How To Hide Files And Folders In Windows 7, 10, 11

First of all, we have to think about why it is necessary to hide files and folders. You know, these days privacy is very essential nowadays whether you are sharing a device like a computer or mobile phone or are generally suspicious of people, relatives, friends mates peers, etc. who occasionally have access to your computer. Windows 11 is a new operating system and it has many great features and specifications. Suppose you have very important files or data and someone wants to use your system but you do have not to trust him/ her. And you don’t want to see other people your important file. So what can you do then? So this is a very essential blog I am going to discuss with you so that in case if you have a problem regarding this, you can manage your important files from someone.
Everyone has a strong desire to hide sensitive information or personal files in a safe place where no one can open that file. Here are some methods and a summary of how to hide a folder.
But one thing you may note is that you can’t effectively hide data or files from knowledgeable users. They already know how to unlock or unhide the files so, for truly sensitive and private I recommend you to go through more advanced solutions that not only hide or lock but also encrypt your data.

Hide Folders In Windows 7

The easiest way to hide folder or data from unsuspecting eyes. Windows offers this method to hide files and folders.

  1. First, you have to open the computer make them refresh.* Open any files or folders and go to TOOLS option, then click on folder option.
  2. After the click, the folder option will take you to another tab, so you switch to the VIEW tab.
  3. You may see the FILES AND FOLDERS option so find another option HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS and then select the option DON’T SHOW HIDDEN FILES, FOLDERS OR DRIVES.

Here both the options are present if you want to show hidden files you may click on that option either u click another option. There is the same method applies to both hidden or don’t hidden files.

  • Next, after the desire option is selected you may click on OK. After that, a few steps are proceeding towards hiding.
  • Next, you may click the folder you want to hide from suspecting eyes go through the files and select PROPERTIES.
  • Some tab is opened on the screen under the PROPERTIES, you may go through in GENERAL tab. And you will find the option called HIDDEN.
  • Next, click OK to save the changes.

Encryption Method To Hide Folder

As I previously hint about the safest and advanced method to hide files and folders is encrypted data. There are some advanced versions of windows ex-: MY LOCKBOX, and Bit Locker

Using My Lockbox

 is a tool it is an advanced option to lock and hide the files and folders, the special utility of my Lockbox is when you download and launch the tool, it may have the option to create a strong password. MY LOCKBOX is available in both the versions advanced and free versions also.
This tool lets you lock and hide privacy as I talked about this tool itself is password protected. So no one can easily find or uninstall without knowing or entering the password first. It would be mandatory for them.

Hide Files Or Folders In Windows 10

 Same procedure applied on windows 10 also which we earlier discussed how to hide data on windows 7

  1. First, you may choose the desirable file or folder you want to hide from everyone.
  2. Click the right button on the mouse and follows some procedure in the way of hiding. Now, select the ” PROPERTIES”  after going through the files or folders
  3. Next, you can see some options which appear on the screen.
  4. Some tab appears you may go through the GENERAL tab and after check the box that’s labeled “HIDDEN”.

Same processes are required to make the hidden files or folders visible.

Hide Files And Folders In Windows 11

 Follow the steps as discussed same procedure applied to this also.

  1. Select the file or folder first you want to hide. Then tap on the PROPERTIES option.
  2. After the ” PROPERTIES ” of the desirable files or folder are open then you may have to find the box of “HIDDEN” labeled then tap on applying.
  3. And next you may follow some proceeding step and then click OK and finally your files is hidden.
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