How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 11

Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 11
Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 11

Windows 11 handles hidden files and folders virtually identical. To versions of Windows that came before it: with special file flags. Showing these hidden files in File human is straightforward. How to show hidden files and folders on windows 11, Here’s how.

First, launch File human by gap begins and sorting out “File explorer,”. Or by clicking the File Explorer icon in your taskbar if it’s stapled there.

How to Show hidden files in Windows 11? (GUI)

  • Now that every one of the files, or directories that you have checked the hidden box and it’s hidden. You’ll wish to show the hidden files. Their option has various ways in which to access the folder choices then check the show hidden files box. The simplest and fastest approach is to use File person or This computer.
  • I am assumptive that you have already opened the File Explorer.  Or This PC, click on the 3 dots and select choices.
  • Once the folder choices are opened. Move to the read tab underneath the advanced settings. And check the show hidden files, folders, and drives. Once you’re finished them mere click applies and OK.
  • Now you’ll see that the hidden folder or file has appeared. But, you’ll see that it failed to have the colour it was accustomed to having. In alternative words, the colour could be a bit overlaid. Well to mend it by a simple right-click on the file or folder then move to the over settings. Then uncheck the hidden box and click on apply. In this fashion, you’ll take away the file or folder from the hidden files settings.

How to Show hidden Files, Folders, and Drives in Windows 11

Whenever you wish to unhide the folder then, follow the step. Merely follow the step down below to unhide the files.

Step 1.

At first, open the This PC on your Windows 11 at that time faucet on the 3 Dots then choose the choices.

Step 2.

While this step, you would like to move towards the read from the menu.

Step 3.

Now, check the box of Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives then press on the Apply at that time faucet on the Ok option.

Step 4.

Now, as you’ll see that file or folder isn’t all unhide to repair.

Step 5.

Right-click on the file at that time visit the Properties.

Step 6.

Then uncheck the box of Hidden file after that click on the Ok.

Step 7.

At after time tap on the Ok another time.

Step 8.

Make sure the folder is all unhide.

How to Show hidden files and folders Protected operating system software Files in Windows 11

  • In Windows 11, there’s another variety of hidden files. A system file, that hides. And guarded by default to stay your operating system software operating proper way. If you’d prefer to see this kind of hidden file. Open File Explorer. And click the “three dots” button within the toolbar, then choose “Options.”
  • In the Folder Options window, appearing on your screen.  Choose the “View” tab. After that scroll down within the “Advanced Settings” option list. And uncheck the “Hide protected operating system software files (Recommended)” option.
  • As presented as you click the check box, a replacement dialog window can open. Which warns you of the hazards of unveiling protected OS files.


You’re close to revealing sensitive operating system software files. If you progress or delete hidden system files. It might break your Windows 11 installation or probable cause information loss. Thus, proceed with extreme caution.

  • If you recognize what you’re doing and are willing to accept the risks, click “Yes.”
  • Then shut the Folder choices window by pressing “OK.” like the hidden files disclosed within the section higher than. Protected operating system software files can seem semitransparent on your Windows 11. Which is in File Explorer.
  • When you’re finished with your task. It’s typically a decent plan to cover your protected operating system software files once more. To do that, open Folder choices as shown higher than, click the “View” tab. Then place a checkmark beside “Hide protected operating system software files (Recommended)”. And now click on “OK.” All the best! And here you are done!

Unhide files in File Explorer by utilizing Layout and view options

To show hidden files in File Explorer, use these steps:

  • First, open File Explorer on your Windows 11.
  • Then, select the “Layout and view options” menu. (Generally, the second menu from the right screen on your Windows 11).
  • Then, choose the Show cascading menu and seek the Hidden things option.
  • And once you are complete with these steps. The hidden files and folders are visible in File Explorer on your Windows 11.

Unhide files in File Explorer by utilizing Folder options

To view your hidden files by utilizing the Folder options settings. Follow these steps:

  • First, open File Explorer on your Windows 11.
  • Then select the See more option (the three-dots appearing on your Windows 11) from the menu. And choose the options item.
  • Then, select the View tab from the menu.
  • Now under the “Advanced settings” tab, within the Hidden files and folders cluster.
  • Here check the Show hidden files, folders, or drives option.
  • Now, select the Apply button.
  • And after that select the OK option.
  • As after you complete the steps. Files and folders with the hidden attribute can currently be visible. Anyone utilizing File Explorer on Windows 11 can see.

Unhide Files by utilizing Command Prompt on your Windows 11

You can use the prompt application appearing in Windows 11 to access the files and folders that hide. By utilizing this technique. You’ll be able to find the files. And see the hidden content appearing in your current operating directory. Follow these straightforward steps to get constant.

  • Press the Windows Button and hunt for the command prompt on your Windows 11.
  • Now select Run as administrator to launch the application as administrator.
  • Now navigate to the directory/folder during which you wish to check all the hidden files.
  • For example, we tend to navigate to the desktop utilizing cd C:\ Users\ Username\ Desktop command.
  • Type dir /ah to check all the hidden files and folders.


The methods given in this article are tested to unhide and show files and folders in your Windows 11.

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