How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing? 2022


Do you also want to screenshot pictures and snaps for your friends without making them know about it? Are you looking for some easy and amazing hacks to screenshot on Snapchat with your Android and iOS devices? 

Then, my dear friends, you have landed up in the right place. Our technical professionals have come up with some amazing and easy hacks to Screenshot on Snapchat, without letting the other person know about it. 

Read through our article and choose the best trick to Screenshot on Snapchat. 

Screenshot pictures on Snapchat secretly

The dependable native iOS toolset holds the key to screenshotting on Snapchat. You can record your interactions on the social media app by using the screen record feature. The screen recording function, which Android users had to wait for, is now accessible on devices running Android 10 and higher.

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Here we have provided the best methods to Screenshot on Snapchat without letting anyone know about it: 

  • Using a screen recorder app
  • Using Google Assistant for Android users
  • Using third-party apps
  • Using airplane mode
  • Using the mirror feature in the android
  • Recording using another smartphone
  • Use QuickTime on Mac
  • Clearing Cache and Storage (Android & iOS)

Using the screen recorder app

You simply need to download any Android screen recorder app from the many that are offered on the Google Play Store. You can download the apps you like from our list of top screen recorder apps for additional information. This is one of the easiest ways to screenshot on Snapchat both on Android and iOS devices. 

Using Google Assistant for Android apps

Google Assistant is not available on all Android smartphones, but if it does, it can assist you in saving Snaps.

You’ll need to be quick if the picture you want to take isn’t looped, so practise before using it on a significant occasion.

Go to the Snap and say “OK, Google” to launch Google Assistant by holding down the home button. The next question is, “How can we help?” You only need to tell it to “Take a screenshot.” You can also enter this directly into the menu.

All of the content on your screen, including the Snap you want to save, will be captured by them.

However, it won’t instantly save to your photo gallery. Instead, you can add it to Google Photos or share it with another service (like Slack, Gmail, or Messaging). Any of these choices, however, still indicate that the Snap is preserved in some way.

Using third-party apps

There are certain third-party programs that can save a Snapchat snap covertly, similar to how there are apps that can preserve a WhatsApp status. They are available for download through the Google Play Store.

There are many programs for this purpose, like SnapSaver (Android) and Sneakaboo (iOS), and the procedures are quite straightforward.

SnapSaver- Screenshot snaps on Android devices

You only need to download and launch the app to do this.

The next step is to visit Snapchat after choosing your preferred option (Screenshot, Screen Recording, Burst Screenshot, or Integrated).

To take a screenshot without alerting the subject, open the necessary picture you want to save, tap the SnapSaver camera icon that will appear on your screen, and the picture will be taken.

Sneakaboo- Screenshot snaps on iOS devices

You must download this app and sign in using your Snapchat credentials. You just need to capture a screenshot of each new Snapchat Story as it plays when it first appears on the app. As you finish your task, this won’t let the other person know about the screenshot.

Using airplane mode

This method to screenshot on Snapchat is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of work. The actions you must take are listed below:

Open Snapchat and check that all the snaps have loaded (but don’t look at them).

Turn off Bluetooth, mobile data, and Wi-Fi right now. Next, activate the airplane mode.

Simply launch Snapchat after making sure your device is not connected to the internet.

To take a screenshot of a Snap, simply open the Snap, click the screenshot button, and the task is complete. Turn on your internet connection after 30 or 60 seconds, and nobody will know what you just did.

Using the mirror feature in the android

Another Snapchat screenshot trick, but this one involves effort. To cast your smartphone’s screen onto an external device, such as a smart TV, you must utilize the screen mirroring option, which can be accessible via your smartphone’s Settings.

After completing this, you will need to open Snapchat and record your Snapchat video or photo using a different device. You can steal someone else’s Snapchat Story after a few tweaks, and they won’t even be aware of it.

Recording using another smartphone

Yes, you must record Snapchat on a different smartphone or tablet. This simply means pointing a camera at the screen of your smartphone and recording whatever is visible. Although you won’t get the best result, this is a reasonable method if all you want is to take a screenshot or record snaps on Snapchat. 

Make sure you investigate this before you act. You’ll need to determine if the snap is a picture or a video before you can respond. Is there a time frame involved?

Snapchat made it possible to loop material, so it no longer needs to vanish after a predetermined amount of time. Use your one daily snap replay wisely as you only get one! However, the other party will be aware of your replay.

Use a different camera to record a video if you’re unsure. That way, regardless of how long it runs, you can be sure that you have the content preserved.

Use QuickTime on Mac (iOS devices)

There is a straightforward method for secretly taking screenshots on Snapchat. To do the process, you simply need to turn on QuickTime Screen Capture. Follow these instructions for this:

Simply open the QuickTime Player program on your Macbook and connect your iPhone.

Select “new movie recording” from the file menu after selecting “file.”

To mirror your iPhone onto the Mac, choose one of the several recording choices that are available and choose your iPhone as the movie recording output.

After everything is set up, all you need to do is click the record button, and open Snapchat, and you can screenshot Snapchat without being notified.

Clearing Cache and Storage (Android & iOS)

Although there is no need for a third-party program, the procedure is dangerous because each step must be completed in the correct order. There is a danger that they will learn of your error if you skip a step.

Because you will need to log in again, be sure to keep your account information in mind. To take a screenshot on Snapchat secretly, follow these instructions:

For Android

  • Launch Snapchat and load the picture (do not watch).
  • Set the aircraft mode to “on.”
  • Take a screenshot after watching the snap.
  • Stop the app forcibly: Enter settings, select Apps & Notifications, Snapchat, and then choose Force shutdown.
  • Remove the cache: Navigate to the app settings by holding on the Snapchat symbol. You can also go to settings, Apps & Notifications, Snapchat, Storage, and Clear Cache.

For iOS

  • Launch Snapchat and load the picture.
  • Set the aircraft mode to “on.”
  • Take a screenshot after watching the snap.
  • Make it stop: On an iPhone, slide up from the bottom of the screen to access Snapchat.
  • Remove the cache: Scroll down to the option for clearing cache in the app’s settings.


Hopefully one of the methods given above enables you to screenshot content secretly. Remember that the objective of this page is merely informational; it is not intended to encourage any illegal activity. You must take care to respect others’ privacy and not abuse the procedures mentioned above when using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screenshot Snapchat stories without them knowing?

You may transmit any type of multimedia content, including a Snapchat video, a photo, and more, using snaps. However, the Snapchat app has one minor drawback: users are unable to snap screenshots of Snapchat without the other person noticing.

Can Snapchat detect screen recording?

iPhone owners may push a button to automatically record everything that transpired on their phone’s display with screen recording. While it was handy to record the screen on iOS, Snapchat was unable to see them. As of Snapchat’s iOS version 10.17.5, the recordings became formally detectable.

Can screenshots be detected?

iPhone owners may push a button to automatically record everything that transpired on their phone’s display with screen recording. While it was handy to record the screen on iOS, Snapchat was unable to see them. As of Snapchat’s iOS version 10.17.5, the recordings became formally detectable.

How do you see who screenshots your Snapchat Story 2022?

To see a list of everyone who has viewed a Snap, swipe up on it. The names of all those who have screenshotted your Snap will be shown in green

Why can’t I see who Screenshotted my Snap Story 2022?

When a screenshot of a photo, video, conversation, or story is taken, Snapchat will alert users. When another user screenshots a user’s image, video, chat, or Snapchat story, Snapchat will alert the user

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