How To Open and Install XAPK File on Android

How To Open XAPK File
How To Open XAPK File

The XAPK standard is an Android packaging format that includes an APK file as well as other pieces required for the program to function properly. Unfortunately, the Android operating system’s package installer does not support the XAPK standard, thus a program that does is necessary.

What is XAPK File

Uploading apps to the Play Store is a difficult procedure, and app developers must keep numerous factors in mind while creating them. One of the many constraints is that the file size must be less than 100 MB. That is a significant difficulty for graphically heavy games.

As a result, app developers must use workarounds such as publishing additional APK files or packaging the OBB file and graphics data in a separate bundle. That is why graphics-intensive games like Asphalt 9 and PUBG download more data when you initially open them.

Another alternative is to compress everything into a zipped folder, and XAPK files follow this route. XAPK is a new file format for Android app and game packaging. These are, as previously said, compressed container files (or Zip files) that include the APK package and the OBB cache asset file.

When it comes to your device’s security, you must exercise the same amount of caution that you do with APK files, because installing a file from an unknown source may compromise your device and allow hackers to manage it remotely. You must ensure that the XAPK files are from a reputable and dependable source and that it is a signed version.


Unlike APK files, you cannot just navigate to the phone’s File Explorer and select the Install option for an XAPK file. It necessitates the use of an XAPK file installer. If you don’t mind messing with your phone, you may change the file extension and cause it to be treated as an APK installation.

Speaking of third-party apps, the best app for the job is the APKPure app itself.

Installing XAPKs Through APKPure

The best thing about APKPure’s installation process is that it is easy and uncomplicated. It immediately analyses the phone’s internal storage and displays a list of all APK and XAPK files.

So, all you have to do is navigate to App management > APK/XAPK Management and click the Install option. It’s that simple.

The installation will take some time depending on the size. Once completed, you will be able to access the game in the same way that you would any other game downloaded from the Play Store.

Installing XAPKs through File Manager

This is a little longer procedure than installing using the APKPure app (and a bit complicated). However, as previously said, if you want to avoid installing an additional program, this is the way to go.

Step 1: After downloading the XAPK file, open File Manager (or File Explorer) and rename the extension to zip.

Step 2: Next, long press on the file to decompress it, revealing two key files – an APK file and an Android folder.

Step 3: Go to the OBB folder by tapping on the Android folder. Copy the OBB file and put it into your Android’s internal storage OBB folder.

Locate the OBB folder on your phone under Internal Storage/Android/OBB.

Step 4: Once done, install the APK file as you’d typically do.

If it’s a fairly recent XAPK file and no new updates were pushed, the odds are that your game will start almost immediately.

Download the XAPK from the browser and install it using the Uptodown App Store

The official Uptodown app can also install XAPK files that have not been downloaded through the app itself. You’ll need to take the following steps to do this:

Navigate to and download the app directly from the browser, preferably to the Downloads folder on the phone where you intend to install it. To begin the download, navigate to the appropriate app’s tab, hit the blue Latest version icon, and then the green Download button.

After downloading the XAPK, launch the official Uptodown app (which must already be installed on the device) and navigate to the Downloads area. Tap on the downloaded file to open it.

After unzipping the APK files and accompanying resources, you will be prompted to continue with the installation. After you accept, you will receive a message when the app has finished installing and you will be able to use it.

How to Run APK Files On a Windows 10 Device

One of the most intriguing features of the Chromebook is its ability to execute APK files. It’s a really simple operating system that can’t do much, but it works fantastically with APKs. How does it accomplish this? Because the operating system is based on Google Chrome, it must have something to do with the world’s most popular browser, right? Perfect.

Chrome includes a capability that allows you to test Android apps while still in the browser.

But why would you ever use this method to execute an Android app? It’s that simple. Every Chromebook power user will tell you that, in the absence of a better choice, they actively utilize Android applications on their computers. But why would a user of Windows 10 want to launch an APK file?

Certain Android apps, however, do not have a web-based equivalent for the browser. Evernote and Snapchat are two examples. Then there are many great games to play, as well as apps that are difficult to use on the smaller screen. This is why some individuals purchase Chromebooks in the first place.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy a Chromebook to enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, Google Chrome on Windows 10 is perfectly capable of accomplishing this.

Downloading Arc Welder

Google Chrome does not support running APK files from scratch. There is no obvious functionality that allows you to accomplish this in this manner. You’ll need to download the ARC Welder tool. This utility is a Chrome extension that you can locate by searching for it in the same way you would any other extension. When you add it to Chrome, you’ll be able to execute apps one at a time.

Step 1: Launch Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Now, put ARC Welder into the search bar, pick it, and then click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Finally, check your Extensions to make sure it’s turned on.

The cool thing about ARC Welder is that it will work on non-Chrome operating systems (macOS, Windows 10, and Linux). However, it’s particularly designed for the Chrome OS. Note that bugs may occur on Windows 10 devices.

Using Android Studio to Run APK Files

If you’re unfamiliar with Android Studio, keep reading to discover how to configure it to execute APK files on Windows 10. You must ensure that the SDK Tools are installed on your machine.

Step 1: Select Profile or Debug APK in Android Studio.

Step 2: Next, choose the APK file you want to launch from your PC and press OK.

Step 3: Navigate the APK on the simulated device.

Open XAPK File on Mac OS

In Mac OS Finder, locate the XAPK file in question and double-click it to open the relevant program.

If an XAPK file is not opened in a Mac OS program and you instead receive a “There is no application set to open the file” error message, you may click “Search App Store” in the error window and Mac OS will provide applications that are compatible with the XAPK file.

If you are familiar with a Mac OS program that can handle XAPK files, you may select the “Choose Application…” option in the error box to associate the file extension and open the XAPK file in it.

If you don’t know the application which can open an XAPK file then try to search for “XAPK wiki”, “application to open XAPK file” or “open XAPK file” queries in the search engine you like.

Install the application you found and check if it can open the XAPK file.

Open XAPK File on iPhone or iPad

To open an XAPK file on an iOS device, follow these steps:

Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. Swipe down on the home screen and type “Files” into the search field to discover it.

On the Files app’s home screen, tap the Downloads folder.

You’ll get a list of all the files you’ve lately downloaded. To view the XAPK file, tap on it.

If you have the appropriate app, it will immediately start and open your file.

If you don’t have the software that can access it, search the Apple app store for “XAPK.” You can discover programs that can open XAPK files in this manner.

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There are several advantages to using XAPK files. Because large programs tend to make extensive use of them, you may conserve internet usage by downloading it once and then moving it to your other phone or tablet.

It also saves a lot of time. As you may have seen, the download speed of in-app downloads might be sluggish at times. And in this manner, you may avoid having to wait indefinitely for a download to complete.

You can skip all of the extra work that comes with installing region-specific applications. Installing XAPK files is a one-click operation that saves you both time and data.


Finally, I would advise you to exercise caution while obtaining data from unknown sources. You don’t want a harmful program to infiltrate your system disguised as a fun game. In addition, keep an eye out for updates.


Q. Is BlueStacks Safe to Install?

Yes, BlueStacks is entirely risk-free. It is a certified utility, and it ensures that no other programs are packed with it. However, there are hazards associated with this situation. Using BlueStacks does not allow you to install any APK file on your PC. BlueStacks is a virtual machine that enables you to install and utilized Android apps on Windows 10. However, there is no assurance that the program is secure if you do not get it from a reputable source.

Q. Does APK Only Run Android Programs?

APK files are packages that are used to deploy software to Android devices. They exist to let Android devices read the code contained within APK files. Using the APK to run a non-Android application would imply designing an app that you don’t want to run on Android. As a result, APK files are only compatible with Android applications.

Q. Are Android Emulators Legal?

Before we even go into the legality of Android emulators, consider the fact that APK files are available in an open-source manner. Yes, this does imply that you may obtain APK files legally and officially. How do you get these applications to work on devices that aren’t Android? Emulators are certainly one of the key solutions here. BlueStacks, for example, is approved and completely safe and legal. Many other emulators are legal as well.

Q. How Do I Find the APK from an Android App?

Unlike Windows 10, Android devices do not have a tight organizational structure. While you can navigate to the installation folder of any PC application and view the files, this does not function on Android smartphones. If your smartphone is rooted, the APK file for an app you’ve installed can be found at /data/app. If you need an APK file for a stock app, search under the /system/app or /system/private-app rooted directories.

Q. What Are APK Files?

The “Android Package file” refers to any file with the APK extension (.apk). They serve as a repository for Android apps that operate on Android OS devices. APK files are typically saved in ZIP format and are downloaded straight to Android devices via a service such as Google Play Store. Of course, some websites enable you to download APK files directly from their servers.

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