How To Send Long Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app on the planet. Apart from text messages, users utilize this platform to exchange media assets with their family and friends, such as images, music files, or movies. However, people frequently encounter a problem on WhatsApp- how to send large files. It should be mentioned that WhatsApp has a file size limitation, with the maximum file size that you may transfer over WhatsApp being 16 MB. In this post, we will discuss how to use tricks to send big files and large videos on WhatsApp.

There are three ways to send videos: up to 17 MB, 100 MB, and 2 GB, respectively. Let’s know what those ways are and in what ways you can send a long video.

1. 17MB Long Videos-: 

It is the process of sending videos on WhatsApp in a usual way. If you want to send a video on whatsapp, you can send it to whomever you want to send the video by simply selecting the video option given below. Still, the video size will be limited to 17MB. If your video quality is good, then its time limit is reduced. If your video quality is slightly lower, its time limit may increase, but it cannot exceed 17MB size.

 2. 100MB Long Videos-: 

There is also an away in your phone by which you can send up to 100Mb video to anyone. If you want to send a 100MB video on whatsapp to any person, you have to save that video in your phone’s file manager.

That file you will have to move or convert into the documents, you can drag this file directly with the help of an app, or after that, you can send videos on whatsapp up to 100 MB by going to the option of sending a video of your WhatsApp. In this also, the time limit of your video can be increased or decreased according to the video quality but cannot exceed 100MB size.

3. 2GB Or More Long Videos-: 

You must have seen that you can mostly send videos up to 10 MB, but in the above headings, you must have understood the way to send 100 MB videos, but now the way I am going to tell you is 1Gb or 2Gb or Capable of sending videos in MB or GB even more.

This method is very simple; you have to go to your file manager and select your favorite video wherever it is present and select the option to share directly; if you show only 17 MB selected, then need to worry No it is a selected option by default of WhatsApp you just have to click on send button directly and your favorite video will reach next person.

In these three ways, you can share any long video with WhatsApp.

Methods to send large files & video on WhatsApp:

Following are the steps that will help you in how to send long videos on WhatsApp :

Method 1. for how to send long videos on WhatsApp: Share Files via Google Drive

Instead of directly sharing huge files on WhatsApp, it is preferable to utilise a third-party cloud service such as Google Drive to upload and exchange files on WhatsApp. You may save a large number of files in any format, such as music, video, and so on, and then share them with anybody. This is how to transmit lengthy WhatsApp videos.

It does, however, have a disadvantage. This technique will distribute the file’s URL rather than the file itself. The file may be seen by the receiver via the link, and then downloaded.

All of the procedures to send huge files on WhatsApp through Google Drive are listed below:

Step 1: Save the desired file to Google Drive.

Step 2: Hover your cursor over the top right corner and tap Share.

Step 3: When you’re finished, click the “Get shareable link” button on the top right of the “Share with others” option.

Step 4: Now, using the Down arrow next to “Anyone with the link,” pick the accessibility restriction (whether a person may see, comment on, or change the file).

Step 5: You will be copied a file URL to your clipboard. To share your file with anyone, copy and paste the URL into your WhatsApp message.

Method 2. for how to send long videos on WhatsApp: Using We Transfer

WeTransfer is the greatest tool for sending a link to your files to anyone. It’s quite simple to use, and you can even transfer enormous files in any format. The free version allows you to upload files up to 2GB in size, while the subscription version allows you to share files up to 20GB in size.

The following are all of the steps for transferring with WeTransfer:

Step 1: Navigate to the WeTransfer website. Select Add Files. Locate the individual files you wish to upload and select Open.

Step 2: After adding files, click the “Get a link” option to obtain the appropriate URL.

Step 3: To share, copy the URL and paste it into your WhatsApp message.

Method 3 for how to send long videos on WhatsApp: Using Wondershare Uni-converter

Step 1: Get Wondershare Uni-converter.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the WonderShare uni-converter. It is a fantastic application that will allow you to quickly share files of 10GB or larger.

This application is also completely safe to use and download, and it does not necessitate a lot of storage or permissions. It is simple to download on your laptop or PC for both Windows and macOS.

Step 2: Add video

Once you’ve downloaded the programme, all you have to do is drag and drop the huge video you wish to share into Wondershare Uni-converter. Again, this is a really basic and short process.

When you launch the app after installing it on your smartphone, you will notice a plus symbol. In the centre of the screen, the Add Files button will appear. When you click on it, your gallery will appear. Then, from your collection, choose the video you wish to share.

Step 3: Choose a file format

The following step will require you to follow up on the format for the additional video. To do so, click the settings icon, which will bring up a drop-down menu.

From there, you can quickly choose the device selection you desire and specify the video format. Once you’ve decided on the following step, you’ll be ready to share your Large Video Files. 

Step 4: Additional Customization for the answer to the question of how to send lengthy movies on WhatsApp.

The following step is to locate the compressed icon in the target tab. You may then select the resolutions, file size, and button to compress your video. This will reduce the video’s size without reducing its quality.

You can also see a preview of the video for 20 seconds before finalizing the editing and compression. This allows you to be confident in the resolutions and quality.

Your file will now be converted to the size you want and will be available to distribute in less than a minute. After that, you’ll be able to proceed to the last step of transferring the file to WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 6: Save it to your mobile phone.

After you’ve finished converting and compressing the file, you may share it with your cell phone. You may send the file from your PC to your mobile device using a USB connection or an application like “JioShare.”

You may also use WhatsApp online to transmit the file directly to the recipient without uploading it to your mobile phone.

Method 4: Send the video files using Video compressor Panda:

Panda is a video compressor software available for download from the Google Play Store. The program will reduce your video so that you may share huge video files on WhatsApp while staying inside the 64MB restriction. Here’s how to use the app to send a message.

Step 1: Install the app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open the app and choose the video to send>Next.

Step 3: Press the Compress button.

Step 4: Now you have the choice of sharing it immediately or saving it on your device and sending it.

“In these ways, you can share any long video with WhatsApp.“


What are the file size limitations for sending files through WhatsApp?

If you want to upload the file to WhatsApp and send it through their servers, the size needs to be under 100MB. Videos cannot be more than three minutes in length. Anything larger than that, you will need to use one of the suggested workarounds above.

How To Send Large Videos On WhatsApp From iPhone?

Step 1: To ensure the privacy of our media file, we recommend using a video compression app. …
Step 2: Upload the video you want to share on a video compression app.
Step 3: Click on the video compression size required which should be up to 16MB.
Step 4: Download the compressed video file.

How can I upload a 5-minute video on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Open WhatsCut Pro and select the ‘Video splitter for WhatsApp status’ option.
 Step 2: Select the length of the video and click on ‘Trim and share on WhatsApp’ to add the video in WhatsApp status.
Step 3: WhatsCut will automatically cut the video into 30 seconds clips and post them as WhatsApp status.
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