What is Facebook Poke? How to poke someone on Facebook

What is Facebook Poke?
Facebook Poke
Want to know about What is Facebook Poke? And How to Poke Someone on Facebook? Read further.

When Facebook.com launched in 2004, there have been only a few bells and whistles. Even so, there was one beloved feature. A button to “Poke” different users. The Facebook poke was once thought of to be a creepy flirtation tool. Even so, it appears to own evolved into an easy and polite method. To say how-do-you-do. To a recent acquaintance.

The poke did not go with any clarification or rules. Zuckerberg, then 23, aforesaid he needed to form one thing with no real purpose. For years, Facebook as an organization didn’t make a case for what jabbing understood. And then it was up to the primary generation of the network’s users. To outline the poke.

What is Facebook Poke?

As per the Urban Dictionary, a poke “permits users to mention ‘hello’ or show interest in a friend while not having to travel through the tedious method of crafting coherent sentences.”. A Poke means that somebody is attempting to urge your attention. Flood your notifications only for fun, or realize an excuse to flirt.

“When we tend to create the poke, we tend to thought it might be cool. To have a feature with no specific purpose. Folks interpret the poke in many alternative ways in which. And that we encourage you to return up together with your meanings.” The Facebook FAQ page reads.

Whether you discover a poke sweet, humble, or creepy is up to you. though if you’ve frequented Facebook heaps within the past year. It’s nice to have an unspoken interaction empty of any rants or political comments.

Even so, poking can be interpreted in different ways; this can be a way to greet someone on Facebook; if someone pokes you, you can poke them back. But you can only send another poke when someone pokes you back. However, if you don’t want to be poked by someone, you can either block them or ignore them.

How to poke someone on Faceboook?

Facebook started to weed out this feature slowly. So has Facebook gotten rid of this feature completely? The answer is no. However, now it is difficult for someone to access this feature and poke someone on Facebook. Now you need to take some pain for poking someone.

So, to poke somebody on Facebook, follow the steps.

  • Hunt for “Poke” on the search option.
  • And then, go to the “Pokes” shortcut and faucet on “Poke” to poke somebody.
  • When you’ve poked somebody, they’re going to get a notification that you’ve poked them.
  • Then the person can get the notification by email. And on their Facebook notifications.
  • And the poke feature remains existing within the gift.
  • Even so, it’s hidden on Facebook. Thus you’ll rummage around for the feature to seek out it.
  • And once you’re on the pokes page, you’ll see an inventory of your Facebook friends that have poked you.
  • You’ll even be ready to see an inventory of urged pokes.

Tap on the search icon

  • The first step is to open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • And you can use Facebook on a desktop for this by visiting your pokes page.
  • And once you’ve opened the Facebook app, navigate to any page.
  • After that, you’ll see a look icon on the highest navigation bar.
  • And to find the pokes page, you wish to go looking for it.
  • Thus, this is a result of the pokes page hidden from Facebook’s menu.
  • Then tap on the search icon to open the search operation on Facebook.
  • And the search operation can enable you to go looking for posts, people, shortcuts, and more.
  • Then the poke operates categorize. As “Facebook shortcuts”, thus you’ll use the search operation to search out it.
  • After that proceed to future steps to find out the way to navigate to the poke operation.

Search for “Poke” and faucet on “Pokes”

  • And after you’ve tapped on the search icon, the search operation option open.
  • Then below the search bar, you’ll see your recent searches.
  • And on the search bar, hunt for “Pokes”.
  • After that, faucet on “search” to look for the poke option.
  • And once you’ve looked for “Pokes”, you’ll see a “Facebook shortcuts” header.
  • Now under the “Facebook shortcuts” header, you’ll see a shortcut referred to as “Pokes”.
  • Then the “Pokes” shortcut is that the shortcut that you wish to use.
  • After that tap on “Pokes” to visit the poke performance.
  • Now move on to the ultimate step. To find out a way to poke your friends on Facebook.

Tap on “Poke” to poke somebody

  • And after you’ve tapped on the “Pokes” perform. You’ll land on the pokes page.
  • Then, on the pokes page, you’ll see a listing of friends that have poked you on Facebook below “Pokes”.
  • Here, you’ll even be ready to see an inventory of your friends below “Suggested Pokes” that you will poke.
  • Facebook suggests these friends supported an algorithmic rule.
  • Then to poke somebody, faucet on the “Poke” button next to their name.
  • And after you’ve poked them, they’re going to receive a poke notification by email and on the Facebook app.
  • After that, your friend will either value more to ignore the poke or poke you back.
  • And if they conceive to poke you back, you’ll be able to poke them once more.
  • Even so, if your friend neglected your poke, you won’t be ready to poke them for a second time.
  • Now under the “Pokes” header, you’ll be able to poke back any of your friends that poked you.
  • Now you can do this by sound on the “Poke Back” button.
  • As with the “Poke” button, the “Poke Back” button can send a notification to your friend that you’ve poked them back.

Now, you’ve with success learned the way to poke somebody on Facebook.

To poke from Facebook Application

Search for the poke option on Facebook
  • Open the Facebook App and tap the search icon on the screen.
  • Type ‘Poke’ in Facebook’s search bar and press the enter key.
  • Tap the first ‘Pokes’ option under the search suggestion to reach the Pokes page.
  • Type the name of the friend on the Pokes page to get the poke button next to their name.

Apart from this, Facebook also suggests you some people based on some algorithm with a poke button next to their name.

Access the Pokes page option from Help and Support
  • Open the Facebook app and tap the three horizontal lines on the top right of the app.
  • Next, tap the ‘Help & Support’ option under the ‘See More’ section.
  • Now choose the ‘Help Center’ option under it.
    Here you will get a search bar to type a question for help. Enter ‘poke’ in the search bar.
  • Tap the next question under it: ‘How do I poke someone on Facebook?’
  • You will get a link under the question, which will lead you to the pokes page.

Poke on Facebook Lite App

Follow the steps below to poke someone on Facebook Lite App:

  • Open the Facebook Lite app and tap the three horizontal lines on the top right of the app.
  • Now tap the Settings from all the options.
  • Scroll down and tap the ‘Access your information’ option in the settings.
  • This will be available under Facebook Information.
  • Finally, tap the ‘Other Activity option.
  • Now a pop-up menu will open in front of you, which will have many options along with Poke.
  • Tap it to access the search bar, where you can type the name of the friend you want to poke. You will see a poke option next to their name.

Poke someone on Desktop

Accessing the pokes page from the desktop is the fastest method among all. Let’s see what it is:

  • Make sure to log in to Facebook on your web browser.
  • Now type in ‘facebook.com/pokes’ in the URL bar and press the enter key.


That was all about how you can poke someone on the Facebook app. Poking someone has always had a bad reputation on Facebook, so it’s better to think twice before poking someone. Moreover, poking is a confusing gesture because you don’t know the intention behind someone’s Poke.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Poke:

Q 1. Is a Facebook poke a flirt?

Ans. Poking on Facebook doesn’t mean flirting. It may use as an easy salutation, an icebreaker, or a friendly nudge. For instance, if somebody has not been on Facebook for an extended time. You’ll be able to poke them to induce them back on the app.

Q 2. Are Facebook pokes private?

Ans. Facebook pokes are encrypted. And Facebook deletes the coding keys for two days. When they are browsing thus they are undecipherable. Key backups destroy at intervals of 90 days, creating a poke inaccessible.

Q 3 Can you still poke someone on Facebook 2021?

Ans. Now Facebook directs you to the Pokes page. There you may see who Poked you and whom else you’ll Poke a bit like the android application. It works similarly because of the one within the android application. explore for the friend you wish to Poke and so hit the ‘Poke’ button on the right.

Q 4. Can I poke someone who is not my friend?

Ans. No, you can only poke friends. You will not get the choice to poke on the pages of individuals you are not friends with.

Q 5. Where are my pokes?

Ans. If you are looking to visualize your Facebook pokes. The primary choice is to open the Facebook app. And go all the methods to the rock the bottom of the screen. Wherever you’ll click the “More” button. Then, attend to the “Apps” button, and click on it once more. Unless Pokes is one in every of your a lot of often-used apps, this can be wherever it’ll seem.

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