How To Improve Battery Life on Windows 11

How to Improve Battery Life on Windows 11
How to Improve Battery Life on Windows 11
Battery optimization in Windows 11 has a direct impact on your laptop experience. Optimizing the battery for 30 minutes can extend the battery in terms of battery life. In this article we are going to share with you some tips to improve battery life on Windows 11.

Each application running in the background consumes a percentage of battery power. Zoom Meetings, YouTube, Instagram, or Games are one of the most common apps that can drain a lot of battery power when running in the background. All these apps run in the background and drain your battery slowly. Not all applications need to run continuously in the background.

Battery Mode Settings Update Use the “Best Energy Efficiency” mode in your power settings. You can adjust energy efficiency later via Control Panel -> System -> Power and Battery.

  • Search for “battery settings” in the search box of your Windows 11. An option to open the Power & Battery screen will appear.
  •  Select the ‘Power Mode’ setting. Power Mode in Windows 11 with Optimal Energy Efficiency Settings The battery mode setting is one of the most effective settings for saving battery power and extending battery life.
  • If you notice severe battery performance degradation on your Windows 11 PC, change the power mode set to “Best Battery Efficiency”. Battery Saver Mode Battery saver mode is designed to extend battery life and extend battery life.

Adjust Brightness

To access the screen brightness settings, you will need to go to the Control Panel —–>System—–>Display. You will see the first option where you can “Adjust the brightness of the built-in display”. I set the built-in brightness to 60 on my system. This makes my screen more eye-catching and doesn’t cause undue battery degradation under normal use. A setting of 60 saves the screen like a Kindle device.

Screen refresh rate optimization

 Your computer’s refresh rate determines your battery life. The higher the refresh rate, the shorter the battery life. Keeping a low refresh rate is important for prolonging battery life. Browser Tab Optimization The biggest battery drain on a laptop is probably the many open tabs or browser windows.

In my case, Chrome and Edge browsers consume the most battery. You can easily increase the battery life of your computer by reducing the number of concurrent browser tabs. Using multiple tabs and browser windows requires improving your browsing habits. At some point, your browser may not need more than 5-6 tabs.

Optimize Appearance Settings

 One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is the addition of a mica effect to graphics or windows. Some people call this the acrylic effect on windows. Although the graphics look smooth, there is no doubt that these enlarged graphics reduce system performance and battery drain.

Sleep mode

 It is best to enable sleep mode when the laptop is not in use for a period of time. I’m still amazed at how underestimated hibernate is. Configure sleep mode to wake up after 10 or 15 minutes of system inactivity. Battery optimization helps to increase backup time. Users are advised to adjust the power mode and lower the built-in screen brightness in Windows 11.

Enabling sleep mode also extends battery life. Reduce the number of background applications running on your computer. Good internet habits also provide faster backups. Configuring your system to go to sleep and optimizing your appearance settings are other important settings that can significantly improve battery life.


We hope that from the above article you have got the easiest and beneficial ways to improve your battery life in Windows 11.

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