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Liveleak Alternative
Liveleak Alternative

LiveLeak may be a video sharing platform wherever one will transfer and look at videos. The headquarter of this platform are based in London. And, it had been started back in late 2006. The interface of the website is easy. And, you won’t have any drawbacks when navigating through the videos.

LiveLeak may be a platform that is most attending to taking reality footage. War, politics and different events around the world. Also, it combines the facility of national journalism. There square measure plenty of classes on the platform. So, you navigate through them. Those classes are like news & politics, must-see, and amusement. The sections are divided on the premise of states. And, you may get all the news videos from this explicit country. If you wish to upload, you’ve got to create a channel on the platform. There are plenty of channels on the market on the website.

There are plenty of options on the market on the website. Aside from that, it additionally offers users. To flick through the videos while not making an account. And, it is done through guest mode. Although, there’s additionally a choice as “Register” to make an account. So, you’ll like and investigate the videos. There are two themes on the market on the website as Red and White.

What Is LiveLeak?

Before observing the most effective LiveLeak various. First, let’s learn what LiveLeak is.

Liveleak was a video sharing website supported in 2006. This website is conducted to host real footage of world events. Like war, politics, etc. It permits users to upload videos. Even so, this type of content is more political and contentious. After you open the website, choose the Recent things. You’ll get all on-the-market news videos on recent threads. Or opt for should See, then you’ll watch some hot and stunning videos.

Even so, this website stopped working on seven could 2021. Thus, we’ve compiled a listing of the half dozen LiveLeak alternatives. For you to observe stunning videos.

LiveLeak Alternatives

LiveLeak founder Hayden Hewitt didn’t give a certain reason. For the site’s closure in a very journal post. Instead stating that “the world has modified plenty over a previous couple of years. The net aboard it, and that we as individuals.” Hewitt provided no more details. In a very video denote on his YouTube channel Trigger Warning. Even so explicit that maintaining LiveLeak had become troublesome. He and his team “did not have it in us to hold on fighting.” thus currently that the location has stopped working, here are some of the alternatives for it.


Flickr, based before YouTube in 2004, wasn’t well-known for commercial enterprise videos even so rather for sharing images. Flickr, an amazing website just like Liveleak, also can be used as a social media handle. you’ll transfer awful videos up to one GB in size together with your pictures. If you want to upload videos, you need to 1st produce and maintain a Flickr account. Flickr will assist you to keep track of your recollections by permitting you to upload photos and videos. Those are the foremost necessary places to recollect happy times.


EngageMedia may be a non-profit website that aims to make modifications through media and technology by emphasizing human rights and exercising freedom of speech. This Liveleak various is an open video-sharing website for everyone. Years when its launch, the positioning proclaimed a collaboration with Canadian TV, strengthening the usage of Social Justice and democracy in media and frequently creating progress up to the present day.

Like alternative video-sharing sites, you’ve got to register an associate account to be ready to upload and share videos. additionally, to the present, EngageMedia may be streamed on nearly any device, like desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones. Below are the steps on a way to stream the positioning utilizing your golem and iOS mobile devices.


If maybe you like to look at a good variety of stunning motion picture content, then this fashionable website (Ebaum’s World) is the sole place you need to move to. The video section includes everything from news events (like Nurse Utah, who were forcibly arrested) or a lot of infectious agents and punching random videos (such as a student doing a bad temper when the student’s teacher takes her faux Identity)

You never recognize what to expect when you visit the videos section of Ebaum’s World, which is what Ebaum’s World is such a lot of fun for. Here are nice NSFW videos (indeed organized below the heading NSFW), thus watch out. However, must you love unpredictable funny, shocking, or chilling videos, you may never fail to visit the Ebaum’s World site.

AOL Video

Are you searching for sites like YouTube and Liveleak with an overplus of videos in one spot?  AOL Video is one of the right sites. AOL Video permits you to observe varied videos while not having to sign-up. This LiveLeak website is another renowned video-sharing website, like Liveleak, with its nice options and holds several of its videos. The older videos are accessible on this page.

However, they are not limiting the positioning with their videos, even so, they additionally host videos from alternative websites. With such a lot of choices like My Queue, Explore, Shows, and more, this organizes the videos in keeping with your preferences. The videos are organized in sequence and together; connected and similar videos are classified. This feature permits users to use this platform with ease, and as a result, they become frequent guests of the AOL video website.

Xfinity Video

Xfinity is another website just like LiveLeak. the primary website on this section may be a prolusion for what’s to come back. the films here are most likely simply stunning for terribly conservative varieties. However, wherever would you go if you would like to get pleasure from look things sort of an overzealous dog, Got Talent of America, Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, someone. He was bitten by a rattler or Gisele Bundchen exposing her brassiere at a star event! throughout hurricane Harvey, an audio clip announce here, Savior, who reported: Civilians are shooting raiders or just looters insight, God bless Texas.


The following website on the list is ItemFix. These websites just like LiveLeak may be a video-sharing sites developed for video lovers. the website is in the English language. you’ll additionally watch, upload, and share content like videos through this website with this platform. the bulk of videos is concerning random things folks do and problems in a country. the positioning is easy to navigate and straightforward to grasp. It is fast, and every video masses at an affordable speed once it involves navigation.

OMG News

Just as Insane concentrates a lot on infectious agent movies, the OMG News concentrates a good deal on the conflict. it’s an effort to use the development of online anger. you may realize a video relating to a person who is impermissible to question ancient science. And again, another warns all folks that their kid has already seen violent and annoying videos. Another warning to viewers is that these very little ocean creatures might eat you alive.

The effort here is to surprise and amaze viewers to share this very important content on social networks. If you prefer the sort of conspiracy theory or just alternative controversial videos, then this is often the most effective location for you. See this OMG News as a good list of the most effective YouTube videos to induce your rage on.

Final Word

All LiveLeak similar sites mentioned are informative. You’ll maximize all those sites if you wish to grasp more about what’s happening around you in and out of your country. If you discover some necessary videos, download them. Forthwith utilizing Video Keeper pro before they’re going to be erased. Some necessary videos being revealed on some of these sites were being erased as a result of many reasons.

Among these websites, which one does one prefer? Most importantly if it’s on revealing the reality to individuals. Please drop us a message in our comment section if you’ve got queries and suggestions.

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