8 Best Linktree Alternatives 2022

Linktree Alternatives
Linktree Alternatives

Here’s a detailed list of some paid and free Linktree alternatives.  This list has been prepared after a lot of research so that you can choose the one as per your requirements.


This is one of the most famous link-in-bio tools because it enables users to create a landing page to store all their links in one place.  People love this platform because it is affordable, easy to practice, and packed with high-end features. If you compare it with the Link tree, it proves to be a win-win in all categories.

  • You get to pick from 8 distinct ‘ blocks ‘ to include on the landing page.
  •  These blocks constitute an image carousel, text block, social media buttons, and video blocks.
  •   Along with unlimited links, it also enables you to secure payment forms, music services, social media posts, etc. 


Shorby’s characteristics are very similar to that of Linktree.  It is known for its retargeting feature as it can enable you to create short, traceable Shor. by links  And can retarget any user who clicks on these links.  It can ease the process of providing multiple links to your users on social media platforms, blog posts, and product pages.

  • The Shorby would be able to share links to your Snap chat Stories, YouTube, Twitch, and Paterson pages, as well it enables you to make your landing pages.
  •  And can out multiple links and create a link to that page which can aid you in reaping the maximum benefit out of your Instagram bio.
  • They include access to replace the background image, inserting direct messenger buttons, native integration with Google Analytics, etc.

Tab Bio

This is one of the best free Linktree alternatives because the idea for link-in-bio tools was from Linktree, but Tap Bio came as a complete game-changer in the market.  Reign.  It is packed with features that enable you to personalize and brand mini-websites to organize all your content in one place.

  • Tap Bio renders you the option to add cards and provides the privilege to select from multiple card types, including an image gallery, Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc.
  •  You can also design CTA buttons for particular sections of your link in the bio. 
  • Tao Bio enables its users to alter the background, insert their name, and title, and enter a link to your website.


This is a great Linktree alternative and is more popular for being one of the leading landing page builders.  They can enable you to design and host landing pages.  As well as shortening the URL and adding it to your social network bio, a lot of marketers are using this tool because it enables them to create high-converting landing pages.

  • The conversion guidance offers suggestions on improving your page, increasing its engagement levels, and specifies what changes to make for higher conversion.
  •    It has the option to choose the templates based on your industry, goal, style, and color preference. 
  • The best part is that all of them are mobile-friendly, so they’ll work on tablets and phones.


This tool is loaded with many premium features that can help in resolving a link in the bio issue very easily.  It enables you to create links that you can use on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  With the help of Campsite, you can put multiple links in your Instagram bio, all you need to do is link your landing page instead of just the social media platform.

  • The campsite provides its, users, with space for a page introduction.
  • You can also retarget visitors with Google Ad Words or Facebook Pixel offers you a choice to attach unlimited links. 
  •  An option to add the email address that offers users more choices to get in touch with you.


This is a relatively new tool compared to the others on the list which is perfect for you if you don’t have a website because it converts your link in the bio to a free website are capable.  This enables you to create an instant website on your device, and the link in the bio will become an instant website where your followers can connect with you.

  • You can do variations in the color, font, styling, and logos in your cards as per your brand.
  •  You also get access to insights and analytics.
  •  You can put a Buy button that would guide your customers to a purchase page on PayPal.
  •   If you want, it can be done for individual products or services.  Designing your page with Milkshake is very simple.

This is one of the best free Linktree alternatives as it enables you to add as many links as possible on your Instagram landing page.  It has a minimalist design and can make the tool very easy to use.  It’s even easier to choose Link. Bio is among the best tools for creating a visual landing page.

  • Bio enables you to build a mobilized landing page that would comprise all of your links. 
  • You can select from over 90 social, music, and contact icons and use them to link to your different online profiles. 
  • Access through a web browser is also available.
  •  The unique thing about Link.Bio is that you would not have to generate a separate password for registration with them.
  • As they use the official Instagram API.


It’s a customizable contest platform that enables users to create campaigns, user-generated contests, and gift-giving Shortstack is a master at helping you build landing pages and social media and Enables the running of competitions.  Remember that nothing is more attractive than social competition as it can attract more and more customers thereby increasing both brand awareness and sales.

  • The option to embed the contest landing page on your personal or business website to increase visibility and generate more entries.
  • ShortStack’s action gating feature, you can collect relevant customer data in exchange for a giveaway or a coupon code.
  •  Each contest type comes with its own set of features.
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