Instagram Not Working? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix it

Instagram Not Working
Instagram Not Working

With over a billion members, Instagram is one of the top five social media sites.

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing network on the Internet, and it has largely replaced Facebook as the primary social media platform for people who prefer to express themselves through images rather than words.

When Instagram isn’t working, it can be an unpleasant experience. The servers are normally dependable, but in the event that Instagram stops working, we’ve compiled a list of solutions.

To fix any Instagram issues, see the troubleshooting guide below.
  • Enable Permissions for Instagram (iOS/Android)
  • Check if Instagram is down
  • Check for updates
  • Check Common Error Messages and Known Issues
  • Disable VPN
  • Ensure background data is not restricted.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram
  • Restart your device
  • Check your internet
  • Can’t follow any more people
  • Reinstall Older Version of Instagram
  • Clear App Data and Cache (iOS/Android)
  • Try from a different device

Enable Permissions for Instagram (iOS/Android)

To perform effectively on your iOS or Android phone, Instagram requires a number of app permissions, including Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Photos, and Storage, to name a few. If even one or two of these permissions are denied, Instagram may not function properly.

Go to “Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Instagram -> Permissions” on Android to check sure app permissions are turned on. On this page, depending on your Android version, you must either tap the switches next to each option to turn them green or tap entries in the “Denied” list, then allow them.

On iOS, go to “Settings -> Instagram” and double-check that all of the necessary rights have been granted.

Check if Instagram is down

It’s possible that you’re not the only one who can’t get Instagram to work. One of the first things to do is see if Instagram is down in general. First, test any other app that connects to the internet to verify if it’s working properly. Similarly, you can try to launch any website by opening the browser.

If all other services are up and running, you can double-check if Instagram is down by visiting Down Detector, a website that monitors and reports on various services. Simply visit Down Detector’s Instagram page, and the site will inform you whether or not Instagram is down. There’s even a Love Outage Map to check for local issues.

Check for updates

If nothing has worked so far, it’s possible that you haven’t updated the Instagram app on your device to the most recent version. In addition to new features, newer versions frequently include security patches and bug fixes.

  • Open Google Play Store and go to the upper left of the screen to the menu (hamburger icon – three horizontal lines).
  • to “My apps and games” and see if Instagram has an Update option next to it.

Restart Instagram after you’ve completed updating the app.

Check Common Error Messages and Known Issue

Instagram, like most other applications, contains a list of error messages and known issues that is updated on a regular basis so that users may find solutions to their daily problems with the programme.

Most of the time, this happens with the mobile app, so if Instagram isn’t working on your phone, see if it works on the web.

You can make a note of the error and search for it on Google to check if it’s already been addressed. Most likely, other people have encountered a similar or same problem and have sought assistance.

Disable VPN

You can view all of your country’s banned content by using a VPN. One of the benefits of utilising a VPN is that it covers your online identity and allows you to overcome geographical restrictions. This means you can use WhatsApp, Instagram, and other similar apps in countries where they are blocked.

The disadvantage is that VPN could be the cause of Instagram’s inability to function. A broken VPN may cause the Instagram feed to not load, as well as delays in sending and receiving messages.

If you’re using a VPN, disable it and try again to see if Instagram works.

Ensure background data is not restricted

In order for Instagram to refresh your feed, send/receive messages, and display you notifications about your posts, you must be connected to the Internet. If you want Instagram to run without interruption, ensure sure the background data isn’t restricted.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu and select “Apps & notifications-> See all apps-> Instagram -> Mobile data & Wi-Fi” to confirm that background data is not blocked. Toggle the On/Off switch for Background data. Instagram will be able to connect to the Internet while running in the background as a result of this.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If the issue is due to a bug, you can resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram application. To do so, follow these steps:

“Settings -> Apps & Notifications” should be open.

Tap the “See all apps” button.

Find Instagram in the list of apps.

Simply tap Uninstall, then return to the Google Play Store and download the most recent version of Instagram. Re-enter your username and password to see whether it works.

Restart your device

Although it may appear to be a foolish suggestion, simply restarting the phone frequently restores functionality. Give it a shot. Simply restart your phone and try again.

Check your internet

It’s possible that your internet connection is to blame. A fast approach to confirm this is to test another internet-connected programme or to open the browser and visit any website. If nothing else seems to be working, the issue is most likely your data, not Instagram.

Switch to Wi-Fi if you’re utilising a cellular connection. If you’re on Wi-Fi, switch to data mode. You might try moving closer to the router or restarting it.

If you use cellular data, check to determine if your data connection is active:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select Network & Internet from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose your SIMs.
  • Turn on mobile data.
  • If you’re travelling outside of your country or network’s coverage area, turn on Roaming as well (this may incur extra charges).

Can’t follow any more people

When using Instagram, you may run across a variety of challenges, but this one is particularly common among heavy users. Are you finding it difficult to keep up with new people? You might have seen an error message saying, “You can’t follow any more individuals.” This isn’t a flaw in Instagram, but rather a constraint. It turns out that we’re only allowed to follow up to 7,500 people. Unfollowing some Instagram accounts is the only solution.

How to unfollow people on Instagram:
  • Start by launching the Instagram application.
  • In the bottom-right corner, tap on your profile photo.
  • You’ll go to your profile and see in the top-right corner how many individuals you’re following. Tap the “Following” button.
  • Tap the Following button next to their profiles to transform it into Follow as you go through your list of contacts. This indicates that you are no longer interested in following them.

Reinstall the older version of Instagram

If you’ve found that your Instagram troubles started after an app update, you can try reverting to an older version of the app. The most efficient method is to use APK Mirror.

Go to APK Mirror on your phone’s browser, then search for “instagram” using the search icon in the upper right corner.

Tap “Apps” on the next tab, then scroll down until you find “Instagram by Instagram.” Choose it.

Now, download the most recent version of Instagram, then scroll down to the “All Releases” section on the next page and navigate through it until you locate a version that was released before your last update (avoid “alpha” or “beta” versions).

Select the suitable variant for your Android version by tapping the download icon next to it.

If necessary, allow your browser to download from unknown sources, then go to your Downloads folder (accessible via the Files app), press the download APK, and allow it to install.

Clear App Data and Cache (iOS/Android)

If restarting Instagram didn’t work, try deleting the app’s data and cache. On Android, you can erase an app’s cache and data, but on iPhone, you must delete and reinstall the programme.

Fortunately, Instagram has an “Offload” feature that saves your Instagram data on your phone when you delete the app and recovers it when you reinstall it. It’s just a detour around emptying the cache.

Go to “Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage” to “offload” Instagram from your iPhone.

Scroll down until you see the Instagram app, then tap it to open it. Then tap “Offload App.” Return to the App Store and reinstall Instagram.

To clear the Instagram app cache on Android

  • Open “Settings -> Apps & notifications.”
  • Tap on the “See all apps” button.
  • Scroll down and find Instagram from the list of populated apps.
  • To access the “Clear data” and “Clear Cache” settings, touch “Storage & cache” on your Android device version.

“Clear cache” should be selected. Repeat the instructions above, but this time press “Clear storage” instead of “Clear data.”

 Try a different device

If your Internet connection isn’t the problem, try using Instagram on a different device, such as your phone. Alternatively, try whether the app is operating on another phone and if they can browse the stream and upload photographs or videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Instagram just not working?

If you’re having difficulties with Instagram, try rebooting your phone or tablet first. If rebooting your smartphone doesn’t work, try using Instagram on both Wi-Fi and mobile data to check if the problem is caused by a poor Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Where is the refresh button on Instagram?

By swiping up from the bottom of the “Feed” page, you may scroll through postings from all of the persons you follow (looks like a house icon to the very left). To reload the tab, press the refresh button in the upper right corner.

What is the feed in Instagram?

Instagram Feed is a mobile-first platform where users can post photographs and videos, engage with their friends, and learn more about the topics that interest them. Feed is a place for businesses to visually express their brand story, promote their products, and encourage customers to engage more intimately with what they have to offer. Take a look at Instagram.


If you’re still having trouble getting Instagram to work, we recommend checking out their support center. You can also report a problem by navigating to Profile > three-line menu button > Settings > Help > Report a Problem from within the app.

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