How To Play CUP PONG On iPhone

How To Play CUP PONG On iPhone

The GamePigeon is an iOS-only mobile play app. The app was discharged on September 13, 2016, by Vitalii Zlotskii as a part of the iOS 10 upgrade, extended. Even so, users could act with the Messages app. As a result, users could access and use the GamePigeon app’s services. Whereas being within the Messages app.

Cup pong is an iMessage (Apple’s messaging platform) game offered. Through GamePigeon accessible. Within the App Store’s iMessage section. You’ll be able to use GamePigeon to start a real-time digital game of virtual Cup Pong. With anyone who uses iMessage once you’ve put in it.

How can I get Cup pong on iMessage?

Cup pong is an iMessage (Apple’s messaging platform) game offered. Through GamePigeon, a free add-on you’ll. Who through the iMessage version of the App Store. Once you put in GamePigeon, you’ll use it to begin a period digital game. Of virtual Cup pong with anyone else. Who uses iMessage.


To play iMessage cup reek, participants should initially begin the game and take turns. the game is easy to play.

  • There should be 2 players within the game. For the sport to start, a person should take part. the primary person to toss the ball to the cups is the one who starts the sport.
  • To gain some extent, the players should place the ball during a cup. In cup pong, there’s only one technique to get points: by putting the ball within a mug. It doesn’t count as a score if a ball strikes the ball.
  • Per turn, every player has one strive. every participant can build one try and play the ball. If they place in with success, they’ll learn another chance.
  • And the cup is removed once a ball has landed in it. once a ball lands at intervals in a cup, the cup is placed aside till all the cups remove. All the cups come and were placed during a pyramid form once the sport is restarted.
  • The player who with success throws the ball into the foremost cups wins the match.

How To Play Cup Pong On iPhone

  • First, open the Messages app on your phone. And on your home screen, there is the green-and-white speaking bubble icon.
  • Cup pong could also be competing against any of your contacts who use iMessage. To move with you on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If your texts to them show in blue bubbles, you recognize they’re utilizing iMessage.
  • Tap Game pigeon once swiping left across the icons. The sport pigeon icon could be a pigeon with a game controller for a face. And it’s set higher than the keyboard and below the typing space.
  • Cup pong could also be found by scrolling down and sounding it. This incorporates a Cup pong invite within the message.
  • To send the message, faucet the blue-and-white arrow. within the chat, it’s within the bottom-right corner of the typing space. After then, your opponent should faucet the invite to start their turn.
  • You’ll read a video still from the opponent’s game with the word “YOUR TURN” whenever they’ve completed their flip.
  • To see your opponent’s turn, hold down the Cup pong video. this enables you to live over your opponent’s turn. It’ll be your flip once the colour of the cups changes.
  • It’ll be your turn once more once your opponent has completed their turn. Keep getting ready to the vertical line at this point, even so, once you get halfway up the road. Deviate left or right (whichever aspect has extra cups remaining). to urge the most effective shot, aim the ball within the direction of the foremost cups.
  • Play till one in all you or your opponent has cleared all the cups from one aspect of the table. As you play, keep your finger getting the direction of the remaining cups.

Play Cup pong along with your Contacts

Once you have got downloaded Cup stink on your iPhone, take part in it. Needs a devotee who has downloaded the Cup pong on their phone additionally. To do so-

  • Head to the ‘Messages’ app from the house screen or the app library of your iPhone.
  • Then, opt for the conversation ahead of the person you would like to play the game with. Otherwise, you’ll begin a replacement conversation. By sound on the ‘Compose’ button and choosing a contact.
  • Now, from the conversation view, the faucet on the grey ‘Appstore’ icon to expand the section.
  • Next, from the dilated section, swipe right to left to find the ‘GamePigeon’ app and faucet on that.
  • Then, find the ‘Cup Pong’ tile from the grid of choices and a faucet on that to launch the game.
  • Then, before beginning the game, you’ll customise the planning of your cups. By sound on the ‘CUSTOMIZE’ tile gift to the lowest left of the screen. Also, you’ll amend the arrangement variety of the cups from the ‘GAME MODE’ tile. Many arrangements are accessible to the paid users of the app.
  • Once bespoke as per your preference, tap on the ‘send’ icon (upward arrow) to start a game with the contact.
  • Since you have got initiated a game, it’ll be the opponent’s turn 1st. Once they need to complete their flip, you’ll receive the message back. faucet on the game tile to must your turn.
  • Now, to launch the ball, faucet and hold onto the ball for many seconds and flick your finger across the screen. In every turn, you’ll have 2 possibilities to throw the ball then it’ll be the opponent’s turn.
  • The agenda is to urge a ball into the cup. As shortly as you’re able to pocket a ball the cup is going to upraise far from the table.

Turn Off Sound and Music in Cup pong

While music and sounds are an integral part of any game. Even so, now and then are capable of both. If it’s the case with you, each or one among them will be turned far from the game itself. To do so-

  • First tap on the hamburger icon. (Three stacked lines) available close to your avatar image.
  • Then, find the ‘Sound’ possibility and faucet thereon to show off the in-game sounds. Once turned off, you’ll see an ‘X’ mark right. Besides the ‘Sound’ label denoting a similar.
  • If you would like to show off the in-game music, faucet on the ‘Music’ possibility.
  • You can additionally customise the design of the avatar. As well as its hairstyle, face, eyewear, headwear, clothes, facial expressions. And for a lot of mistreatment of the customization choices available. Above the sound and music choices.


Even so, with the following pointers and enough apply. The experience becomes pleasant and cozy with time. And you’ll get pleasure. From one of the simplest games on iMessage. Enjoy your game. For any query use the comment box.


Q 1. How do you get cup pong on iMessage?

Ans. Cup pong is an iMessage (Apple’s messaging platform) game accessible through GamePigeon. A free add-on you’ll transfer through the iMessage version of the App Store. Once you put in GamePigeon, you’ll use it to begin a period. Digital game of virtual Cup pong with anyone else who uses iMessage.

Q 2. How many cups is a trickshot in beer pong?

Ans. 2 cups. A bounce shot is valued at 2 cups, the primary removed is the cup the ball went. Within the second is the shooter’s alternative. Any trick shot is additionally valued at 2 cups.

Q 3. What is a death cup?

Ans. Definitions of death cup. Very toxic white fungus with a distinguished cup-shaped base. Differs from edible Agaricus in its white gills. Synonyms are amanita phalloides, death angel, death cap, destroying angel. Sort of: agaric.

Q 4. What is a game mode on phone?

Ans. In some smartphones, gaming Mode permits you to modification individual screens. And sound settings for various games. As an example, if you play games once you are reception alone. You’ll be able to set your device to be as loud and immersive as attainable for a certain game.

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