How To Install Fonts in Windows 11 For Free

How To Install Fonts in Windows 11
How To Install Fonts in Windows 11

Do you want to give your Windows 11 a new look? Can’t you try to give your Windows 11 a new font? Here’s how you can provide a new font to your Windows 11 for free.

Windows 11 ships with lots of fonts. Even so, it offers many ways for folks. Those aren’t content with the likes of Arial, Georgia, and Times New Roman to put in their own. This will be notably helpful for developers who pay plenty of their time observing text. Graphic designers who suppose a chunk desires extra pizazz. Then Verdana offers, and writers who have with success convinced themselves. That perpetual experimenting with new fonts is productive.

Fonts are put in on Windows 11 by the Microsoft Store, Settings, and File Explorer. The Microsoft Store will install a given font with a couple of clicks. For instance, even so, it doesn’t supply an equal breadth of selections because of the open net. Settings and File explorer needs a touch extra effort on the installation front. Even so, it is wont to install any font out there for transfer. Within the TrueType, OpenType or PostScript file formats.

How to install fonts by Settings in Windows 11 

Installing fonts by Settings. 

Google Fonts is one of the most straightforward fonts. It needs you to transfer a TrueType, OpenType, or PostScript file. Several sites provide a range of free, frequently user-created fonts. And fonts designed by professionals are often found on a range of marketplaces. Be cautious wherever you select to transfer one thing from. Thus you’ll cut your potential exposure to malicious files. With all that aforesaid, here’s the way to install fonts via the Settings app that’s inbuilt to Windows 11.

Find your downloaded font. 

Most browsers save downloaded files to the Downloads folder. Even so, if you set a custom destination, navigate to that utilizing your file manager of selection. You’ll then leave that program window open or move the file to your Desktop. That is what we’ve wiped out the image below with Google’s Roboto font. Note that if your download is compressed (maybe in a zip file), you’ll get to extract it.

The fastest method to do that is to right-click on the Desktop and opt for “Personalize” from the menu that seems. You’ll additionally navigate to that within the Settings app, by clicking “Personalization” within the sidebar.

Select the Fonts choice. 

You may need to scroll; even so, there’ll be a choice referred to as “Fonts” captioned “Install, manage.” Clicking it’ll refer to a page showing your put in fonts and, a lot of vital for our functions, some way to feature new ones.

Drag your downloaded font to the acceptable enclosed Settings 

You can’t drag and drop the folder itself for a few reasons. Even so, you’ll choose various files within the folder. And drop them within the indicated space to put in your new font.

Ensure the font you put in 

Settings can show the new font on its own. Because of the initial item within the list of put-in fonts below the drag-and-drop interface. To substantiate it had been with success put in. (The fonts sorted in alphabetical order once more if you come back to the page.) The app also will group many font faces, like Roboto daring or Roboto Italic. Below is one font to forestall duplicates from cluttering up the list.

That’s it! The font you downloaded has now been with success put in and will be selectable in most programs. You’ll take away the downloaded file from your system. Windows stores put fonts in a very separate folder. To create positive, they continue to be accessible.

How to install fonts via the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Open the Microsoft Store

Microsoft pins it to Windows 11’s Taskbar and the start menu by default. Yet if you’ve removed it from each of these places, the fastest method to access the marketplace. Is by checking out “Microsoft Store” via the start menu. 

A results menu can seem, and “Fonts” ought to be the highest result. It’s simple to identify if it isn’t, though, as a result of its nondescript icon and captioned with “Explore new fonts.” Click it. 

Click the ‘Explore new fonts’ button. Microsoft devotes a major quantity of this page to a curated choice of fonts. Several of that it designed; thus we’ll begin there.

Choose a font that interests you. 

In our case, we’re reaching to choose “Convection” as a result of its sort of a fun fount we would wish in our assortment. Even so, the steps are going to be identical for any of the fonts you decide on. Thus decide whichever possibility catches your eye.

Click the ‘Free’ button. You don’t even need to register to the Microsoft Store to put in free fonts. You only need to click the “Free” button. Paid fonts do need you to register to a Microsoft account. And you’ll need to select your payment technique before you’ll make sure your buy. And install the font you wish to use. 

Once the “Free” button changes to “Open” you must be ready to use the font you selected. Note that clicking the “Open” button won’t preview the font in real. It merely ends up in the Personalization section of the Settings app. That restricts to wherever we tend to be reaching to go next.


These are the two methods to get a free font for your Windows 11. I hope this has helped you. Do share it with your friends.


Q 1. How do I install TTF fonts?

Ans. To install the TrueType font in Windows:
Click on Fonts, click on the file in the prime toolbar and choose Install New Font. Choose the folder wherever the font is found. The fonts can appear; choose the required font that’s titled TrueType and click on OK. Click start and select restart the PC.

Q 2. How do I install OTF fonts in Windows 10?

Ans. To install OTF fonts in Windows 11, follow the steps,
Install Open enter fonts into Windows 10
Select begin.
Type control panel.
Choose appearance and Personalization > Fonts.
Drag the Fonts you would like to the or main window.
And when you open the Fonts that you dragged, you’ll see the option Install.
Select Install.

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