How To Update Discord

How To Update Discord
If you’re searching for how to update Discord. Then you’re within the right place. Follow the ways mentioned below. And you’ll once more do the things you want to do in Discord.

Discord, like alternative apps, goes through many versions. Every re-creation either has more/new options. Or it fixes bugs in existing options. despite the character of the update. It’s a decent plan to stay the Discord app up so far. An updated app is going to be safer and a lot of optimized for your desktop. Then an outdated version. Here’s How to update Discord

Need to Update Discord?

When you update Discord, you get bug fixes. Performance enhancements, and generally even new options. An update is meant to reinforce your expertise with the app. And this is often what Discord updates do.

Discord updates are free and straightforward. To download on all the compatible platforms.

Update Discord on android

  • First, on your android phone, you receive Discord updates via the Google Play Store.
  • Then to update the app, first, open Google Play Store on your phone. There, faucet the search box at the highest and sort “Discord”.
  • And from the search results, choose “Discord.”
  • Then on the “Discord” page, faucet “Update” to update the app. If you are doing not see this feature, you’re already running the newest version of the app.
  • And you’re set.

Update Discord on iPhone and iPad

On an iPhone and iPad, use the official Apple App Store. To update your apps, as well as Discord.

  • First, open the App Store on your phone. At very cheap, faucet the “Updates” tab.
  • On the “Updates” page, realize Discord and faucet “Update” next thereto. If you are doing not see Discord on the list, you are doing not have any updates out there for it.
  • Besides Discord, make certain you’re keeping your iPhone or iPad up. Thus far besides. It’s straightforward to update each of those devices.

Update Discord on Windows 11, Windows 10

Discord includes a dedicated desktop app for Windows 11, Windows 10. It’s like most alternative apps for the platform. Even so, their square measure some variations, e.g., an update for the app is put in. The nice news is, Discord may be updated in place. I.e., you are doing not ought to uninstall the app and so transfer and install the most recent version. The somewhat dangerous news is that there’s no button to click to update the app.

Discord is an app that checks for updates after you run it, thus if the app isn’t running, you’ll update it via the next steps.

  • First, open Discord.
  • Allow the shopper to see for an update(s).
  • If updates are obtainable, Discord can transfer and install them.
  • When the app has been updated, you may see a modification log/new options list. And you’ll be ready to use Discord to send and receive messages.

Update Discord on Windows and mac

To update Discord on your Windows or Mac pc. All you have got to try and do is shut the app so open up it.

  • First, exit out of the Discord app on your Windows or Mac pc. certify the app is closed.
  • Then, open up Discord on your pc. To do so, on Windows, open the “Start” menu, seek “Discord”, and click on the app. On Mac, open Spotlight by pressing Command +Spacebar, sort “Discord”. And choose the app within the search results.
  • When Discord opens, it’ll check for brand spanking new updates. If an associate degree update is on the market. It’ll transfer and install it for you.

Update Discord on Linux

On a Linux laptop, you’ll update Discord like on Windows and Mac. By closing and reopening the app, delineate higher than. If you ne’er get updates this manner. Though, you’ll attempt downloading the newest version of the app. From its official website.

To do that, open an internet browser on your laptop and launch the Discord download website. There, below “Linux,” choose download > adult female for Debian-based distributions. Or tar.gz for others.

use the downloaded file to put in the updated Discord app on your laptop.


Discord doesn’t have an ‘Update’ or ‘Check for update’ button that users will click. Most users encounter an update only if they relaunch the app. The sole drawback is that several users don’t quit the app or shut their systems down.

It offers the impression that a restart is important. you must grasp. That update will take up to 5 (or more) minutes to download and extra time to put in. If your web is slow. The download can take much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Update

Q 1. How do I run Discord without updating?

Ans. In the entry field sort “MSConfig” and hit Enter. Choose the Startup tab and uncheck the programs you do not wish to own begin once Windows starts. Once you are done choose OK. And restart your computer if necessary.

Q 2. Can I force Discord to update?

Ans. The Discord team has extra an ardent button that forces the appliance to update! You’ll be able to realize the button within the high right corner, to the correct of the search bar. what’s this? After you press it, the appliance can forthwith shut. And relaunch itself, forcing the update.

Q 3. Is Discord ok for 12-year-olds?

Ans. Discord needs that users be a smallest of 13 years recent. Though they are doing not verify users’ age upon sign-up. sense Media recommends Discord users be a least 13 because of its open chat.

Q 4. Why does Discord update every time I open it?

Ans. Discord is an associate example. Even so, Discord is distinct from alternative programs. Since Discord will perform an auto-update once you launch it. It’ll update itself once it boots up together with your system. Thus you may see the Discord app is underneath change. Whenever your laptop starts.
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