How To Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 11

How To Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 11
Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 11

The days are long gone once 4 GB RAM is considered enough to run all the applications on a pc. Day by day, the hunger for extra raw hardware capabilities square measure increasing. If you’re feeling that your digital computer speeds down. Whereas a piece of writing a video or whereas running a mighty game. You’ll be able to use a removable drive as further RAM to hurry up your system. To know about How To Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 11, follow the steps of this article.

How to increase RAM Using a USB flash drive

Right before going further, read the notes carefully-

NOTE: To use the flash drive as extra RAM for your system, you wish to format the drive in NTFS format. If you have got something necessary, copy it on your drive. We tend to suggest utilizing the smallest of thirty-two GB USB drives. Though, 64 GB is that the most most popular choice.

So, then, follow the steps to use the drive as RAM.

Step-1 Format The Drive

  • The first step is to format the drive
  • First of all, connect the USB drive to the PC.
  • Then, open File Explorer on your PC.
  • Now, within the File somebody window, click on “This PC“on the left-hand facet.
  • After that, right-click on the pen drive. Then, click on “Format” to begin data formatting the drive.
  • As once the Format window seems, click on the ‘File system‘. Then, you wish to choose “NTFS” from the drop-down list.
  • After that, click on “Start” to begin the data formatting process.
  • It will take your time to finish the format data formatting.

Once formatted, follow the following steps.

Step-2 Use ReadyBoost to extend the RAM

  • First, press Windows key + E Key along.
  • Then, to check all the drives on your PC, you would like to click on “This PC“.
  • When you see your USB driver, right-click thereon and click on “Properties“.
  • Then within the Properties window, head to the “ReadyBoost” tab.
  • Select the choice “Use this device“.
  • Now, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the quantity of RAM. By adjusting the slider (Example– For this PC, the most limit is 4094 MB).
  • Now, click on “Apply” and on “OK” to save lots of the changes.

That’s it! You have got with success increased the quantity of RAM on your PC. This may speed up the system by a vital margin.

Virtual Ram Concept to Use Pedrive as RAM in Windows 11

In this technique, we tend to are about to use virtual memory to convert the drive house as RAM. Follow any of the easy steps given below.

Step 1. 

First, insert your Pen Drive. Then, right-click on the ‘This PC‘ and choose ‘Properties‘

Step 2. 

Now on the System page, click on the ‘Advanced system settings

Step 3. 

Then, choose the ‘Advanced’ tab then click on the ‘Settings’ underneath the Performance.

Step 4. 

Once more, a new window can seem, then click on Advanced Tab.

Step 5. 

Within the advanced tab, click on the ‘Change’ button underneath the ‘Virtual Memory.’

Step 6. 

And now uncheck the box of the Manage Page size feature. Then in Custom Size, enter the scale you wish to allot as storage. Now add identical worth in each box and click on on the Apply button.

Note- Add 10Mb but the full out there space always. For instance, if you’ve got a 4GB Pen drive and also the current space out there is 3700 Mb then use 3690 for device safety.

Step 7. 

If you wish to revert the changes, change the choice ‘manage paging file size for all drive’s options.

That’s it! you’re done. Now restart your PC or computer to change the Virtual RAM.

In case if you opt not to use the USB drive as extra RAM, follow these steps to undo the previous process-

  • First of all, open up the File explorer, then click on “This PC“.
  • Then, right-click on the USB flash drive.
  • After that, click on “Properties“.
  • Then, click on the “ReadyBoost” tab.
  • Now, you would like to choose “Do not use this device,” and ReadyBoost won’t use this device.
  • Then, select “Apply”. And then on “OK” option to avoid wasting these new changes.

Now, you’ll be able to eject the drive from your laptop and use it as a daily drive for alternative computers.


So, this is often all about a way to How to use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 11. If you’ve got any doubts associated with this, allow us to understand within the comment box below. I hope this text helped you! Please share it with your friends too.


Q 1. Why ReadyBoost most likely is not helpful For You

Ans. So far, thus sensible. Even so, there is a catch: USB storage is slower than RAM. Thus, ReadyBoost helps if your pc does not have enough RAM. If you have got over enough RAM, ReadyBoost will not help. ReadyBoost is good for computers with a small quantity of RAM.

Q 2. How much RAM can ReadyBoost add?

Ans. The removable media’s capability should be the smallest of 256 MB. (250 MB when data formatting, Windows 7 reports in its Event Log a needed smallest of 235 MB). Windows 7 permits up to eight devices for most of 256 GB of further memory, with up to 32 GB on one memory device.

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