How To Make Windows 11 Taskbar Look Like a Mac Dock

How To Make Windows 11 Taskbar Look Like a Mac Dock
How To Make Windows 11 Taskbar Look Like a Mac Dock

In Windows 11, Microsoft made some changes to the taskbar by moving the Start menu and other icons to the center. Although the new taskbar looks great, many users want to further customize it. Users often turn to third-party apps because Windows 11 doesn’t offer many options for taskbar optimization.

We recently discovered a third-party custom app that turns the Windows 11 taskbar into a macOS-like dock. So, in this article, we share a detailed guide on how to get a macOS-like dock in Windows 11.

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Using TaksbarXI

The TaskbarXI can remodel your Windows 11 taskbar right into a Mac-Dock With its latest Windows eleven laptop, Microsoft revolutionized the Taskbar by shifting the Start button to the middle. While many customers adore it, there are some who despise it.

Some People select a macOS dock in place of the same-vintage Windows 10 Taskbar, even as others need to go back to their vintage Start menu and taskbar. You may attempt out the capability in your Windows eleven pc through downloading TaskbarXI.

The application additionally helps DPI scaling and works with each of Windows 11`s mild and darkish themes.

Using RoundedTB

Of course, you can align the taskbar icons to the left as in previous versions of the operating system. Now if you like the central style, but want a more compact version, you should try the RoundedTB. Customize the Windows 11 taskbar by turning it into a docking station with RoundedTB.

As the name suggests, this software provides a way to add rounded corners to the taskbar. When you run RoundedTB, you should see an interface popup. There are two settings you can change: box size and corner radius.

 The toolsets the values ​​to 3 and 7 respectively, which applies to a regular taskbar that stretches to the full length of the screen.

  • After applying the settings, you will notice that the taskbar is slightly collapsed. Use the slider to adjust the stripe size to suit your needs.
  • The margins and corner radii default to 0, so if you want to restore the normal view of the taskbar, you can either type 0 in both boxes or drag the slider all the way to the left to reset it.
  • The utility runs in the background and can be accessed from the system tray icon. To close, right-click on the tray icon.

Using Dynamic Mode

Dynamic mode is the coolest option, and unlike what you see on macOS, you can turn the taskbar into a dock. However, the system tray is not affected by this but can be hidden with the Win+F2 shortcut. Alternatively, for more convenient use, you can toggle the option to automatically hide the system tray and show it when you hover over an area. The RoundedTB is compatible with another taskbar customization tool, TranslucentTB.

  • If you use it to change taskbar color, you need to enable the option in RoundedTB’s advanced settings to make sure the two apps are compatible with each other.
  • The last two options switch to full taskbar view when maximizing the program window or using Alt+Tab. This can be useful if you are working and are distracted by the wallpaper that appears on the edge of the taskbar.
  • You can download RoundedTB from the Microsoft Store, or if you prefer a portable version, you can find an archive with the source code in the GitHub repository.

Issues that you can encounter while using third-party apps

There are several known issues that can be read about open-source programs.

  • Auto-hide is buggy and can cause screen flicker.
  • Corners don’t have to be rounded as they have a jagged effect because anti-aliasing doesn’t work in Windows, but a closer look reveals this.
  • Split mode does not support multiple monitors and only works with the primary display.

If you’re used to clicking the Show Desktop button by moving your mouse quickly to the lower right corner, then RoundedTB may have a problem because it moves the button slightly to the left from its normal position on the taskbar.


Likewise, you can regulate the alignment of the Windows eleven taskbar, that’s corresponding to that of macOS. So by above two methods mentioned above, you can easily make Windows 11 Taskbar look like a Mac Dock.

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