What Is The Full Form Of ISP | Internet Service Provider?

What Is The Full Form Of ISP
what is The ISP

What is the full form of ISP?

The Full Form Of ISP is an Internet Service Provider. It is a type of private or government company that provides Internet to people.

An Internet Service Provider is also known as an Internet Access Provider or an online service provider. If you wanted to connect to the Internet, So you would need an ISP.

History of ISP

The first ISP (Internet Service Provider) company was telnet. It was introduced in 1974. After that, the company named “The World” first brought the Internet to the common people in 1989.

Characteristics Of ISP

  • A reliable ISP will offer super-fast network speeds.
  • A good ISP should be consistent with its services and should have minimum network downtime.
  • An incredible internet service provider always provides you with the finest technical support.
  • Many ISPs provide an email address and also telephone to their users.
  • This is one of the best qualities. Many ISPs provide spam blocking features to their consumers.
  • Some of the ISPs offer web hosting services as well.

Types of Internet Service provider Offerings

The Internet Service provider only has three types of services cables, broadband, dial-up, and the digital subscriber line. Due to connectivity being slow, if not obsolete, they are highly affordable. 


Satellite Internet connectivity is often the remote living areas in place dial-up service. It requires infrastructure investments part of Internet Service Provider. 


 DSL connection use of existing landline phones at homes. They can still the phone call receive and connect to the Internet. They are connectivity users who allow average-speed internet access without high equipment costs. The speed depends on how a consumer is from the nearest switching station.


Fiber-optic connectivity fastest and highly preferred Internet service provided today. Such as available remain limited. A monthly fiber-optic service subscription is a lot more than both DSL broadband cable connections.


Wi-Fi broadband connectivity offering. It allows the users to access the Internet with greater flexibility. They do not connect to a modem. The free user to move about stay connected.

Broadband Cable

 Broadband cable TV service providers are offering the connection speeds depending on the volume of served at the given time. The speed also depends on geographical area.

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