How To Install Dolby Atmos in Windows 11

How To Install Dolby Atmos in Windows 11
How To Install Dolby Atmos in Windows 11

Dolby Atmos is one of the maximum sought-after functions for human beings purchasing for a brand new soundbar or domestic theater device – however. In this post, we are going to display you ways to set up Dolby Audio for your Windows 11 PC easily.

What is Dolby Atmos?

 First Let’s talk about what actually is this Dolby Atmos. Essentially, Dolby is an audio compression era – it makes sound like film soundtracks, that is designed for huge rooms and huge, cinema-fashion speakers – and compresses it for our satisfaction at its best. The Sound Quality is not compromised under Dolby and you will get a different level of vibes when listening to Music or any Other Audio.

Distinguishable features between Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos?

Description: Dolby Atmos

Dolby Audio is a 2D audio era that makes diffused improvements to something you`re looking for — be it a carrying event, streamed film, or maybe a DVD or Blu-ray — so that it sounds usually better.

 On the opposite hand, Dolby Atmos is a 3-D immersive era that lets in a speaker or speaker device to `trick` your mind into questioning which you`re `surrounded` through sound – it offers you the looking a film withinside the cinema experience, wherein it looks as if you`re surrounded through speakers, even if you`re not.

Install Dolby Audio on Windows 11

 You can download and set up Dolby Audio on Windows 10/eleven tool in both ways. We`ll discover this subject matter beneath the techniques mentioned under this phase as follows.

How to Download and set up Dolby Audio from Microsoft Store

To download and set up Dolby Audio for your Windows 11tool from Microsoft Store, do the following:

  • Open Microsoft Store. If you are having trouble establishing Microsoft Store, this manual can assist you.
  • Search for Dolby audio.
  • Alternatively, you may get the right of entry to this Dolby Audio web page hyperlink on Microsoft Store.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Get button” in order to download and set up Dolby Audio for better sound quality features.

How to Download and set up Dolby Audio as a Desktop app

This is an Important step method that includes:

  • Install the Dolby Digital Plus AA Driver
  • Run the Setup File for Dolby Digital Plus AA

Let`s see one of the methods in detail.

Download and Install the Dolby Digital Plus AA Driver

 To download and set up the Dolby Digital Plus AA Driver for your Windows 11 tool, do the following:

  1. Search for and download the Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio archive package deal from
  2. Unlock the archive package deal from the website.
  3. Now select the “Disable motive force signature enforcement” option and disable the following.
  4. Now that you have motive force signature enforcement disabled, Go to the Device Manager and click open it.
  5. In the Device Manager, scroll down to the listing of hooked-up gadgets and enlarge the Sound quality of videos, and audio controllers phase.
  6. Right-click on Realtek(R) Audio and select the “Update motive force”.
  7. Now go to Browse my pc for the motive force software update.
  8. Click Let me choose out from a listing of to be had, drivers. Click Have Disk. Click Browse.
  9. In the Locate File window, double-click on the Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio folder.
  10. In the folder, double-click on the folder to your device architecture.
  11. Now, double-click on the Drivers folder. In the Drivers folder, double-click on the Digital Plus AA report.
  12. Click OK at the Install From Disk prompt.
  13. Now, click on the “Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio option”. Now, Click on the “Next” button. Click Yes on the Update Driver Warning prompt.

Finally, Restart your pc to finish the replacement manner.


Hope these above steps helped you download Dolby Atmos in Windows 11.

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