How To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance.

Speed Up Windows 11
Speed Up Windows 11

Windows 11 is finally out for all over the users and has brought on a variety of latest options. You’ll be able to customize the start menu with ease or edit the Taskbar‘s look. There’s an extra refreshed new UI and plenty of additional.

The performance department has besides seen some enhancements as Microsoft has improved memory management, disk usage. App prioritization and various other factors. They are associated with a central processing unit and battery performance. But, not all’s well if you have got a portable computer running the new Windows version. Hence, there’s a desire to optimize Windows 11.

While this article, we tend to bring around. You have another tutorial on a way how to speed up Windows 11 and improve the performance considerably.

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1. Speed Up Windows 11 by disabling startup programs/apps

You can begin by disabling the startup programs to hurry up the boot time on Windows 11. These are the programs that typically begin after you activate your PC. Here’s a way to disable them:

  • Tap on the start menu and choose Task Manager. this will even be done by utilizing the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Esc.”
  • Once the Task Manager menu seems, clicked on a lot of detailed choices.
  • Now, choose the Startup option wherever you’ll notice the programs that may be disabled.
  • Right-click on the program of your selection, and so choose the Disable option.
  • Apart from that, variety of startup apps like Microsoft groups, OneDrive, and Skype. That may hog the resources throughout the startup. Here’s a way to fix this:
  • Open Settings by clicking on the Windows button. you’ll As well as press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to open Settings direct.
  • After that, choose the Apps options and so click on Startup.
  • Once there, put off all the apps that you don’t wish to run throughout the startup. It’s that straightforward.
  • As you put in a lot of apps over time, this list can continue to grow. So, confine in mind that you ought to try this each. Thus, time after time to confirm no unwanted apps are launching at startup. And fastness down Windows 11.

2. Improve performance by uninstalling unwanted Software/Bloatware in Windows 11

Removing unwanted files and bloatware can even assist you to build Windows 11 quickly. And this involves many straightforward steps to follow.

  • Tap on the Windows icon and opt for the Settings choice.
  • Over there, head to Apps and so choose Apps and options. You’ll be able to additionally right-click on the Windows icon. To induce to the Apps and features choice.
  • You will currently realize the list of apps. And take away the unwanted ones by sound on the three-dotted menu. And choosing the Uninstall choice.
  • Another factor you’ll be able to do is take away temporary files. These areas unit the files that get kept on the PC or the portable computer. Once apps perform tasks for swish functioning, even so, these files aren’t too essential, and you may find yourself occupying tons of houses. You’ll be able to follow these steps to get rid of them. And success, improve Windows 11 performance.
  • Press ‘Windows key + X key‘ and faucet on the Run choice. You’ll be able to additionally use the hotkey Windows key + R key to induce the choice direct.
  • Type “%temp%” and choose OK.
  • You will currently be taken to the temporary files folder. Here, choose all and delete them.

Do note that you can even use the integral Disk Cleanup app to clean temporary files off your fixed disk.

3. Increase speed Windows 11 by upgrading RAM/SSD 

Increasing the RAM of a PC will ease improve its performance and create it quicker. you’ll as well think about a change to associate SSD if you’re employing a PC with a tough drive. Believe me, the distinction in performance is day and night.

I have been utilizing associate SSD on a 3rd-gen Intel i3 processor. And Windows 11 runs clean. A typical 5400 rev disc drive contains a read/write speed of 100MBps. Whereas a SATA SSD offers a read/write speed of 500MBps. It’s a colossal jump of 5x. And you’ll expertise the modification in boot time. App gap, and all over interaction with OS parts.

Suppose you’re utilizing an associate older desktop or PC. Then you’ll consider some of the simplest SSDs to shop for. So, to form Windows 11 run quicker despite everything the code optimization. Even on dated processors, you must get an associate SSD. It might go as the way on saying that you shouldn’t be utilizing Windows on associate HDD.

4. Spped Up by Disabling VBS (For Gamers)

Virtualization-based security (VBS) may be a new feature on Windows 11. That protects the OS from unsafe code and malware. It’s a part of the Hypervisor-Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI) layer. Even so recent reports counsel. That thanks to this security feature, games have seen a performance drop of 50 to 25th. Even Microsoft suggests that play laptops “may favor shipping with HVCI disabled”. Thus if you’re a gamer and need the simplest performance on Windows 11, you’ll be able to disable VBS.

  • To do so, press the Windows key once and look for “Core Isolation.”
  • Open it and disable the toggle right now. Once done, restart the PC and you’re done.

5. Improve Speed by Disabling Animations and Visual Effects

We know many of the simplest options of Windows 11 are sleek animations. Acrylic blur. And clear UI components and so on. These new UI changes provide an extreme with a contemporary makeover to Windows 11. But again, these fancy animations come back at a value, particularly if you don’t have a zealous GPU. Thus, if you would like Windows 11 to specialize in performance instead of on appearance. You’ll be able to regulate the settings as well. 

Here’s what you should do:

  • Open Settings and navigate to Personalization.
  • Tap on the colors choices. Now, disable the toggle for “Transparency effects.”
  • And, go to Accessibility from the sidebar.
  • Now, choose the Visual effects possibility and disable “Transparency effects” and “Animation effects.”
  • Having done that, press the Windows key once and look for “View advanced system settings.”
  • Open it and click on on “Settings” below the “Performance” section. Here, opt for “Adjust for best performance” and click on OK and it’s done.

6. Changing Power Mode and Enhance Windows 11 speed

Suppose you wish the most effective performance on Windows 11. And don’t mind compromising on the battery life, you’ll amendment the facility plans on Windows 11. It’ll optimize Windows 11 with the proper settings. So that you get the most effective performance out of your machine.

7. Upgrade Performance by Freeing Up space in Windows 11

If you’ve got upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Then chances are high. That you will have leftover and temporary files from Windows 10 on your Windows 11 system, those files don’t have any utility and reserve crucial space. Thus, creating your Windows 11 device is slow. Another factor to notice is that Windows keeps the recent Windows 10 files for 10 days. As in this case, you would like to roll back to Windows 10 from Windows 11.

So if you’ve got created up your mind and wish to stay to Windows 11. You’ll be able to follow our guide and release space on Windows 11. Despite you don’t wish to delete Windows 10 files. You’ll be able to still take away temporary files. That doesn’t have any use on Windows 11. Follow our easy guide. And you may realize Windows 11 performance has improved by leaps and bounds.

Besides the current, you’ll be able to alter Storage Sense as well. That cleans up Windows 11 on its own from time to time. To alter it, follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings, and click on System within the sidebar.
  • Select the Storage choice and so click on alter Storage Sense.

8. Boost Speed by Disabling Restartable Apps in Windows 11

To make your expertise quicker and sander. Windows eleven restarts some of the background apps once you sign up to your PC. If you have got a strong PC then, this might encourage be an honest feature. Except for older computers, disabling it’d assist you to speed up Windows 11.

So, to disable restartable apps, it is simple to follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings and head to the Accounts section. Choose the Sign-in options.
  • Now, disable the toggle for Automatic save my restartable apps.
  • And restart them after I sign back in and it’s done.

9. Disabling Notifications and Tips

To help improve your usage. You may receive notifications and tips and tricks to travel of. For this, the PC scan, which could find itself impacting its performance. Disabling them will prove useful. 

Here’s the way to disable notifications and tips in Windows 11.

  • Go to the Settings choice (either by clicking on the start menu or by pressing Windows key + I key).
  • Select the Notifications choice. There you may realize two options: “Offer suggestions on even so I will get wind of my device”. And “Offer suggestions on even so I will get wind of my device.” Disable each of them.

10. Disabling Game Mode

If you’re not a gamer, It’s best to disable the sport Mode altogether. It’ll stop DVR and alternative Xbox-related services. Within the background, dash up your Windows 11 PC.

  • First, open Settings and go to the Gaming tab.
  • Then, open Game Mode and disable the toggle.
  • Likewise, open “Xbox Game Bar” and “Captures” and disable all the toggles below each of the menus.

11. Speed up Windows 11 and improve performance utilizing Defragment of the Hard Disk

With time, files on the hard disk will become scattered. And this will as well as weigh down the performance of your system. to resolve the problem, you’ll defragment the hard disk via the defragment tool.

Note: consider mind, if you’re utilizing associate SSD then defragmentation isn’t suggested. it’ll cut back your SSD’s life.

  • Tap on the Windows icon and select the Defragment and Optimize Drives choice.
  • Select the drive that you only need to defrag. After that, the faucet on the Optimize choice to complete the method.

12. Improve performance through Restarting and Updating in Windows 11

This is the simplest factor to try to, and it’s one of all those things that may ease. 

  • First, check for any new updates by heading to the Settings menu 
  • Then go to Windows Update. 
  • After that, check for updates. 
  • If there’s something new, you would like to urge. 
  • Update, and then restart.

In case the system is up-to-date, there’s no damage in restarting it. This will ease random occurrence problems that at times weigh down your PC. One factor value noting is that this is often a short-lived fix. And you may get to consider a lot of settings to avoid these issues from occurring once more.


These are some ways to make you aware How to speed up Windows 11 and improve performance. Through some simple ways listed below:  

  • Disabling Startup Programs/Apps.
  • Uninstalling Unwanted Software/Bloatware.
  • Upgrading RAM/SSD.
  • Disabling VBS (For Gamers).
  • Disabling Animations and Visual Effects.
  • Changing Power Mode.
  • Freeing Up space.
  • Disabling Restartable Apps.
  • Disabling Notifications and Tips.
  • Disabling Game Mode.
  • Defragment of the Hard Disk.
  • Restarting and Updating.

I hope this article helped you to get your answer. Feel free to use the comment box for any query related to Windows 11.

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