How To Unfreeze a Dell Laptop ( Try These Simple Tricks)

How To Unfreeze a Dell Laptop

You’re putting in long hours at the computer when it abruptly shuts down. As you start to imagine all the work you’ll have to redo, panic sets in. There are a few methods to try to unfreeze your Dell laptop and computer before you pull your hair out.

If your Dell laptop or computer has slowed or freeze to a crawl or has become completely unresponsive, here’s how to figure out whether it’s a simple fix or something that requires more attention In order to unfreeze a Dell laptop or computer.

There are various methods to unfreeze a Dell laptop

  • Wait for a while before working on the laptop
  • Check your browser’s task manager
  • Kill the offending program
  • Check the reliability monitor
  • Reboot and try again
  • Update the drivers for hardware
  • Learn more about Your blue screen of death
  • VLC needs to be uninstalled
  • Run diagnostics
  • Check extruder fan

Wait for a while before working on the laptop

When you’re doing anything that requires a lot of CPU power, It can freeze the laptop or computer for a while, giving the impression that your laptop is at freeze when it isn’t. Allow your Dell laptop and computer a few minutes to catch up and finish what it’s doing if it appears to be fully locked up or frozen.

Check your window’s task manager

This is the best method to unfreeze your Dell laptop. Your laptop may function normally, but your windows may become stuck on a certain page. And because so much of what we do on Dell laptops and computers is done through the browser, it can feel as if your entire computer or laptop is at a freeze.

In some cases, Windows’ Task Manager may indicate that your browser isn’t responding, but you’ll have to delve deeper to find out why.

Windows has two different key combinations with which you can open up Task Manager in case you want to see running apps or stop an app.

  1. You can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc altogether.
  2. You can also open Task Manager from the GINA screen by pressing and holding Ctrl + Alt + Del.

To access the Task Manager in Chrome and Edge, 

  1. use Shift + Esc. In Firefox, 
  2. navigate to More Tools > Task Manager by clicking the menu button. 
  3. This will display the various processes operating in your browser, potentially revealing which pages or extensions are frozen or consuming a lot of CPU and memory.
  4. Try deactivating any browser extensions to see if your Dell laptop unfreezes.

Remove the program which is not working properly

If Windows freezes it’s time to turn to an old friend: Ctrl + Alt + Delete is a keyboard shortcut. To display a list of running processes, press this combination on your keyboard and select the Task Manager option from the subsequent screen. 

To open a similar menu on a Mac, press Command + Option + Escape, to unfreeze a Dell laptop or computer.

Select them all and click the End Task button if any of them freezes. If you’re dealing with a one-time occurrence, it should suffice. As soon as you close the program, your OS should unfreeze, and you can restart it to continue working.

However, if your Dell laptop or computer constantly freezes while that program is active, you may need to uninstall it and find a replacement. You may need to improve your hardware if the program is so demanding that it is running out of resources.

Check the reliability monitor

Another method to unfreeze your Dell laptop or computer is this.  You’ll have to perform some additional troubleshooting if you still can’t figure out what’s causing your lockups and your Dell laptop and computer freezing.  

Reboot and try again

If you can’t even launch Task Manager, on your Dell laptop or computer it is completely frozen and the only way to get it to unfreeze and start working again is to perform a hard reset. Press and hold the power button until your computer turns off, then press it again to restart it from the beginning.

If you were working on something essential when the freeze occurred, depending on the software and how it handles unsaved documents, you may be able to retrieve it. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, for example, automatically save backups while you work, and you can usually recover them the next time you start the program.

Update the drivers for hardware

Another way to fix and unfreeze Dell laptops and computers is by updating drivers for hardware. Drivers are pieces of software that allow your laptop’s various components to connect with one another. They can become out of date with each Windows upgrade. This may result in a conflict between them and Windows’ numerous functions and lead to the freezing of laptops or computers.

In some circumstances, they will be set to update automatically, and in others, no new updates will be available.

However, it’s important to double-check that your Dell laptop’s drivers are up to date to avoid the freezing of laptops and computers.  Dell laptops come with specific Dell software that makes this incredibly simple.

Learn more about your blue screen of death

If your Dell laptop or computer freezes and then crashes, displaying the sad-face Blue Screen of Death, you may be able to learn more about the source of your difficulties. The blue screen’s QR code and “Stop Code” are good places to start your investigation, but they rarely tell you everything.

Various third party apps to unfreeze Dell laptops and computers 

WhatIsHang(Opens in a new window) and AppCrashView(Opens in a new window), which are available from the same developers as BlueScreenView. In this case, System Restore may be useful in attempting to resolve the issue of freezing Dell laptops and computers.

VLC needs to be uninstalled

In order to unfreeze the Dell laptop and computer, VLC needs to be removed. VLC is a well-known media player that is distinguished by its orange traffic cone icon. It takes less memory than Windows Media Player in my experience. And it excels at playing files that aren’t compatible with Windows Media Player.

 It is pretty simple to uninstall VLC in order to unfreeze a Dell laptop or computer. 

  1. To get the start menu, simply press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Then type ‘add remove’ on the keyboard.
  3. This will open a menu with several options, one of which will be ‘Add or uninstall applications.’
  4.  When you click this, a new window will open. This window will show you a list of all the programs you have installed on your computer.
  5.  Look for the ‘VLC media player’ and double-click it.

This will highlight it, and you can then select ‘uninstall’ from the context menu. 

When it asks if you want to uninstall it, simply accept all of the options and click Uninstall.

Run diagnostics

A built-in diagnostics tool integrated into a computer’s hardware will test the various components of your computer to find any problems. These problems will not appear until you run the diagnostics program.

Restart your computer, then click the ‘F12’ key on your keyboard when the Dell logo appears during the loading process. It may be beneficial to tap it repeatedly until a blue and green screen appears. You’ll have to restart your computer if you miss the time.

There will be a menu of options, but you can only control it through your keyboard keys. There is a ‘Diagnostics’ option. To highlight it, use the enter key on your keyboard. Simply follow the instructions and press ‘next,’ ‘accept,’ and ‘ok’ to open a new window with additional options.

Check extruder fan

When a computer, including Dell laptops, overheats, a failsafe feature is activated, which causes the computer to freeze in order to prevent damage to the external components. The extruder fan, which blows air from inside the laptop to the outside air, might accumulate dust over time. It also prevents overheating of interior components.

Due to the accumulation of dust, less air is blasted out of a laptop, causing the internal components to overheat more frequently, and can freeze the Dell laptop. 

A standard air compressor, such as the kind used by technicians and which you might have at home, is usually too powerful to work on the electronic components of a laptop. As a result, it’s better to avoid using one of them. Dust can also be removed by blowing it out with a bit of power as if you were blowing out a candle.


If nothing else seems to work to unfreeze the Dell laptops and computers, you may be dealing with a hardware issue that is difficult to resolve on your own. Contact the manufacturer for servicing if your laptop is still under warranty, in order to unfreeze the laptop and computer. If your motherboard (or another component) fails, they will most likely replace it for free.

If your warranty has long expired, contact a reliable repair shop in your region and see if they can identify the problem further. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay for the repair or, if it’s too expensive, replace the laptop totally. It’s a disappointment, but at the very least you’ll be able to resume work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get my Dell laptop to unfreeze?

Immediately and once per second, press the ‘F8’ key on the keyboard until the Dell logo screen disappears. The Windows Advanced Options Menu will appear on the screen after that. (Restart the machine and try again if the Windows Advanced Options Menu does not show.)

2. Why did my Dell laptop just freeze?

So, here’s what makes a Dell Laptop occasionally freeze. In general, it’s caused by a problem with the VLC media player, a different timezone on Windows, overheating from a dusty extruder fan, outdated drivers, or a hard drive error.

3. How do I fix my frozen laptop screen?

Start your computer again.
Holding the power button down for five to ten seconds is the best technique to restart a frozen computer. This will allow your computer to restart without the need for a complete power outage.
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