapanda, be sure to check out Manga Town.

Manza Rock

Manga Rock is a website that provides manga-style comics for free. It has been around since 2013 and it’s one of the most popular manga-style comic alternatives.

Manza Rock was a great website like Mangapanda that provides a manga reader and manga recommendations. It is an alternative to mangapanda.com, which has been discontinued by its creator. This led to a lot of people looking for alternatives to MangaPanda.

Manga Rock also offers the ability to read free comics on their website for free with ads or to purchase them for $4 USD/month or $49 USD/year.


Kissmanga is a website that allows users to read and download manga. But, if you’re looking for an alternative to Kissmanga, many websites offer services similar to MangaPanda.

Kissmanga is one of the most popular MangaPanda alternatives. It offers a wide range of manga in high quality, with no ads and no registration required.

KissManga also has other features like the ability to download all your favorite manga in one click, create your folder and view your favorites list.


Managed is the perfect MangaPanda alternative.

Managed is a website that offers all the services similar to MangaPanda, but with a few more features. They provide a way to create content for your blog and other social media platforms without having to worry about creating your content.

Managed also offers an opportunity for businesses to pay for the content they are looking for. Businesses can choose to purchase blog posts, videos, or any other type of content that they need. Managed is also open source so you can use their code and customize it as needed.

Managed provides several benefits over MangaPanda, including better search engine optimization (SEO) and an easier interface that allows you to create as much or as little content as you want.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is an anime streaming website that has a lot of content like MangaPanda. The site offers a lot of anime episodes and manga for people to watch for free.

Crunchy Roll is the alternative to MangaPanda. It’s a popular anime streaming website that offers a lot of content like MangaPanda but without the ads and premium membership fee. Crunchy Roll also has a lot more content than just anime and manga, they have movies, games, books, music, and more!

Crunchy Roll is the best alternative to MangaPanda. It offers everything that MangaPanda does and more. So if you’re looking for an anime streaming service with a lot of content, then this is it!


ComiXology is a website where people can buy and read digital comics. The site has been around since 2008 and has an estimated value of $1 billion.

To save money, some people are turning to alternatives such as MangaPanda, which is a website that offers the same comics for free. While MangaPanda does not offer the same level of quality as ComiXology, it provides a good alternative to MangaPanda if you are looking for a cheaper option.


Mangareader is a website that lets you read manga online for free. It’s also an alternative to MangaPanda, which is a popular manga reader. Mangareader is similar to MangaPanda because it allows users to read manga online for free and it has the same interface.

Mangareader was created by the same developers who created MangaPanda, and it has the same features as MangaPanda. Mangareader also supports downloading of chapters, which allows you to save them for offline reading. Mangareader does not have any ads, so you can expect a smoother experience when reading on this site than on MangaPanda.

Mangareader offers both free and premium membership options with additional features for each type of membership. The site also offers a wide range of content from popular manga titles to more obscure titles, including ones not available on other websites like MangaPanda, which closed down in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions on MangaPanda:

What are the best manga sites?

Manga is a Japanese term used to describe the comics that are created in Japan. The manga industry in Japan is worth more than $4 billion and it has been around for over a century.

The best manga sites are those that offer free access to the comics and have a wide selection of genres and titles.

The best manga sites offer free access to the comics, have a wide selection of genres and titles, provide high-quality content, and are updated regularly.

What are the pros and cons of these alternatives in comparison to manga pandas?

Mangapanda is a popular manga site for people who love to read manga. However, not all manga fans are satisfied with the service. There are some alternatives that you can use to read manga online.

One alternative is Kissmanga. It has a variety of famous and obscure mangas that you can read online for free. It also has an English version of the website, so it’s easier to navigate than the manga panda Japanese version. Another alternative is Mangafox which has a similar interface as manga panda but it doesn’t have as many titles as manga panda does.

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