How To See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook
How To See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Facebook was launched in 2004 and since then, it’s been a vicinity of all our lives for some purpose. The app has been around for this long that we tend to forget to who we tend to send friend requests. After we send a fan request to somebody, they get superimposed to our friend list once they settle for it. You’ll not be ready to act with them or read their profile if they are doing not accept your friend request.

Facebook sometimes notifies folks after they receive friend requests. Or once their request gets accepted. But, How To See Sent Friend Requests On Facebook? Browse the article to grasp more.

Everything you wish to grasp about Friend Requests on Facebook

Friend requests on Facebook are an excellent method. Customize your privacy on the platform. They allow you to decide who will see your profile, posts, and activity on Facebook. after you would like to attach with friends on Facebook, you need to open their profile and send them a fan request.

Facebook, in turn, sends them a notification that you would like to attach it with them. Your friends will decide whether or to not connect with you. If they accept your request, you’ll be straightaway superimposed. To their friend’s list on Facebook. This enables you to check all their posts, and shares. And activity that’s set to be visible to ‘Friends’ on their profile.

Let’s start!

How to See Sent Friend Requests on the Facebook Application on Android:

So, to view your sent Friend Requests utilize the Facebook Mobile app. Check that you’ve put in the most recent version of the Facebook App.

Follow the steps below:

  • First, open the Facebook app and faucet the menu icon.
  • Then choose “Friends” from the menu.
  • And after that tap the “See All” option which is next to the Friend Requests.
  • Then tap the “Triple dots” option at the highest of the Friend Requests.
  • And then go to the “View Sent Friend Requests” option and you are done!

Once you discover the list you’ll be able to cancel every sent friend request one by one.

How to See Sent Friend Requests on the Facebook Application on iOS:

  • Login to your account on Facebook.
  • Now, click on the three lines at the lowest right corner of your screen.
  • In the menu that seems, click on ‘Friends’.
  • You will currently be ready to see all the friend requests you have got received. Click on the ‘See all’ choice accessible right next to the Friend requests section.
  • On the following page, click on the three dots shown at the highest right corner of the screen. And so press ‘View sent requests’.

How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook on the Web

If you’re utilizing Facebook on your desktop browser, You already notice. That Facebook has free a brand new user interface back a couple of months agone.

With this new one, some Facebook options and settings are moved into some new sections. thus we want some minutes to work out everything.

To see sent friend requests on Facebook, follow the steps:

  • First Visit your Facebook and click on the “Friends” from the left sidebar.
  • And after that, go to the “View Sent Request” option from the left sidebar.
  • Then wait for a couple of seconds and a popup can seem together with your sent friend requests. Thus you may be ready to cancel one by one.


  • There is no direct method to actively track who accepted your friend request or not. you’ll manually check the status of your sent friend request and cancel them if necessary.
  • It is vital to notice that rejected requests won’t seem during this list. This list can contain friend requests that haven’t been accepted or rejected. In different words, these are “pending” requests. The folks in question haven’t more established them.


This is all about How To See Sent Friend Requests On Facebook were self-addressed in this article. it’s a good feature if you would like to look at the request standing of the folks you would like to attach with. You’ll cancel the request through a similar method.

Frequently asked questions:

Q 1. Why do you need to view or check sent friend requests on Facebook?

Ans. Facebook usually punishes people who send too various friend requests. Facebook may be a platform for those who wish to attach with those they understand in person. Thus, whenever one sends too various friend requests. Facebook tries to know whether he or she is bothering unknown folks.

Thus, to avoid penalties within the style of an embargo on sending friend requests. One has to cancel requests that aren’t answered for too long. Otherwise, they run getting of obtaining prohibited.

Q 2. How do I send a friend request?

Ans. First, go onto the profile of the person you would like to be friends with and click on “Add Friend”. That ought to be next to their profile image. Then sit up for the person’s response.

Q 3. How am I able to stop someone from posting on my Facebook page?

First, click within the upper-right corner of any page and choose Settings.
Then within the left column, click Timeline and Tagging.
After that seek the setting “Who will post on your Timeline?”
And then click on Edit to the so much right.
At last, choose “Only Me” or Friends from the drop-down menu.

Q 4. How do I get friend requests on Facebook?

Ans. You’ll need to attend till folks you recognize send you friend requests. You are more possible to induce friend requests. If you are active on your different friends’ pages. This can cause you to be more visible, increasing the probability. That somebody you know sees you and sends you asking.

Q 5. How can I send a friend request to a user that doesn’t show up on my profile?

Ans. You’ll need to go looking for the person, either by utilizing the search bar or by reading posts. That they need commenting on. Your search results can rely on the person’s privacy settings.

Q 6. How Long does the Friend Request Last?

Ans. The fascinating issue is there’s no restricted time for an exponent request to last. Once you have got sent a friend request the person on the receiving can receive a notification. If they decide to not take any action the friend requests can stay in their profile forever. but if the sender cancels the request the friend requests can disappear.
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